Cucumber Iced Green Tea

green drink in martini glass

The idea for this drink came from member @tipsytoegal! The combination of flavours are delicious and you can fiddle around a little with your method depending on what ingredients you have. I used a green tea flavoured with lemon so didn't need to add the fresh lime/lemon at the end.


Green tea
Fresh mint
Fresh cucumber juice
Fizzy water
Squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice
Ice cubes


Brew a pot of green tea with some fresh mint added
Leave it to cool
Juice the cucumber
Mostly fill a glass with a combination of tea and cucumber juice
Top up with a little fizzy water
Add a splash of lemon or lime juice


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  1. TipsyToeGal 4 years ago

    YAY!!!! Your picture looks much better than what mine look like! haha! Must be the glass. Thank you!!

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