Sobriety Chat: Hetti

Hetti chat preview

Hetti Engelen is a mother of daughters, a wife, a cook, a passionate vegan, and she is sober! In this chat Hetti talks about how she lived in denial that her heavy drinking was a problem, why it took so long for her to quit, the strength she drew from the Living Sober community, and the difference sobriety has made to her inner life and relationships. The Nigel Latta documentary she mentions is here, the TVNZ Breakfast interview with me that she watched is here, and the powerful annimated video she also mentions, featuring a kiwi poignantly illustrates the power of addiction is here.

Audio recording below

  1. Hammer123 5 months ago

    Such a great interview, Hetti was still popping in here and there when I started and it was people like her that helped me believe that I could live sober.
    Loved the 3 D’s and clean the tub strategies. Thanks Lotta for highlighting one of our own sober heroes! ❤️🇨🇦

  2. Nina 5 months ago

    A really enjoyable interview. I can totally relate. Just recently disposed of the Moet box and now happy with the soda drinks. Thank you both for your honesty.

  3. RosieD 5 months ago

    Thanks Hetti and thank you Mrs D for all those links. I too saw you on that Breakfast programme all those years ago and it definitely planted a seed in my mind – it just took a while to germinate!

  4. LizzieR 5 months ago

    Thank you Hetti. I’m 489 days into my sober journey . Thank you for reminding me that a bottle of red wine is not the solution, I am.

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