Sobriety Chat: Jean

Jean sobriety chat preview

Jean McCarthy is a wife, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, sister, daughter, property manager, painter, podcaster, writer ... and she is sober. Jean is the host of The Bubble Hour and Tiny Bubbles recovery podcasts, author of the blog Unpickled, and many books related to sobriety. In this chat she talks about her new book, Take Good Care, and how unleashing her creative energy has been one of the many joys of quitting drinking.

Audio recording below

  1. Mac1964 3 months ago


    I am watching one Recovery Story a day, very inspiring and so thought provoking. Just listened to Jean McCarthy’s story, loved her authentic honesty.

    Lotta you mentioned in this clip you take Webinars. Are the webinars on Living Sober? Are the webinars accessible to everyone?

  2. Hammer123 7 months ago

    I am really loving the sobriety chats. This one was exceptional and included a lot of points that will help people in all stages of sobriety.

  3. s1s2 7 months ago

    Unpicked was one of the first blogs I found when I started thinking about stopping. That led me to Mrs D and other blogs. I didn’t stop then, but it gave me hope to keep trying.

  4. reena 7 months ago

    I also wanted to reply that years before getting near sobriety I watched her blog and was amazed how much fun her trips were and it gave me hope to find joy after being AF.

  5. Ali123 8 months ago

    Really loved this chat thank you, so inspiring

  6. Finallyfreetobeme 8 months ago

    I could have listened to Jean for hours and hours. I connected with so much of her experience which is such a comfort. Jean is so incredibly warm, honest and genuine and that sobriety chat will stay with me always. Thank you Mrs D. I’ll be looking for more from you Jean…..books, poems, podcasts….the lot! You are an inspiration. I am moved beyond words by your story. Amazing! X

  7. Frances 8 months ago

    Wonderful interview and interviewee. Gave me inspiration and Jean’s poem read by Lotta at the end was so heartfelt.

  8. reena 8 months ago

    This might be my favorite experience story ever, beautifully told too. Thanks so much for this Lotta and jean! Thank you for being so vulnerable, Jean.

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