Mulled Pear & Ginger

Pear & ginger

Enjoy this concoction warm straight off the stove or leave it to cool and pour it over ice with a bit of fizzy water added on top. You can play around with the quantities of ingredients depending on how spicy or sweet you like it.

* 700ml pear or apple & pear juice
* 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, peeled & sliced
* 8-10 cardamom pods
* Juice & zest of 1 lemon or lime
* 2 cinnamon sticks
* 1tbsp sweetener (e.g. brown sugar, honey or agave) – optional/to taste

* Put all ingredients into a pot, bring to the boil then simmer for 5-10 minutes
* Strain the liquid through a sieve then pour into vessels of your choice
* Drink piping hot or leave to cool and mix with sparkling water


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  1. Kate1975 4 years ago

    If you are in Aotearoa NZ then kawakawa tonic is awesome to replace alcohol (and coffee I have found).
    Warning: do not drink kawakawa if you are on blood thinners!

    I make 2.5 litres at a time:
    50 kawakawa leaves – crushed in your hand
    Add some roughly chopped ginger root (optional)
    Bring to the boil in a pot – simmer hard for 10 minutes
    Add 1/2 cup lemon, lime or orange juice (or any combination)
    Add 2 large tablespoons of honey or sugar or any other sweetener (do it slowly to taste)
    Stir until sweetener is dissolved
    Leave to steep until cool (overnight is even better) – or you can drink it warm too
    Drink 2-5 cups a day
    Optional extra – add 5 tsp dried nettles (great for low iron) once taking it off the heat and steep with lid on for a good 5 minutes before adding juice and sweetener.

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