Chai Blossom

This is the perfect drink for Easter. Spicy, delicious and easy to make. You can find chai teabags easily at the supermarket.

3 Chai tea bags
2 cups boiling water
Small amount of sugar, honey, stevia or whatever sweeter you like (to taste)
1/2 cup fresh lime or lemon juice
Soda water
Ice, star anise & lemon slices to serve

* Combine tea bags and water in a small jug or bowl and leave for 10 minutes
* Add honey or sweeter and stir to combine.
*Discard tea bags and leave to cool for 10 minutes longer
* Add lime/lemon juice
* Pour half a cup of the chai liquid over ice in your favourite glass and top up with soda water
* Garnish with star anise and lemon slices



1 Comment
  1. AppleTree 6 years ago

    I have some of those stars, wasn’t sure what to do with them! Will have to give this a try

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