Raspberry Rose Mocktail

This recipe comes from member @Drink-stainedWretch who wrote in the Members Feed the other day; “Howdy all! I wish I could post pics. I had a delicious raspberry-rose cordial, cranberry juice, and soda drink w/ raspberry and blueberry garnish that I wanted to share. I enjoyed it on my roof deck and it looks soooo delish in the photo. Anyone know of any way to post pictures here?”

Of course I told her to email me a photo and I would feature it here as the ‘Drink of the Week’! (always keen for recipes hint hint).

She has used a Raspberry Rose Cordial (Belvoir brand). If you don’t have it you could use a plain raspberry cordial mixed with a little rose water. If you can’t source rose water just leave it out! The drink will still be delicious.

1/2 cup Raspberry Rose Cordial (or 1/3 cup raspberry cordial & 2 tsp rose water)
1 cup cranberry juice
Soda water
Ice, fresh raspberries & blueberries for garnish

Mix cordial, rose water (if using), and cranberry juice together in a tall glass
Top up with soda water
Garnish with ice and fresh berries


Rose Cranberry drink

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  1. Drink-stainedWretch 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for posting! Hope you all enjoy!

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