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drink with edible flowers
This drink recipe comes from foodie Annie Kenning who is not a fan of the word 'mocktail'! She says, "Mocktail is such a condescending, childish, awful term. To mock is to tease in a scornful and contemptuous manner. Does this mean that a mocktail is just a piss-take of a cocktail?  I’d argue yes – when a drink is fruit juice (or soft drink), disguised with a token garnish, in a cocktail glass – it sure is. But thanks to a growing population of people wanting to imbibe non-alcoholic drinks with complex flavours that tantalise all the taste buds – we sober people no longer have to suffer through the mockery of tooth-decaying, headache-inducing, sugary mocktails of old. We now have a vast array of non-alcoholic spirits, wines, beers, low-sugar sodas and tonics, fresh juices, edible flowers, herbs and spices with which to make our non-alcoholic cocktails. And, we never have to say that ghastly word (M$%#cktail) again."


2 shots Ecology & Co Asian Spice (or another alcohol-free spirit with spicy notes).
1 shot Orange and Dandelion OR Grapefruit Six Barrel Soda Syrup (or another citrus cordial or fruit syrup)
Sparkling Water
3-4 Edible flowers
Cracked Pepper


Half fill a low-ball crystal glass (or stemless wineglass) with ice cubes
Add liquid ingredients and stir.
Garnish with flowers and cracked pepper.

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