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Faces of recovery...

August 14th, 2014 Mrs D's Blog

This photo arrived in the ‘Faces of Recovery’ gallery just two days after Living Sober went live.

one day soon 2

At the time I thought ‘how brave of this wonderful woman to boldly show herself and broadcast her intention to get sober’. I didn’t know who she was – what her username was on the site – but I felt very proud of her and I hoped her day would come soon.

Then yesterday out of the blue this photo arrived…

Pink stripes Aug 11-2


It’s amazing how powerful these photos can be. This is why I wanted a ‘Faces of Recovery’ gallery, the photos are such incredible  illustrations of bravery and honesty.

Look closely at these pictures here. Notice the pieces of paper carefully folded, the good strong marker chosen, the letters clearly formed, the smiley faces, the arm outstretched holding the camera … and the eyes.

Look at her eyes. This is a woman who wants to change. This is a woman who knows she can change. This is a woman changing.

What wonderful things are happening here at Living Sober. We have just hit 550 members and the number is steadily growing. The comments are flooding in and the members section is buzzing with warmth and grit and honesty and support.

You’re all brave and amazing. Even you lovely lurkers!

Love, Mrs D xxx

P.S. I have triple checked with this member that she is happy for me to feature her photos up here on my blog page and she is. She knows that she is early days yet but she is feeling strong and determined. xxx

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