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Mandarin & Lime Fizz

April 8th, 2015 Drink of the Week

My friend David has just put some super-yummy new mocktails on the menu at his cafe – Peppermill Cafe in Porirua. He has very kindly agreed to share some of the recipes with us! His version of this delicious fizzy drink calls for Mandarin Syrup. If you can’t find it at your local deli or supermarket he says you could use fresh mandarin juice with a little sugar added.

Fresh limes
Mandarin syrup
Soda water
Ice cubes

Method (for each drink):
* Cut one lime in quarters, put two quarters in the bottom of a tall glass then muddle it (squeeze/push it down with a muddler, pestle or the back of a desert spoon)
* Add 3-4 ice cubes
* Pour in 45ml Mandarin Syrup
* Top up with soda water


Mandarin & Lime Fizz

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