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August 19th, 2014 Mrs D's Blog

Crying Out Now is another awesome recovery blog everyone should know about. It was one of the first I discovered when I started trawling around the internet in early sobriety (this one and Mr SponsorPants were the first two sober blogs I ever read).

The people behind Crying Out Now also do the wonderful Bubble Hour podcasts.. they are great providers of brain food to help you turn your addictive thinking around. They are very big on information, honesty, sharing and community.

It’s all about community isn’t it….

Check out this anniversary video they put together (and see if you can spot me at around 1’44”!!). It’s gets me crying every time.. and it was this video that gave me the idea for our Faces of Recovery gallery.

(Use this link if the right video isn’t playing here – Crying Out Now)

(and here is the link to another Crying Out Now video – bonus video!)

I want to do one of these for us! Using our photos! But I need more images in the gallery. So please.. if you are a member and haven’t submitted a selfie to the Faces of Recovery gallery consider doing one soon. You can cover your face! You can write your sobriety date or a wish or slogan for the future.

Once I’ve got enough images we’ll put a video together and post it on here. It’ll be ace, I promise.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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