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Happy sober Mother's Day!

May 13th, 2017 Mrs D's Blog

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. My husband is away overseas for work so it’s just me and the kids here at home. He’s organised a gift for them to give to me which is hidden somewhere in the house. I heard them whispering in the bedroom yesterday … I think they were gathering together all the cards they’ve made for me at school/scouts etc.

Tonight I’m prepping some very decadent walnut and caramel sticky buns which will rise overnight then be baked in the morning to fill the house with a delicious scent and our tummies with delicious food.

Then we’ll just get on with the day which may or may not involve a trip to the movies, some squabbling, the odd hug or two if I can sneak them in, some laughter, a few farts knowing my sons, possibly some snatches of boredom. Dinner will be a beef stew.

Pretty ordinary right?

No. Pretty extraordinary actually. Pretty bloody stupendously, extraordinarily fabulous. Why? Because I am sober. Because I’m grounded and present and real and connected and more emotionally developed than I ever have been my entire life.

I’m not sure if my kids will ever be aware how I’ve changed their childhoods by quitting drinking. I shudder to think how different things would have been for them if I’d kept on the boozy road I was on. It wouldn’t have been pretty.

When I quit I was a daily drinker – at least a bottle if not more.  Now (over five years on) presumably that amount would have increased. My habit would most likely have progressed and worsened as the years went on. I was a lush then, I’d be a total soak now.

But thank goodness I’m not a drunk mum, I’m a sober mum. One who is really involved in each of her sons lives (they’re still very young – 12, 10 & 7), knows their personalities well, and talks to them constantly every day about all manner of inane and meaningful things.

It’s a very ordinary but (to my mind) entirely fabulous situation. And I just feel so, so, so, so grateful that five and a half years ago I got sober and dramatically turned my life around leading to me feeling how I do today.

Sobriety is hard sometimes and relentless, and life can be cruel and unforgiving at times, but any sober Mother’s Day is a very happy day in my book, and one to be treasured.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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