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So this is cool – I’ve been invited down to Central Otago to speak at a series of events in late October. I’m being hosted by the Wanaka Alcohol Group, Youth Access to Alcohol, and Central Otago Drink Aware, the latest speaker in their series ‘On the Same Wavelength’.

Their flyer says “The On the Same Wavelength series aims to foster better understanding between parents and children, but also to connect parents with each other and the community in which they live. All interested community members are welcome.”

And as far as I’m concerned that includes the Living Sober community!!!

Basically I’ll be telling my drinking & sobriety story. I’ll talk about how booze was my steady companion from the age of 15 to the age of 39 and what impact I now understand my habit had on my overall experience of life. And of course I’ll detail how I managed to beat my addiction and turn my thinking around to where I am now so happy to be sober.

Because I am. Happy to be sober that is. I never touch alcohol ever and never will again my whole life and I don’t even care. And that’s saying something given how much I loved my wines. Boy did I love my wines. Big, big turnaround for sure.

So anyway…. the dates are October 21st – 23rd… all details on the flyer below. Please let me know if you are coming, it’d be great to meet some Living Sober members face-to-face!

Love, Mrs D xxx


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  1. victoria 10 years ago

    Will be attending your presentation in Queenstown can’t wait!

  2. lilea 10 years ago

    🙂 Wish I could come.

  3. madandsad 10 years ago

    I would love to get down to the South Island to hear you speak Lotta – I am busy thinking of how it may be possible. Will let you know xxx

  4. freebreezi 10 years ago

    Feel free to swing by Nelson anytime………………………….

  5. freebreezi 10 years ago

    funny how reaching out to you has you reaching out to others who reach out to you………………………………….I think your simple but honest genuine approach and presentation is what makes you so appealing. You are so normal and believable.
    You can’t change the world but you can change yourself and that may inspire just one more person to change and so wonderful so on.
    The media focus’s on our youth drinking culture and the issues that presents and if they can be reached in anyway that’s wonderful but it’s naïve to think the buck stops there, as we know here in this community all ages and walks of life are affected by alcohol.
    Mrs D, when you do these talks, when you speak out you are potentially reaching to so many varied lives an people, how awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rosieoutlook 10 years ago

    Hi Lotta, so you survived the Election Weekend! What a wonderful place to be invited to talk, Wanaka

  7. grannie 10 years ago

    Morning Mrs D have you any plans for a Wellington region meet upmI would love to be able to put a face to names as I am sure others would too and I would lov e to help organise if there needed anything to be organised. Have a great Monday :))))

    • TimeforTEE 10 years ago

      ‘Someone! Anyone? just needs to decide on a quiet café, make a time and day and then tell everyone in the community via a post – come if you want, sort of message. I said I’d be wearing a limegreen sweatshirt so everyone could see immediately which table to walk towards … and one of our members bought a wee sign “Lotta’s Lot” to put in the coffee order number holder… and so we are! Go for it, you organise it, bet you get a great turnout in Welly! ciao TEE

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