Things I love about being sober

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I love that most nights I sleep very deeply for many hours. Such a change from when I had terrible alcohol-induced insomnia all the time.

I love that when I wake up in the morning my first thought isn't 'how much did I drink last night?' I love being free from that awful morning guilt and  misery.

I love not having hangovers any more!!!!! No More Hangovers!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!

I love that I am not modelling to my kids that regular, daily wine consumption is a normal way to live. I love that I am showing that it is possible to have a great time at parties, BBQs, on holiday, at Christmas time etc without touching alcohol (not a common sight in this country). I love that I am showing them that a problem can be bravely faced and turned around.

I love that  after every hard phase I grind my way through - even though I come out the other side feeling somewhat bruised and vulnerable - I get to know myself so much better. Every adverse time is a learning time for me and the cumulative effect of all this sober 'learning' is very satisfying and calming.

I love that I can buy lots of fresh flowers and glossy magazines and bottled fizzy water and scented candles and clothes and stuff and not feel guilty (or sometimes just a little bit guilty) because I am saving so much money by not buying heaps of booze all the time!!

I love that my recycling bin only goes out once a month because it has hardly anything in it.

I love that I never have trouble remembering what I said or how I felt or how someone reacted or anything because I always have my wits about me because I'm sober all the time!

I love my online tribe of sober warriors. I love being surrounded by people who just get it. I love that I can share openly and honestly and receive only kindness and wisdom in return. You know what it's like to have no control over alcohol. You know what it's like to go through a recovery process. You know what it's like to live sober in a booze soaked world.

I love that I get to 'witness' (in an online sense) other brave and amazing souls digging deep to remove alcohol from their lives and become the best versions of themselves they can be. I love that I am inspired every day by other people's fight and determination.

I love not having to worry that the organs inside my body are having to process a shit-load of carcinogenic crap every day.

I love being sober!! Do you?

What do you love about being sober?

Mrs D xxx

  1. Andit 2 years ago

    I love all of the above and knowing that being sober has more of a buzz than drinking ever did!
    I will never stop loving the new life I have been rewarded with since giving up the poison that is alcohol…

  2. Rosieoutlook 2 years ago

    I Love how all the above replies hit the nail on the head for my nearly 8 years of being sober. Thanks Lotta and team for articulating it so well. Xx

  3. Bre 2 years ago

    This really put a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing it!

    They say creating a gratitude journal is great for recovery. I believe you did a good job of modeling that here.

  4. MissCanada 2 years ago

    Mrs. D!

    I love your comment, “I love not having to worry about the organs in my body…” Sooo true! I always pictured my poor organs as being in meltdown! It’s something I always worried about. I don’t know how they’ve survived the abuse! It’s a nice feeling to know that I’m taking care of them.

  5. Tonic 2 years ago

    I love that I am rediscovering myself, my values, my passions, my desires and dreams that I never thought I could achieve

  6. Anonymous 2 years ago

    I love that I can be in a romantic relationship free of alcohol and have less drama and more honesty. I love to feel I’m doing my best and not living in a cloud of booze with the ever present stuck feeling. I love not selling myself short. I love that I’m a warmer, more giving person when I don’t drink. I love the money saved. I love the health benefits.

  7. JMB62 2 years ago

    I love having a clear head in the morning.
    I love not feeling guilty.
    I love not having to choose a motel based on how close it is to the bottle shop.
    I love not worrying about whether I can drink fast enough to get my share of the wine at dinner.
    I love not worrying about slurring my words and getting objectionable over nothing.
    I love quenching my thirst with non alcoholic drinks and then stopping when I have had enough.
    I love the intoxicating feeling of being in the outdoors

  8. Lulubella 2 years ago

    I love that all my anxiety disappeared almost overnight.

    I always love my sleep and love that if I have a rubbish sleep, the next day is still manageable

    I love that I completed an Applied Arts Degree and in my final year was sober and was top student, selling all my artwork and because I’m sober I get to truly, wholly enjoy it.

    I love the pure joy I get from creating art for others AND I’m doing this with no mind bending.

    I love that I trust myself.

    But my biggest gift to myself being sober is that I love that I am calmer and there for my daughter, I wasn’t always and am by no means a perfect parent, but giving up for me was first and a close second/tied first was for my gal.

  9. MsBlue 2 years ago

    I love that everyday starts with a fresh outlook minus the guilt. I love that my family love me even more. I love being able to proudly sipping on lime and soda at dinner parties.I love that money saved is boosting my travel fund. I love having goals that are achievable. I love reading and sharing in this safe supporting forum.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      The guilt and recriminations were crippling so I’m right with you on this one x

  10. justjo 2 years ago

    I love sober sleep. It is the best sleep in the world.

    I love the new voices in my head that tell me to dream big, because I really can do it.

    I love that I am not anxious about evening events that don’t serve alcohol.

    I love that I am now present for my own life.

    I love the members of this community, the “people in my computer”, who support each other each and every day.

    Did I mention that I love sober sleep? Holy hell . . . I love sleep!! So, so, soooooo good!!!


  11. Bluzooma 2 years ago

    I love no longer being controlled by liquid in a bottle.
    I love that I no longer feel scared that there’s no alcohol in my home.
    I love that I’m not on a first name basis anymore, with the bottle shop staff.
    I love having no hangover. That never gets old.
    I love the energy I have every morning.
    I love that when I’m tired it’s because I deserve to be tired. Not because I was on a bender the night before.
    I love saying ‘No thank you. I don’t drink’.
    I love being a non-drinker.

  12. PeterM 2 years ago

    I love that I have more energy and vitality than I have had for years.

    I love that my high cholesterol has dropped dramatically.

    I love that I am able to face my problems head on and that I know that my future is bright.

    I love that my relationships with close family and friends have deepened as I have shared my vulnerability and lived more honestly.

  13. EwdD 2 years ago

    Mental clarity and improved physical health.
    Toss the bottle and lose the alcohol fog…life is short.

  14. cookie3 2 years ago

    I love living a meaningful life. I now see that I was only existing before.
    I love being a sober wife, mother, grandmother, sister and aunty.

    I love having better mental health.

    I love having no more hangovers, and blackouts. No more secret stashes of wine
    I love that I can have a decent conversation at family and social occasion’s.

    I love that I have removed and can say no to alcohol.

    I love that I have found myself. I love that my family and friends are proud of me.

    I love that I have this community.
    Peace and light.
    Love cookie.

  15. Starlight 2 years ago

    I love the sheer simplicity of living without alcohol in my life.

    I love the sense of freedom it has given me.

    I love knowing that I am the best version of myself.

  16. LiveLifeNow 2 years ago

    I love the bright-eyed way I start every day. I love bounding from bed, settling into my early-a.m. routine while the house is still asleep.

    I love that we can have breakfast for dinner and I don’t have to second-guess that wine or gin and tonic really doesn’t ‘go’ with that menu.

    I love that I’m planning a vacation in the islands with my family on a friend’s yacht and I don’t have to think one iota about booze, hangovers, planning accordingly etc.

    Others will drink but my three teen boys will once again see that it’s not even a consideration!

    I love that my 13-yr old asked me to scratch his back when I tucked him in after a dinner party we hosted. I said I was glad I didn’t drink as the couple that visited, well they imbibed too much and she was silly-talking. He asked if it was ever hard? He has never asked. I said honestly it was in the beginning but now that I know what I know, I can’t imagine ever having a drink again. He smiled.

    I love that being sober has allowed me to naturally turn to other areas, wanting to better myself there too: fitness, nutrition, energy, hobbies, habits, friends – LIFE!!

    I told a nutritionist last week with whom I had a consultation that I wanted to live an even bigger, better life. She recounted that at the end and said she doesn’t hear that often as a reason to look at fiber/protein etc.

    I love this community. So open. So kind and warm-spirited. So generous with their time, talents, resources.

    Thanks for everything you all do. Onward in the best way possible to all!

  17. Rymkervic 2 years ago

    I’m happily surprised that l seem to be doing a Benjamin Button, and look younger. Its the fat that alcohol gives, dropping off.
    I love how that in itself, becomes like a trampoline, which has me engaging a little more in excersie and better eating.
    Mainly, l am happy that l am not pickling my brains anymore because that has helped with just everything.
    I am so glad that l stuck with this, what is now my 30 days because l think each day built my strength and resolve and now l feel strong.
    I am thankful for this site as it has definitely helped.

  18. Finallyfreetobeme 2 years ago

    I love that I can look at myself in the mirror and not hate the person staring back at me.

    I love that I don’t have to lie all the time.

    I love that I don’t have to keep secrets.

    I love that I know I am available 24 hours a day if anyone needs me.

    I love that I never catch my children sniffing my glass or cup to check what’s in it.

    I love that I am calmer, kinder, less reactive.

    I love that I have more headspace – booze takes up a lot of space!

    I love that my 20 year old son messaged me from uni the other day and told me how proud he is that I gave up alcohol.

    I love knowing that I have this safe space when I need advice, support, ideas or just to be understood and heard. I know I wouldn’t have made it this far without you lovely people.

    I love knowing that if I can overcome this addiction, then I must be capable of other amazing stuff. My journey is just beginning.

    Love to you all x

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