Green Juice

green juice on purple background

If you're in the need of some greens then this is the drink for you! You need a juicer to make it but I heartily recommend buying one and making this regularly. If nothing else you'll feel very virtuous.


2-3 bunches of fresh spinach
2-3 stalks of celery
2 inch chunk of cucumber
1 thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger - peeled
2 lemons with the skin cut off
2 apples cut into chunks


Put all ingredients through the juicer


  1. Lovenlight 4 years ago

    Love this recipe, I always feel better when I’m juicing. I will use this one!

  2. R51 4 years ago

    I love my juicer and when I make the above recipe I actually leave the lemon peel on. It saves time and the health benefits of the peel are enormous.

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