Cherry Mocktail

drink with cherries on top

I made this drink up because I've had a jar of Cocktail Cherries in the pantry for ages that I've been meaning to do something with. I'm really proud of myself because it's utterly delicious! A delicate flavour but quite treaty and very refreshing. It's ridiculously simple and would be great to serve to guests, or make it for yourself one night because you're worth it. I heartily recommend trying it!!


Cocktail cherry juice
2 cocktail cherries
Fresh lemon juice
Fizzy water
Ice cubes


Put ice cubes into a tall glass.
Pour over 1 tbsp of liquid from a jar of cocktail cherries (also known as maraschino cherries).
Squeeze over half a lemon.
Top up with fizzy water.
Garnish with two cocktail cherries


  1. JR 2 years ago

    Looks delicious and will try. I need to make more an effort to “splurge” calories on fun drinks. Heck, I never thought twice about the calories in a bottle of wine!

    • Been 2 years ago

      I think about that all the time. If I could only have one beer, or one glass of wine, why bother to waste the calories? But if I could have as many as I wanted, bring it on and I won’t even realize how many calories are in one!

    • LiveLifeNow 2 years ago

      @JR I feel the same way. I was second-guessing a 50 calorie 4 oz glass of almond milk egg nog. Really? I LOVE it. Would have a gin/tonic or wine and never think twice. Thanks for reinforcing this!

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