Developing New Habits (Video)

When we take alcohol away.. one of the biggest things to get used to is all the free time we now have. All that time we spent planning on drinking, acquiring alcohol, drinking it, recovering from it, feeling guilty about it, planning on drinking it yet again (and so on and so forth).. is freed up. So it's really important that we find other things to fill in that time - things that are nourishing and grounding.
This tip video gives you some ideas on how to go about that....

It's really important to treat yourself regularly - sober treats are the best! Spend some of that money you used to waste on booze on something lovely for yourself - wee gifts to acknowledge the hard work you're doing in turning your life around. Never underestimate the power of a good sober treat. 

Put in place a couple of great relaxation triggers  - things you can do at 5pm when it's time to wind down. Nourishing and gentle things that are proper treats or rewards for a hard or stressful day (drinking a liquid drug isn't a good treat or reward despite us telling ourselves it is).

Get busy planning other things to do with your time. New hobbies or activities. Joining a club or gorup. Things to help you look after your personal grooming and mental health. Find what works for you and makes you feel good and spend some of your precious, lovely alcohol free time on.

And make sure one of those things you put into practice regularly is moving your body. It's so important, as cliched as it sounds, to have some sort of body movement into every day. And this is coming from someone who is inherently lazy! I always feel better after taking the dog for a walk or doing a gentle yoga class.

Finally, be aware that some of your relationships may shift and change after you quit drinking. It can be difficult but will probably only happen if it really needs to. Go gently, and know that some of the best benefits of sobriety take a long time to emerge.

  1. zodiacdebra 3 years ago

    Vgood 🙂

  2. ThePete 4 years ago

    Sound guidance. All of it.

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