My sober pandemic: Lynn

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"I'm a nicer parent, present at bedtime with the kids (before I really couldnt be bothered after several wines)."

Today's sober hero is Lynn from Sydney.


Mrs D: How are you feeling about what's going on with this COVID-19 virus?

Lynn: Interesting times for sure; frustration but I also see some lovely things going on too, which I am holding on to.

Mrs D: How have your emotions shifted and changed since the crisis began?

Lynn: Well they can shift daily...mostly down to both 'home schooling' and other half working from home (as I am) which causes stresses and strains for sure. I quite liked working from home...on my own!

Mrs D: How long have you been sober for?

Lynn: Today is  day 131 alcohol free.

Mrs D: How is being sober helping you at this crazy time?

Lynn: I am better able to see things clearly and manage with the micro-tasking that is required. I am a nicer parent...present especially at bedtime with the kids (before I really couldnt be bothered after several wines). I am assessing a number of things going on in my life that before I was avoiding.

Mrs D: Have you had any pangs to drink since the lockdown began?

Lynn: Only the odd one or two...mostly I now get to the end of the day and DONT want alcohol which if you had asked me about 6 months ago I would have said "Houston we have a problem'. My husband drinks and that doesn't bother me apart from wine smelling like vinegar these days (sometimes I have to ask him to shift a glass away from me due to the odour). I do realise however that drinking together was an 'activity' that we had in common...currently working through what it means when this is gone.

Mrs D: Any particular self-care actions that are helping you in these gritty times?

Lynn: Time with my animals helps and sitting in the sun (our weather has been glorious). I have also been talking a lot more with friends and family in NZ

Mrs D: What are you doing to fill in the days?

Lynn: I am working week days and on the weekends (much to my husband's disgust) I am finding lots of house projects to do...haha! Don't mention the online shopping...

Mrs D: What would you say to people who are struggling with alcohol while they're in lockdown?

Lynn: First cut yourself some slack..this is all very odd. Know that you are not alone in this. Observe what you are doing and question 'why?' I had to really ask myself why I was doing what I was doing. Get educated about alcohol and then look to make change. For me moderation did not help.

Mrs D: What's in this photo you've shared with us?

Lynn: This is taken in South Africa. I love water and I love animals. The ultimate for me is both elements coming together on safari.

Mrs D: Anything else you'd like to add?

Lynn: I am so grateful for the support that is out there for people struggling with alcohol. I dont like the label alcoholic but I freely admit to others that I did not have a healthy relationship with alcohol. That has intrigued (rather than scared) people and we talk if they want to. I read a Stuff article about you Lotta and after 2-3 years of pre-contemplation and contemplation I finally acted. I bought 'Mrs D is Going Without', signed up to 'Living Sober' and I started listening to This Naked Mind podcasts, all this really helped me to set my vision for what I wanted to be and achieve; and it moved me away from thinking about being deprived from not drinking, to looking at what I was gaining.


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  1. johatnn 3 years ago

    Cool post Lyn. Good idea to stay focussed on what you gain by not drinking. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. hummingbird 3 years ago

    thanks for awesome check-in, I vibe with so much you say – drinking hubby, the odor of alcohol now, animals, podcasts. love the water snap and your comments about self-reflection x

  3. mistchance 3 years ago

    Well done, keep gaining the benefits.

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