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Silly Season Inspirations

December 8th, 2018 Mrs D's Blog

The end of the year can be a particularly tricky time for those of us who don’t drink alcohol. It seems like booze is everywhere, money flows through our fingers like water, we are called on to attend more social events than normal and family pressures mount. During this time it’s really important that we focus on the small-but-very-powerful things around us that give us strength, lift our hearts, inspire us, make us feel grounded, and help us to relax. I’ve been asking members of the Living Sober community to email me photos of the things that they’re going to draw strength from this Silly Season, and these pictures below are the gorgeous images they have sent through. I hope you draw as much joy and inspiration looking at everyone’s photos as I have. Enjoy! Mrs D xxx

Amys Christmas Tree

@amy: “This is a picture of my girls decorating the Christmas tree. My sobriety allows me to be in the moment with them for every blessed moment.”

prudences shoes and the lake

@prudence: “Reckon my pink cowboy boots and the view will do it for me!”

jocords bed

@jocord: “My “sober sleep is the best” sanctuary.  No more 3 a.m. dehydrated holiday wake-ups trying to remember who gifted me what!”

jms dog

@jm: “Here is my ultimate sober coach. He has been absolutely essential in keeping me sober – he shows me how to be happy with the small, great things of life. We’re in Mexico for the holidays, and I’ll miss this guy a lot. Merry Christmas all!! xo”

safeandsounds kitty

@safeandsound: “This beauty is 12 years old and still looks and acts like a kitten! She’s not the brightest (she runs into walls chasing toys, has fallen off the bed while half-asleep, thinks shadows are scary demons etc) and is always getting into trouble. But she makes me laugh at least once every day and sleeps with me every night. True love! Her name is Nina aka Cat Stevens.”

timidwarriors kids

@timidwarrior: “My silly season inspiration is my boys. I need to stop putting myself in danger so I can be here for my boys and watch them grow up into amazing men x”

enzedgirls roses

@enzedgirl: “All the beautiful things in my garden will keep me sane and grateful this Christmas season xxx”

jes coffee cup

@jes: “This is my Christmas ‘sober cup’. I ditched my wine glasses this year and bought a year round ‘sober cup’. This is the holiday version. No booze will ever touch this cup!”

kimbos dog

@kimbo: “Luca doesn’t judge, he just loves.”

marmites clove studded orange

@marmite: “This is my second sober Xmas and I’m excited, I’m loving Xmas crafts and baking with my daughters, there is so much more to Xmas than booze, who knew??!”

wildchild knitting on the go

@wildchild: “Heading off to Bali for lots of rest, reading and yoga for Christmas so I can hit 2019 in the best possible state of body and mind. Love the confidence being sober gives me! xx”

sobere green hills blue clounds

@sobere: “I’m thankful for the great view from my apartment deck of the Catalina mountains in Tucson, AZ.  I like to sit out and have coffee in the mornings, or play guitar to relax and breathe fresh air.  Hopefully there will be snow on the mountains this Christmas.”

redredred chocolate and chai tea

@redredred: “So many delicious alcohol-free drinks and other treats to choose from now. A girl’s gotta have supplies!”

winners toy dear

@winner: “Merry Xmas everyone!”

mrs-d tattoo

@mrs-d: “I just recently had this tattoo done – my first! It stands for strength, love and freedom. I’m going to love looking at it throughout Christmas knowing sobriety has given me wings.”

ravenscraig fountain

@ravenscraig: “This is My Little Pond. I built it a couple of years ago in a barren section of the back yard. I love to sit out here, listening to the fountain, and the frogs chirping, and watch the lazy little koi carp. It is my peaceful haven in a world of hustle and bustle.”

hammer123 comfy bed

@hammer123: “This is something that my wife started. The I Love Us decoration, it pops up in various locations, bathroom, lunch kit, bed, suitcase etc and just reminds us how much we love each other! It is also a powerful reminder of why I need to stay sober, so that I don’t put our relationship at risk! Merry Christmas from Canada!”

annies glowing salt crystals

@annie: “Here is a pic of my Himalayan Beautiful lamp. It was a thoughtful gift from my sister.  I love the warm vibes it gives me.”

song-bird blobby cat

@song-bird: “This is Floyd. He’s a bit of a nut. I love him dearly and I just bury my head into that furry body when things are going wrong, and his purr calms me down. He’s funny! Here he is catching a cool breeze from the fan on a hot summers day :)”

liberty knitting a scarf

@liberty: “The silly season is when I have time to make things. The meditative purpose and peace of knitting or sewing gets me through.”

islandone tranquil lake

@islandone: “This is the morning view from my office in my to-be retirement cottage. I became AF as a part of a     group of changes that I want to make in myself before I retire. I want to be the best me for those around me at that stage of my life. I’m shooting for a big improvement and hope to achieve the high bar of ‘barely tolerable’.”

mari135 Buddha and incense altar

@mari135: “My meditation corner shelf. oxox”

kitten stares at rain

@kitten: “This is nubis – my 30 day sober kitten. He is a challenge, just like getting sober. Happy holiday.”

agirl backyard

@agirl: “The garden that I finally had the strength, energy and enthusiasm to make when I stopped drinking. Yay the extra time and energy!!! It’s a lush reminder of why I stay sober every single day.”

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