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Members Survey - Results!!!

May 17th, 2016 Mrs D's Blog

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Well this is exciting! Finally I get to publish the results of the Members Survey that we ran over Christmas time. Thank you each and every one of you who gave your time to contribute to this survey – your feedback and opinions are being used to help make decisions about the site’s future.

The full report is available in PDF form if you click here.

Below are some screen shots of what I consider the key findings.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 5.12.08 PM

A whopping NINTY SIX PERCENT of survey respondents say our site has helped them make changes to their alcohol use. That is so great and I am delighted for everyone that feels this way. Yay!! Shows how powerful the simple notions of honesty, empathy, and sharing can be.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 5.12.24 PM

I love this result regarding help for specific tricky situations because it shows how our site can be used in real time to help members through immediate cravings and pressured situations.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 5.12.40 PM

This one speaks for itself. So lovely to hear from the majority of respondents to the survey that their overall experience of Living Sober is very good. This site is nothing without it’s members, keeping you feeling safe and welcome and supported is our entire aim.

Without our members we are nothing! So thank you everyone for what you bring to our site to make it what it is. And thank you again everyone who took part in the survey.

Love, Mrs D xxx


P.S. Here is the wording of the Drug Foundation media release that accompanied the official release of this report.

“Valuable support is offered to people giving up drinking on the Living Sober website according to a survey of members conducted late last year.

The online community that supports people to change their relationship with alcohol is popular with members. The survey showed 86% actively interact and 96% answered yes when asked if Living Sober has helped them make positive changes to alcohol use.

Not only is membership seen as generally useful, but 77% say membership of Living Sober helped them in a situation when they may have potentially used alcohol.

Comments about the impact are many:

“I have found real friends. I feel helped and motivated to stay sober. I feel understood and supported.”

“Makes me feel like I’m not the only person living/ trying to be happy alcohol free.”

“Keeps me sober, grounds me. Know I am not alone.”

The contribution of Lotta Dann is remarked on by many. She is seen as not only as a skilled, inclusive moderator but also a real role model. As one person put it, “Honestly, I can’t thank you and Mrs D enough. You are changing lives for the better.”

Satisfaction with the website is very high (with 91% saying their experience with it is very good) and elicits many positive comments. These include:

“I just love it. It is more support and info than I feel I could get in the real world and I love the anonymity!”

“I don’t contribute a lot but love to lurk. I am a very private person and don’t feel alone on here. Very happy with it, has taught me to moderate.”

Survey respondents were largely female (94%), New Zealand European (93%) and sober (73% not currently drinking, 17% actively cutting down, 9% intending to cutback).

The Living Sober website has been online since August 2014 and has since grown into an online community with more than 3500 members. The website specifically targets people who are not able to moderate their drinking, is focused on providing opportunities for self-education and empowerment, and is a safe and welcoming environment.

The New Zealand Drug Foundation works collaboratively with Lotta Dann, Matua Raki and the Health Promotion Agency to publish this website.”

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