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Saturday night witching hour...

August 9th, 2014 Mrs D's Blog

Before I ask how everyone is going resisting the pull to drink tonight, I want to feature this update that member ‘sodapop’ posted this afternoon. It gave me shivers, and made at least one other member cry.

From soda pop: “This is a long shot. A really, really long shot. But…here goes. This is obviously a place where many who have struggled with alcohol congregate. So this is a shout out to a very special lady. I don’t know your name or anything about you. But back in 2009, you saw me in a mall carpark in Chch one weekend morning. I was in my car, tipping wine from a wine bottle into a plastic drink bottle. Camouflage, pure and simple. You came over to my car, and asked if I was OK. You told me that you used to do exactly what I was doing. You asked me to go and have a coffee and a talk. I said no – too embarrassed, too scared. I drove away (sober, thankfully). I wish I could say this was my turning point. It wasn’t – it took nearly two more years for me to quit. But, now I have – my last drink was on 16 May 2011. And I never forgot this woman’s kindness. So, if you happen to have found your way to this site – thank you. You made more of a difference than you will ever know.”

This is so very powerful. How wonderful that sodapop has now been sober for over 3 years, and how wonderful was that woman who approached the car all those years ago. Here’s hoping we can match them up, but if not at least we can all reflect on her kindness and the truth that she so clearly knew back then .. we all need each other.

Now… how’s everyone going this Saturday evening….?

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