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Don't Believe the Bullshit

March 8th, 2018 Mrs D's Blog

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It’s just bullshit all the lies that are fed to us about all the wonderful things alcohol brings to our lives. Utter bloody bollocks.

But the problem is we feed ourselves these lies because we’ve lived in a booze-soaked world our whole lives … and as a result our brains have gotten hard-wired to believing the bullshit.

So when we get sober not only do we have to fight against all the romantic images of booze that are presented to us through marketing… but we have to fight against our own brains making us feel like we’re going to be boring sober losers for the rest of our lives.

We imagine a future without alcohol in it and it looks miserable. Even though we know (for those of us who have a problem moderating) that the present day with alcohol in it is miserable.

How twisted is that? Our booze soaked lives today are miserable, yet we imagine that our future alcohol-free lives are going to be worse.

It’s always imagining a sober future that is hard (when the mythical images form in our heads).. and not the actual future that we start to live (when we are in the moment being sober and actually fine).

When you are sitting at an ocean-side restaurant with a bunch of friends with the sun shining and your sunglasses on laughing at the silly jokes and eating delicious seafood you don’t actually care that your glass has lime and soda in it. You just feel relaxed and entertained and happy, the lime and soda is beautifully refreshing….

…and you will drive yourself home.

When you are sitting around a brazier with a rug over your knees at midnight after a BBQ singing House of the Rising Sun surrounded by family and friends you don’t actually care that your cup has hot chocolate in it. You just feel warm and cosy and happy, the mug of hot chocolate is the best hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted….

…and you will sleep well afterwards.

When you are doing cheesy dancing to Abba at your cousins wedding surrounded by loads of happy people doing the same you don’t actually care that the glass you just put down has Red Bull in it. You just feel loved-up and carefree and happy, that second piece of wedding cake will go down an absolute treat…

…and you will remember everything about the evening.

It’s imagining the sober events that is often worse than actually doing them. So just keep doing them. Don’t believe your brain’s imaginings of you being a boring sober loser forever more. Don’t believe the bullshit marketing material that sells us romantic images of alcohol’s benefits.

Believe the truth. Sober does not equal boring. Sober just equals not under the influence of alcohol. And who says alcohol has all the power to make things fun, lovely, cosy, entertaining, carefree or happy?

Not me.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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