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I have a sneaky suspicion that there are people who visit Living Sober to read blogs and look in the Sober Toolbox.. but don’t ever go inside the Community Area. A few people have commented lately that they’ve been coming to the site for a while but have only just discovered the Members Feed – and this is a total bummer!

The ‘Members Feed’ is inside the ‘Community Area’ and it is the page on this site where we mostly hang out. It’s a scrolling feed where we all post regular updates on what is happening in our day-to-day lives.

Our trials and triumphs as we attempt to move sober around this  booze-soaked world of ours.

The books and blogs we are reading and documentaries we are watching.

How we are dealing with our loved ones drinking or talking to our friends about our recovery.

The material shared inside that space is honest, gritty, warm, kind, real, supportive and non-judgemental. At times it can be inspiring, heart-warming, heart-breaking, sad, uplifting and informative. But it is always real and it is always kind.

It really is a no-brainer. If you want to take your online recovery experience to the next level get yourself in there! You do so by registering to join – putting in your email address (which no-one will see) and choosing any username you like. You can hide your true identity – that is totally fine – and it won’t stop you making genuine connections with other members.

If you have any problems registering send me an email to and I’ll help you get in.

Love, Mrs D xxx

  1. AmelieJT 5 years ago

    I have been a ‘lurker’ on this site for over a year. I can’t remember how many times I would start the ‘sober calculation’ box, make it to day 5, then think…’bugger it’, not this week. It was too hard, I couldn’t find space or energy to keep going. This is my first ever post. I’m day 26. I had quit for 6 months in early 2017, though I’d told myself, that it was ‘just until the end of Semester’…then I got completely blotto at a friends 40th. I’ve been scrambling to get back to that feeling of freedom from alcohol. That elusive pink cloud. For whatever reason, I feel so flat this time. I’ve armored myself with tools, know my triggers, I’ve read (ALL!) the memoirs (and love them…in fact you could probably insert my name into every single book I have read regarding women who’ve conquered the bottle and overcome all the social, emotional and physical elements of sobriety.) I have no intention of drinking and I’m in it for the long haul. I just feel nothing. I feel flat. I feel normal (which is amazing, but my mind isn’t reflecting what my body is feeling?!). I feel like there’s a fog in my brain, and I can’t retain information. It feels like that awful beginning of being pregnant. Where I’m there physically, but my mind is elsewhere. I’m walking in a cloud, and can’t concentrate) I suppose I’m just wondering if anyone out there feels or has felt the same at this point in their sobriety? I know it will pick up, but what tools, mentally or otherwise can I use to raise my ‘flatness’. Apologies to be such a downer on my first post! I promise I’m not usually like this, I just thought I’d be waaay more excited to almost be a month free of the drink!

    • salshak 5 years ago

      Hello Amelie, Congratulations on your newly-minted sobriety, and for the courage to begin yet again. I’m having the same sense of disconnectedness from myself at day 26 that you report feeling. I posted in the blog that a friend, after a recent get together, mentioned that I didn’t seem my ordinary “outgoing” self. Of course, usually at these events I have several glasses of wine. I too feel that I’m somehow in a fog or even that I’m observing myself from an outside perspective. I don’t quite feel myself and hope, like you, to soon feel the
      mild euphoria that should come with such a success. Best wishes to you.

  2. shannac 6 years ago

    This is my first day, I’m feeling scared, I want to disappear. I want to get on top of the feelings of dependence, being unloved, isolated. I work at my isolation but sometimes I retreat, and then retreat further by giving into my impulse buying a bottle of wine and drinking. Then beat myself up over it. I can go without, I have but it’s the triggers I can’t control sometimes and thinking to hell with it I don’t care. So here I go into a new world with a community that understands.

    • Classic50 5 years ago

      Thank you for your honesty…I too feel like such a failure because of the way I give up and then give in. telling the truth is a start for me. I’m day one again, I’m so ashamed to admit. This time instead of hiding the empty bottle in the recycling bin I’ve taken it out and set it in my garage so that any time I think of sneaking out to get some I will see that bottle there on my return and face what I have done so many times already and how it gave me nothing but more regret and a fatter file of shame and disconnection from relationships. Your words are true, it makes me want to disappear… I read today in someone’s sober story that the journey is the destination and that really touched me. That means that even though I’ve tried and failed, trying again, being free in this moment means I’ve moved, even though its a tiny step. And as hurtful as it is I will start here . I’m choosing to start again and choosing to begin walking away from alcohol again and that’s better than staying beside it. You’re wrong, no one who is posting here is on day zero… you’ve moved and you have courage and even if that courage looks like a cry, its not, its a sword cutting through the bull sh*t and that sword has reached out and cut down the tangled vines for me because today I felt soooo so bad about failing and reading your post has given me a truth. Thank you dear person people wherever you are on this day Shannac and Jax 78

    • Jax78 5 years ago

      Day 1 for me too…. and I’ve already given in to the wine.
      So day zero.
      I understand your feelings.. the lack of self worth.. isolation and feeling there couldn’t possibly be anyone who would understand… or accept it.
      Well I do. We have both taken a brave 1st step on a long road to recovery.

    • mmskinny 6 years ago

      Hope you are still AF. We’re here, we’re listening. We want to help. Day 64 for me. Can I get a shout out for all of us out there? We are fighting the good fight and we are winning!

    • Bird 6 years ago

      Good luck one day at a time

  3. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Re the “danger swig”….I forgot to add that i gave up drinking last December and have been doing well but the danger swigs are starting to steadily increase. Not good.

  4. Anonymous 6 years ago

    It’s the “danger swig” that I’ve got a problem with. I’m totally happy not having a glass of wine or gin and tonic but when the room is empty I take a swig from whatever bottle is open. Any hints and tips to stop this pattern of behaviour would be much appreciated!!

    • Bird 6 years ago

      Good luck one day at a time

  5. Mary S Melendez 6 years ago

    Good luck and welcome. I am new as well. Maybe we can help each other. Support and someone to talk too. Sounds good to me!

  6. BeckySharp 6 years ago

    Hi! I’m new to this group and new to sobriety. This is my first day. I look forward to supporting others and gleaning as many ideas as possible to help stay on the straight and narrow. Reading your posts makes me feel very positive and excited about making a fresh start.

  7. honeybee 6 years ago

    Thank you Viking23 for sharing! God bless your journey!

  8. Viking23 6 years ago

    The Decision To Become Sober Saturday, ‎September ‎01, ‎2018

    What will life be like beyond my addiction. I was convinced that my life would be over when I got sober, but that shouldn’t be the case at all. I’ve should be pleased to find that my life is more manageable, fun, enjoyable, and drama-free without alcohol. In fact, I will be able to do more now that I’m sober. Not only that, being sober will open new doors for me. Writing will be an outlet for my emotions as well as a way to connect with myself stating my honest feeling and views.
    When I was drinking, I was just floating through life. I was there physically but not emotionally or mentally. There are many family events, socializing and trips to the cottage etc where I don’t even remember some of the times when fun was being had by others. I thought I was having fun but was I really or was it the alcohol in me that made me think I was having fun? Was it really true enjoyment? How many times have I heard “don’t you remember you did this or that yesterday or last night” By living sober I will get to be active and coherent in every single moment of my life now and that’s a beautiful thing. I will be grateful and I will remember and take in every second of every moment. No more waking up full of shame and regret as I wonder what happened the night before. When I’m living sober I get to remember everything. I will be more aware of the finer details in life like peoples smiles, or a beautiful sunset.
    Being drunk was just the norm for me and I even thought it was funny sometimes. I only ever thought about the joy that alcohol brought me in the moment while I was drinking it. I quickly forgot about how horrible it made me feel the day after. I had nasty hangovers that brought on nausea, splitting headaches, and cloudiness that lasted lasted for hours on end. I hope I never have to experience that physical discomfort ever again. Blackouts didn’t always happen but when they did the reality of it never really sank in, let alone how dangerous it could have been. It’s funny how you always think your stronger and a tough guy when your drunk. A recipe for nothing but unwanted trouble. Its terrifying to wake up and remember nothing from the night before, not what you did, not what you said, or who you were with. I look forward to not have to experience that feeling again.
    Being able to remember everything while having a fun time is something I took for granted I suppose. I trust I will have more fun living sober than intoxicated (even if it does not seem that way at first). With more time, money, and energy the possibilities for fun should be endless and never involve a hangover. My definition of fun will probably change for the better and eventually I will think to myself “how did I ever think life being drunk was fun?” Being sober, I will play more, I will have a youthful radiance and my laughter will be genuine. What will it be like to draw or play my guitar without being influenced by alcohol? Will I play and draw better? I should also become a better friend and parent/husband as well. I will have more time to devote to nurturing meaningful relationships, and will probably become more reliable and honest.
    How long will it take to get to know myself in recovery. Becoming sober will give me the mental clarity to discover my personal self and help me accomplish my goals. Now that I’ve stopped poisoning my body with toxins, my complexion will inevitably look better. Blemishes will clear, wrinkles lose some of their definition, and dark circles will be minimized. Some people find that once they start living sober they look 10 years younger.(I hope so!) But it is not a superficial benefit. When we look better, we inevitably feel better about ourselves. All the other benefits of a sober life will also have me smiling more which will definitely keep me looking younger. Living sober will leave me with extra money that I would have otherwise spent on fueling my alcohol addiction. It is an automatic savings plan. With more money I can pay off debts, maybe even buy the new Les Paul guitar I constantly dream of having.
    At first having all this extra time not sitting with a bottle will be difficult physically and mentally. However, it should’t take long to realize there is a world of things to do as I stay sober. I can use my time to do things like riding my bike, playing my guitar, drawing or learning something new and getting proper sleep, all of which turn out to be much more rewarding than getting drunk. I will gain respect when I am sober. I’ll gain respect from others as they acknowledge my commitment to change. People will look up to me and admire my sobriety. When I follow through with my commitment I will gain peoples trust again. Becoming sober is a tough but a rewarding display of self-respect as I commit to discontinue the abuse of my body and mind. Feeling good about myself will be one of the biggest gifts sobriety will give me. I can now free myself from the shame and guilt tied to my addictive behavior.
    Each day I should be proud of myself for making it through another day being sober. As my self-esteem grows I will still need to work on my sobriety as it does not just magically happen. As I stay living sober it will contribute to a healthy mind set in the long term making me the person everyone loves when I’m the real me. The thing is, if I don’t have sobriety, I don’t have anything. I truly believe that if I change my behaviors my feelings will follow and create a chapter in my life I thought would never be able to write and enjoy.

    “If you need to get drunk everyday to enjoy your life then you’re doing all wrong.
    Robin Williams

    • Tryingtobebrave 5 years ago

      Thank you for your post, it has given me huge encouragement to read your vision of a sober life and all it’s benefits.
      I’m on day 2 .. scared and hopeful in equal measure!

    • sezzleSoper 6 years ago

      Hi there,
      Reading your post makes me feel stronger in going sober. I tend to give up then go back as i think i will be stronger this time and that i will be able to control my drinking but every time it always ends up the same, Black outs, hangovers, anxiety and a lot of regret not to mention the strain it puts on my Family. I guess it is just nice knowing that i am not alone and if we all stick together and support each other it will make this process a lot easier so thank you for sharing your story.

  9. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Hope it goes well for you today.. The day is almost done so hope you post tomorrow day 2. Remember reddit has some not drinking groups with tons of ideas and support. Good luck Ready4aReboot:)

  10. Ready4aReboot 6 years ago

    Day one…again. But, this is the first time I have been serious about sobriety in well over a year. So, I am hopeful and optimistic, and asking my Higher Power to give me a hand up.

  11. honeybee 6 years ago

    Thank you Hammer123… i am very proud of you 100 days is pretty dang amazing! I can not even imagine..the only time i have gone 100 days without drinking is when i am pregnant.. now i seem to get the mojo and go a few days then feel great and somehow feel that beer would increase that feeling of feeling good….it sucks i know you understand….i work at a University and off all summer that has not helped ….thank God i go back in a few weeks …always that illusive way out which never works… i did listen to pod casts from Annie Grace This Naked Mind….not my cup of tea……can you share any advice? I love Belle ..she has a 100 day challenge and dude you would be getting like a million dollars today ha….but a million dollars can never compare to being sober..Congratulations and i pray you keep going…. you are a inspiration to us struggling and Thank you!

    • Hammer123 6 years ago

      Hi @honeybee, sorry it took so long to respond but I don’T check this area very often. I do check in with the community area a couple of times a day. @daveh has started a “Sober September” over there and I would invite you and any other people who have not joined the Community Area to join us there and sign up for sober September! I am on day 131 and a large part of my success is due to your early support and the community area. Take my hand and we will make this journey together!

  12. SuperCath 6 years ago

    Weekend 5 of no drinking. Feeling good, keeping occupied and remembering to take time just to relax. No hangovers for almost 6 weeks. Grateful

  13. Eola 6 years ago

    Hi, Mrs D. I’m very thankful to have found this site. It’s fabulous, and it reminds me so much of Soberistas. However, the first thing I noticed was that the web design looks a bit cranky. It took me a while to figure out, for instance, how to log in and how to get to my earlier posts! I guess the surfing experience would very much be enhanced after a much-needed revamp. xoxo

  14. honeybee 6 years ago

    good luck snowflake….

    • Hammer123 6 years ago

      Shoutout to @honeybee, just wanted to let you know I am still going AF @ 100 days! I am in the community area everyday if you want to get in touch. I wanted to thank you for all your support in those 1st couple of months. Be well!

  15. honeybee 6 years ago

    reddit has a lot of groups for those not drinking or trying not to drink..has daily reinforcement from encouragement if you are looking for continuous support.

  16. snowflake 6 years ago

    day 1…again. out of town for work. very anxious about the post-work invite for dinner/drinks. I know me…I’ve been here before. Too many times. Been trying to quit for good for years. Hoping nobody asks. I want to just come back to hotel room and eat, read, sleep.

    • SuperCath 6 years ago

      How did you go with this?

  17. LittleOtter 6 years ago

    How do I stop getting emails?? I have ticked the box for NO notifications !!

  18. LittleOtter 6 years ago

    Hello, I’m new. Don’t know if this is the right place for me – just trying to get some help from somewhere

    • sobergirl 6 years ago

      Absolutely YES
      someone is always here for you when you are in the battle for your sobriety. Its OK. You will be successful. .. just always choose YOU…always!
      You gotta be your own cheerleader and celebrate every significant choice you make that brings you to your OWN truth…your OWN worth… your OWN beautiful sober self… it’s a beautiful ambition to have.
      KIA KAHA

  19. honeybee 6 years ago

    day one is the hardest so good for you…..i wont drink with you today….:)

  20. Momof2 6 years ago

    I’m on my second, second day…if that makes sense. Haven’t made it past this point, yet. I’ve got to do something. Thinking of having a game night – anything to keep busy…maybe I’ll make it to day 3 this time.

    • Jaxisdry 6 years ago

      I am on day 3, for the I don’t know how many times…… I hope to get past constantly trying getting to day 4 and feeling great, so great just want to drink.

    • Annie 6 years ago

      Im on day 2 again as well.

  21. Hammer123 6 years ago

    Thanks for the encouragement honeybee! I did end up having a great day 60. I took some time yesterday to sit in my sadness and realized I am just trying to do too much in one day and when everything didn’t get done it brought on this feeling of failure! I just have to be kinder to myself! Thanks again your kind words and support! Hope everything is good on your end? Go easy my friend!

  22. honeybee 6 years ago

    I will pray for you today Hammer123! I read once that: Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. I hope you have a blessed day 6o! (it is probably good to look at your feelings now that you are not escaping them with booze anymore. I love this line from a beautiful song.. “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. ” Like someone once encouraged me…keep the sunny side up!

  23. Hammer123 6 years ago

    60 days sober today! I thought I would be super pumped about this achievement but the past 4 to 5 days I have been battling from depression! This maybe why I started drinking in the first place! I’m definitely not going to drink today and I am certain that I can make it to 90 days. I think I need to slow down and figure out what’s going on with my feelings and why things are so messy! If anyone has any advice or encouragement I sure could use it today!

  24. Hammer123 6 years ago

    So glad to here you are starting again! I have quit drinking for a year before and it was horrible! I just wanted to see if I could do it and white knuckled the whole year, I did this strictly on will power. This time is different I want to quit and enjoy the last half of my life! This 57 days has been much easier than the last time and a lot easier than quitting smoking! I really hope you find the strength and the desire to quit, I know it will improve your life and you deserve that even if you don’t see it yet! Your life has value and you have really helped me get to this point in my sobriety! Let your awesomeness shine through!

  25. honeybee 6 years ago

    54 days is amazing! And I see you (and wife) are reaping the benefits of no booze. I wish i could stay strong as you have…i feel fantastic when i do not drink than sabotage it having a few which turns out to be several and many wasted hours of doing nothing. Good health is a blessing so many people do not have and here i am purposely destroying mine with poison, UGH! Well thanks for thinking of me…i was on another day 1 yesterday so your words are quite encouraging here on day 2. Thank you! I like ‘keep the sunny side up”:)

  26. Hammer123 6 years ago

    honeybee, I haven’t heard from you for a while, I hope all is well with you and your sobriety? If not you can always start again, it is definitely worth it! I am on day 54 and had a discussion with my friends and wife over lunch about maybe trying to manage my drinking even though I know in my heart I can’t. Later that night my wife explained too me that I am a much nicer and a more understanding person when I don’t drink! I have to agree and besides a few moments of weakness every week I don’t really miss the drinking! I definitely like waking up sober and without a hangover and the best part is that I have lost 10 pounds and feel better physically and mentally! I have more confidence in myself and I have been watching my diet and using my old drinking time to go for walks about 50 – 60 miles per week! It’s still early days but I know I can do this and if I can everyone can! Keep the sunny side up!

  27. Charlotte 6 years ago

    Oops that was meant to be a reply to Michelle.

  28. Charlotte 6 years ago

    I’ve read both books by getting them from the library

  29. honeybee 6 years ago

    Hammer123..thank you for asking was in a better spot rereading last Sundays post…please keep posting your is encouraging. I also found a subreddit group that is supportive and informative..have you tried? Wish me luck on my new day 1..TY!

    • Hammer123 6 years ago

      Sorry to hear about the set back, but glad your getting back to day 1 I hear that lots of people need more than one day one to get the job done! I will check out the Reddit Group, thanks for the tip! I am now on day 39 and like being sober and not having to manage my drinking. I have told a few more people that I am not drinking and they are very supportive! They are all surprised and think I am just taking a break. None of them thought I had a problem but I was just good ar hiding it! Stay strong and stay focused on the positives of living a sober life! You are not giving anything up you are getting your life back!

  30. Michelle 6 years ago

    Does anyone have Mrs D book i could borrow to read pls.

    • deborah 6 years ago

      I got mine from Amazon the other day on my computer/ Kindle. Was about $10.

  31. honeybee 6 years ago

    thank you Hammer123..glad you stayed strong on your birthday….today is tough for wanting that feeling that beer gives me sunny and hot and lazy Sunday afternoon in front of me which i would usually be drinking by now and well on my way to doing nothing… instead i am truly enjoying the day and trying to do something… anything is better than nothing. I eating watermelon for the sweet tooth and drinking mineral water. Thank you for your encouragement and looking forward to where you are at!

  32. Hammer123 6 years ago

    30 days of sobriety today! Very motivated to make it to 60 days and beyond, The first week was difficult but I feel like I am gaining traction! Keep the sunny side up!

    • honeybee 6 years ago

      I am on day 5..good for you. Hammer123!

      • Hammer123 6 years ago

        Honeybee how has your last week gone? I hope everything is ok and you are seeing and feeling some progress!

      • Hammer123 6 years ago

        Thanks for the encouragement Honeybee! Stay strong, the fist couple of weeks are the toughest! I just made it through my 55th Birthday weekend without a drink! My fist couple of weeks I ate a lot of chocolate to satisfy that sugar craving that alcohol used to supply! I didn’t lose any weight the first couple of weeks but now I am down 6 lbs. When we quit alcohol we are not giving up something we are getting our health back and so many other opportunities!!

      • Anonymous 6 years ago

        Anonymous keep your resolve strong! We can do this thing and enjoy this life we have been given!

  33. Anonymous 6 years ago

    It’s my second day Lol!! I’m feeling really positive and motivated, I just wanted to connect with others in my situation for support and mutual guidance.

    • FredaFree62 6 years ago

      How’s it going since your Day 2 on 5/18? I’m on Day 1 today. (about my 30th Day 1). Any tips?

    • honeybee 6 years ago

      today is my 4th day ..are you still in anonymous? 4 days and 40 bucks saved:)

  34. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Hiya, this is day 1 for me too. I fell off the wagon and keep falling. It really pisses me off. Had a big night Saturday night didn’t do anything shameful (well at least I don’t think). Anyway I am here to let you know that I am here along with everyone else to support our journey no matter what.

    I need help in staying positive and not letting the voice in my head say it’s ok to drink. Plus when I gave up I had amazing sleep and the thought of no hangover is also amazing.

  35. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Day one today! Reading other people’s stories really helps me, hoping to stay focussed and not slip up. Last night was a massive night out with work mates and ended with me not in my own bed… I am feeling embarrassed and ashamed today, I let myself get into that state and did not try to control the outcome. So anyway, to ensure something positive comes out of this I have joined this community and hope to keep watching my sober days climb up, and supporting everyone else on their journeys

    • Annie 6 years ago

      Weve all been there. I hope to never again. The guilt shame and remorse is crippling.

  36. Paulaelsa 6 years ago

    Day 1, this time I have to beat this

    • Kiwigirl2680 6 years ago

      I’m day 1 too!! Have to succeed this time. We can do it!

    • Lawrence 6 years ago

      Im with you my friend, day 2,I managed to get through yesterday without a drink, hope you are doing well.

  37. Michelle 6 years ago

    How long before I get a good nites sleep. I am now day 6.

  38. Elizabeth522 6 years ago

    Yes! You are not alone. I want to be consumed by other thoughts as well. So tired and bored with alcohol. Have loved waking up hangover free the past few days. Have tried to quit so many times. It’s day 4 again, but all I have to do is get through today. Thank you Ms. Nomoreguilt!

    • greybeard 6 years ago

      Hang in there. Been sober for a while now. Still have times when I could be tempted, how ever being involved in cycling and getting fit is more than enough motivation not to go back to alcohol as a prop.

  39. MrsNomoreguilt 6 years ago

    So pleased I found this site. Day one for me after so many failed attempts over the past few years I have lost count. The comfort of knowing I’m not alone in my feelings of shame, guilt, failure, hopelessness, loneliness give me so much hope. Alcohol is such a powerful temptation that it consumes my thoughts daily, making me feel I’m going mad. Reading about others who are in their 50’s and have finally managed to remain sober gives me a reason to give it another go. I want to live life to the full and I know that being sober is the only way I will achieve this. Day 1….

    • Tryingtobebrave 5 years ago

      Hi , thank you for your post. I have just found this awesome site and finding encouragement from it. I am 51 with a 30 year love affair with white wine and a growing addiction to it over the last 10. Recently my life has felt like it was spiralling out of control and I couldn’t stop the daily boozing. I managed 3 months at the start of the year but have hit it harder than ever since then. I’m on day 2 and feeling scared but hopeful that this time it will be a permanent change . I hope you are well

    • Carol48 6 years ago

      Someone else in their 50s! I am 57. My first drink was 48 years ago – hence my user name! Downhill ever since.

      • Annie 6 years ago

        Eeek! I am 66 yrs old and starting again. Feeling like one of the unfortunate people who may never make it! I have to .

      • Anonymous 6 years ago

        I get it carol48, I am 60 and still having day 1s but never give up and try to keep the shitty committee in your head quiet by breathing instead. Hope this helps.

    • Dutchy 6 years ago

      OMG this is me….50 plus, only on day one today, but feeling positive. I feel so ashamed, and now I have finally found a place where I can share my days with like minded people travelling the not so lonely road now…..

    • Lisared 6 years ago

      It is worth it for sure. Keep thinking of the positive elements to being sober . Jason Vale book is very good

  40. Joni 6 years ago

    Ellie, I am having the same problem. I have emailed Mrs. D about it. I keep getting the same error message when I click on the link they sent me to join the community.

    • Joni 6 years ago

      It’s all good. Thank you, Mrs. D. x

  41. Christina 6 years ago

    This quest for sobriety is a long time coming. I say that because I have questioned my relationship with alcohol and ignored the answers. I would describe myself as a weekend binger filled with guilt, regret and promises. Promises to only have one more, which is never enough. I secretly monitor the pours and how much is left. I feel different right now as I have discovered this online community full of people with similar stories. Thank you. I am on day 10, but actually count one weekend.

  42. MarilynK 6 years ago

    I also relapsed last night after work!!! Pleased to hear I am only human. My Birthday next week, I just know I will be given a bottle of wine from someone, even though I do stress no, no I don’t need Wine!!
    I will start again, I have also been a ‘lurker’ here for a very long time and decided last week to get into it and join officially. So pleased I have.

    • Horsehead 6 years ago

      Im new here too amd struggling to keep going past day 1. Goodluck to both of us! Good on you for joining!

    • pollywantsober 6 years ago

      so pleased you have too. good on you

  43. Ellie 6 years ago

    Ive tried a dozen times to get on the community chat but i put all my details in and just comes up error. Ive emailed but never had a reply. X

    • Lottie 6 years ago

      Thankyou its sorted now. X

    • Author
      Mrs D 6 years ago

      Hi I have emailed you back twice.. maybe check your spam folder ? x

      • Lottie 6 years ago

        Thanks sorted now. X

  44. JR 6 years ago

    The Community Area has been my lifeline to making the difference for me this time. Day 211 🙂

    • GottaCrackit 6 years ago

      Wow.. awesome!

    • Terry's 6 years ago

      Well done x

  45. Deana 6 years ago

    I tried to become a member, but needed to type in a code to prove I was not a robot. There were no letters to type in. I was sent another sign in on email to type in letters that were not there. So I have not been able to join the members site.

    • Doglover1 6 years ago

      If you’re on a computer, there should be a set of pictures below the robot question. Just click on those pics that show whatever the instructions ask if you see. After that, you should get a verification. If not, email Mrs D [] .

      • Doglover1 6 years ago

        On the left of this page, there was a question addressed to me (not sure from who) asking if I’m in the Members Feed. I (think) I joined yesterday, was having problems accessing the feed and got help from

    • celandra 6 years ago

      you probably
      just need to check the box

  46. Anonymous 6 years ago

    I’m thankful for this site on day 2 but I keep on trying

    • Annie 6 years ago

      Me too. Lets be strong.

  47. Annie 7 years ago

    Day 1 again and Im terrified of letting myself down again! Thanks all for being here.

  48. Gina 7 years ago

    Day 5 for me. Last time I made 43 days. That was a record for me. Ive been on this ride for 19 years, maybe longer. I don’t get hangovers anymore. I think I would prefer that to this overwhelming guilt and self .hate. But Im never going to stop trying. I found this site accidently, and it helps me a lot to know Im not alone.

    • Lucy 7 years ago

      Hi I to have been on this ride for 13 years day 2 for me again.. more positive this time.. hope you get on well.. stay strong

  49. Clementine 7 years ago

    Day 1 again…

    • TimetobeSober 7 years ago

      Same. Can’t believe I only lasted 3 days… it was such a stupid thing to have that one glass of wine that led to me finishing the whole bottle yet again. My “excuse” was that i could not bear my partner’s heavy drinking, currently made worse by his friend visiting, while sober. Now having yet another guilt-ridden sleepless night as a result, which means that I will be a grumpy git in a few hours and of little use to anyone. So fed up with this cycle…

    • Elaine 7 years ago

      Me too. We can do it, so fed up feeling hung over and thought of getting up..I remember feeling good on alcohol free periods..

  50. KitsiCat 7 years ago

    I’m a long-time lurker Mrs D and have been visiting your Living Sober blog since I got sober almost 23 months ago. Hand to my heart I couldn’t have done it without the sober community.. thank you Mrs D, Ainsobriety, Mark Goodson, Paul, Mary Kay, Annie.. had no idea I was going to come out the closet tonight, have really surprised myself!

    • floss 7 years ago

      Hi I’m a lurker as well but even less so over last few.months as my phone was on it’s last legs. Anyway back from social isolation and have decided to contribute a bit more even though I always worry what people will think. I started just before you on the 1st Feb 15. This site and soberistas have been my life line. Lets start liking less. X

      • floss 7 years ago


    • ToLiveFor 7 years ago

      Congratulations! It would be a dream if I could make it that far

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