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Green Tea & Pomegranate Sparkling Mocktail

December 4th, 2015 Drink of the Week

I went to a friend’s house recently for a girls’ evening and she had gone to the trouble of preparing this delicious mocktail with me the non-alcohol drinker in mind! It was so delicious I snapped a photo and wrote the recipe down so I could share it here. This would be a great celebration drink  – I’ll be preparing it for one of my Christmas Day drinks I think.

1 cup boiling water
1/2 cup liquid honey
2 green tea bags
1 ltr pomegranate juice
1 fresh pomegranate (seeds and any juice)

To make the cordial:
Pour boiling water into a heatproof container
Add honey and teabags, stirring to dissolve honey
Leave to steep for 10 minutes
Discard teabags and leave to cool
Pour into a jug then add the pomegranate juice, and the seeds and juice from the fresh pomegranate

To make each mocktail:
Mix 1 part cordial to 2 parts soda



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