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Things I love about being sober

March 7th, 2022 Mrs D's Blog

Love hearts

I love that most nights I sleep very deeply for many hours. Such a change from when I had terrible alcohol-induced insomnia all the time.

I love that when I wake up in the morning my first thought isn’t ‘how much did I drink last night?’ I love being free from that awful morning guilt and  misery.

I love not having hangovers any more!!!!! No More Hangovers!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!

I love that I am not modelling to my kids that regular, daily wine consumption is a normal way to live. I love that I am showing that it is possible to have a great time at parties, BBQs, on holiday, at Christmas time etc without touching alcohol (not a common sight in this country). I love that I am showing them that a problem can be bravely faced and turned around.

I love that  after every hard phase I grind my way through – even though I come out the other side feeling somewhat bruised and vulnerable – I get to know myself so much better. Every adverse time is a learning time for me and the cumulative effect of all this sober ‘learning’ is very satisfying and calming.

I love that I can buy lots of fresh flowers and glossy magazines and bottled fizzy water and scented candles and clothes and stuff and not feel guilty (or sometimes just a little bit guilty) because I am saving so much money by not buying heaps of booze all the time!!

I love that my recycling bin only goes out once a month because it has hardly anything in it.

I love that I never have trouble remembering what I said or how I felt or how someone reacted or anything because I always have my wits about me because I’m sober all the time!

I love my online tribe of sober warriors. I love being surrounded by people who just get it. I love that I can share openly and honestly and receive only kindness and wisdom in return. You know what it’s like to have no control over alcohol. You know what it’s like to go through a recovery process. You know what it’s like to live sober in a booze soaked world.

I love that I get to ‘witness’ (in an online sense) other brave and amazing souls digging deep to remove alcohol from their lives and become the best versions of themselves they can be. I love that I am inspired every day by other people’s fight and determination.

I love not having to worry that the organs inside my body are having to process a shit-load of carcinogenic crap every day.

I love being sober!! Do you?

What do you love about being sober?

Mrs D xxx

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