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We are not boring losers…!

August 9th, 2014 Mrs D's Blog

We’re just people who don’t drink alcohol.

I’ve just been hanging the bunting in the dining room for tonight’s dinner party. Mr D said “is that going to stay there for months now?” I said “maybe!”. It looks festive and cool.

There are some Living Sober members here who are really stuck in the thick sludgy mud, feeling like life is never going to be fun again without booze, feeling emotional and pissed off. I get it. I really do. Being sober is hard sometimes. Everything is so goddam raw all the time. There’s no escaping ever. It sucks balls early on, it really does.

And then – look! a glimmer of hope! .. followed by – wow! Was that a rush of natural endorphins when I heard that cheesy song. I suddenly felt really good then… and then! Aaaahhhh.. what is this calmness that has taken over my day…

Getting sober is about slowing down.. but it takes time. We’re so used to the rush rush rush of boozing.. numb numb numb.. glug glug glug… and when that goes…

BAM. Silence.

Listen to the silence if you can. Or fill it with other lovely non-dysfunctional stuff. The booze is never going to give you the lovely peace, calm and contentment that (I anyway) was so desperate for.

I’m sorry this post is a quick blurt-out.. I’ve got the kids scrabbling around me and we’ve got to head out and get supplies. But I just want to say to everyone who is at every stage of recovery – either not quite there yet, stuck in the thick sludgy mud of the early phase or starting to glimpse the happiness and peace.. hold on, go gently, take care, you’re doing great.

You are brave and amazing.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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