Chocolate Green Smoothie

Another sister, another super smoothie! I got this recipe from my sister Anna who runs the Facebook group ‘Healthy and simple meals‘. It is seriously delicious, very filling, and so incredibly good for you … you will feel like a saint drinking it for breakfast! These amounts will make you two large smoothies, double it to make enough for a large family. My kids love it!

50g almonds
3 dates
1 tbsp linseed or chia seeds
100g ice cubes
15g raw cacao powder
1 frozen banana
1 small avocado (or half a large one)
2 handfuls of baby spinach
300g unsweetened coconut milk

* First crush your ice so it doesn’t break your blender (like it did mine the first time I made this drink!). The new fancy blender I bought to replace my old one has an ‘ice crusher’ mode, if yours doesn’t then wrap the ice it in a tea towel and smash it with something heavy like a rolling pin
* Put the crushed ice in the bottom of the blender, add the coconut milk then all the other ingredients
* Blitz until smooth and uniform in colour (i.e. all the spinach etc has blended in with the other ingredients and it looks like a chocolate thick shake)
* Pour into tumblers



  1. Arnold 8 years ago

    My daughter has migranes triggered by bananas-could I just leave it out or could you suggest a substitute?

    • Author
      Mrs D 8 years ago

      Hi @arnold I think you could just leave it out because the avocado will provide some bulk. You could increase the avo if need be. Cheers!

  2. misssober 9 years ago

    Yum! Thank you.

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