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Beating Cravings (Video)

March 11th, 2020 Interviews Mrs D's Blog

The good news for those of us who struggle with alcohol is that if we ignore cravings for long enough, over time our brains will readjust and the cravings will disappear. Completely! I’m 8 years past my last drink now and I never, ever get a craving to pick up.

I did at the start however, big time. So this video gives some tips on how to deal with cravings while you’re waiting for your brain to heal.

Understand that a craving feels like a wave. It peaks in intensity and then calms down – usually after 30 minutes. So if you can delay and distract for a while, you’ll be able to relax soon enough. Think of it like surfing an urge and know that you’ll be chilling on the sandy shore again soon.

Have some activities up your sleeve to distract yourself. I used to clean the house, others go for a run or play with the dog. Do whatever you need to do. Here’s a helpful list of ideas for what you might do when a craving strikes.

Being aware of your triggers is super helpful, the places, situations and people that cause you to crave alcohol. Know what they are and work to avoid them if at all possible.

Keep very strong images in mind of climbing into bed sober and waking up hangover free. These visualisations are so powerful.

So is talking out loud about what is going on in your head. Tell someone in your house that you’re haivng a craving or just say it out loud to yourself. Writing it out can also really help – however you do it, externalising your thoughts is an effective tool.

And above all, when a craving hits, reach out and connect with others who know what they’re like and how hard they are to deal with. You can do this in your community, or you can do it online in Facebook groups, group chats or communities like this one here at Living Sober. Connecting with others works. We need each other. We can help each other. And together, we can kick those shit cravings to the curb.

Mrs D xxx

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