Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Drink

golden drink with ice

Mr D's uncle gave me this recipe after it was given to him by his Osteopath to deal with pain in his hands and lower back - as a natural alternative to anti-inflammatory tablets. He says it's worked wonders for him, so now Mr D is taking it for his sciatica pain. And I've been drinking it just because it's lovely and warming and makes me feel very healthy! This recipe makes a lot of the turmeric mixture which will keep for a few weeks in the fridge.


8 cups water
4 tsps dried turmeric
8 tsps crushed ginger
2 lemons


Juice the lemons and set the juice aside
Cut up the remainder of the squeezed lemons (rind etc)
Simmer all ingredients for 20 minutes
Strain through a sieve
Add lemon juice

To make each drink mix 40% of the turmeric cordial with 60% fizzy water. Drink one large glass per day for the best anti-inflammatory results.


  1. Barbra 4 years ago

    Hi Mrs D, thank you for this recipe. Is dried turmeric the same as powder curcuma/kurkum? I would love to make it and I use a lot of curcuma during cooking, but never drank it.

  2. robynb 4 years ago

    I loved this, and it really knocked back my inflamation, and for that I am grateful.

  3. mountaingirl1 4 years ago

    Making a batch right now.

  4. delgirl68 4 years ago


  5. shannac 4 years ago

    will be making that today! Many thanks!

  6. PolishGirl 4 years ago

    awesome. I will definitely try. thanks

  7. MalibuStacey 4 years ago

    Thanks @mrsd. Will try this one out as well. Anything to give m’old Crohns a nudge – queen if the inflammatory bowel disease – charming.

  8. NoMore 4 years ago

    Bit baffled. The ingredients says 2 lemons, but in the method it says juice the lemons and cut up the rest of the lemons. That sounds like more than 2

    • Author
      Mrs D 4 years ago

      Sorry for the confusion @nomore I have clarified in the recipe. You squeeze two lemons then cut up the remainder of those same two lemons (the rind etc). Hope this makes sense! x

  9. Melnz 4 years ago

    Thanks for this @mrs-d, have made a batch tonight, a great tonic for the digestive system too…as you say, it is warming & surprisingly drinkable!

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