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August 7th, 2014 Mrs D's Blog

Wow 200 members and counting!!!!! I was hoping for 20 – 30 on the first day .. this is un-freaking-believable. I’ve been crying big blobby tears this morning looking at how lovely everyone is being, and the photos that are coming in to the Faces of Recovery gallery. They are such powerful images.

On that note we lost a bunch yesterday thanks to a bug (now fixed) so please re-upload if yours isn’t visible on there!!

There was also a bug that wasn’t letting people update their profiles to add a ‘Your Story’.. that’s now fixed. And a couple of people were complaining about the font sizes on comment replies.. that has been increased now as well.. (see how responsive we are….!!)

In general terms re using the site I think one of the best ways to be quickly updated when you visit here is to go to your members page and post a quick update (if you like) and then go to the ‘Members Feed’ page in the members section. If you have the ‘Show’ button set just to ‘Updates’ you’ll get a lovely news feed of all the members updates and you can comment directly from here. That’s my kind of go-to page to see what’s going on.

The Sober Toolbox is begin constantly updated with comments & tips and there’s some great interactions going on in there.

And keep an eye on this blog page also.. I’ll be posting regularly and every day at 3-4pm I’ll put up a new post called simply ‘Today’s Witching Hour’ which will create one communal space for people to come to for help through those hell hours when we’d normally start drinking.

Please do add your own tips, observations & comments here, so we can make Living Sober work best for all of us.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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