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When does sober become ordinary?

March 15th, 2015 Mrs D's Blog

It’s the million dollar question isn’t it? When does living sober become the new norm? When does sober become ordinary?

When will the obsession with booze end? When will the non-stop thoughts about alcohol move away?  When will the cravings be done?

When will I not feel like a sober alien on a boozy planet? When will my sobriety cease feeling like a hideous gorilla suit? When will I stop feeling awkward around other people drinking? When will ordering a soda & lime feel comfortable? When will glasses of wine proudly displayed by other people on Facebook stop hurting? When will every marketing image regarding alcohol not seem like a slap in the face (but rather a cynical ploy)?

When will my sleep improve? When will the weight fall off me? When will my relationships improve? When will all the drama around me end? When will I learn healthy boundaries? When will I feel strong in myself?

When will my self-esteem improve? When will my self-respect return? When will I feel proud of myself? When will I feel good?

When will I deal with stress in a productive way? When will I learn genuine relaxation techniques? When will my tears flow freely? When will I begin to feel healed?

When will I discover what truly makes me happy? When will I laugh freely from the bottom of my belly? When will I discover my true, authentic self?

When does sober become ordinary?


I can’t answer these questions for you. Your journey in sobriety will be as unique as mine has been, as unique as the journey of thousands of sober heroes that have gone before us.

But I promise you this. One by one you will be able to answer these questions for yourself. You will discover for yourself exactly when sober becomes YOUR new normal.

Because it will. Eventually it will.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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