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Frozen Coconut Lemonade

February 20th, 2020 Drink of the Week

close up frozen white slushie drink

This delicious drink is tart like proper lemonade, refreshing like a slushie and has a creamy decadence like a milkshake! Play around with it – use more or less sugar or lemon juice, add mango or pineapple chunks, or sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg. My kids loved this as an after-school snack!


2 1/2 cups ice (crushed or in small cubes)
1 cup coconut milk
1/3 cup lemon juice (approx 3 lemons)
3 tbsp caster or super-fine sugar


Blend everything until you have the desired consistency (semi crunchy or super smooth). Serve with a spoon or straw.


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