The Best Lemonade…

… as made by my 10-year-old son! His method is incredibly simple, yet the drink is delicious – nicely tart from the lemons and not too sweet. His brothers and cousins all agreed and gobbled it up happily! This is his recipe in his words…

5 lemons
2 tbsp sugar
Approx 750ml soda water

* Juice the lemons and pour the liquid into a jug
* Add the soda water
* Then add the sugar and stir thoroughly (it makes a cool chemical reaction when the sugar is dropped into the soda water)



  1. Selina 5 years ago

    I will try this, it sounds lovely, never tried or made my own lemonade before.

  2. Prudence 9 years ago

    Sounds good to me, I’ll give it a whirl, thanks

    • Mac007 9 years ago

      I will have to make this because I really want to see ”the cool chemical reaction”, and of course, taste it too! Thanks Mr 10

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