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Monday night witching hour...

August 11th, 2014 Mrs D's Blog

Just wondering how everyone going tonight? I know there are some people in the members section who are feeling the pull to drink very strongly right now.. and are doing their best to resist (with the unbelievably awesome support of other Living Sober members)..

There are also people busy pouring their booze down the drain, people celebrating milestones (30 days – hooray to @colourful1!).. and people re-setting their sobriety clocks back to Day 1.

We’re all in it together, that’s the main thing. Getting sober isn’t the flick of a switch.. it’s a process .. sometimes a very long process indeed.

I’m going to listen to some Tara tonight.. am in the mood for a bit of grounding.. things are busy and wonderful but I need to keep myself calm deep down inside. Don’t we all…?

Love, Mrs D xxx

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