Special Sobriety X-Ray Eyes..

Did you know that when you get sober you develop X-Ray eyes? You do! It’s amazing. @chatnoir discovered this the other day when she was out shopping for cat food and stopped at a cafe. Here’s what she saw: “Some young women were having wine in very large glasses. Suddenly I seemed to develop X-ray eyes!! I saw the damage to their livers and sweet hearts and brains.”

Amazing eh. Sobriety magically gave her the ability to see through those women’s clothes and skin to their organs. She could see how their livers were working hard to metabolise the alcohol – all the enzymes busy breaking it down, she witnessed how each sip of  wine reduced the force with which the women’s heart muscle contracted, thereby relaxing their blood vessels and dropping their blood pressure, and she saw how when the alcohol reached each of their brains it slowed down the impulses between their nerve cells, making their thinking fuzzy, their judgment impaired, their tongues twisted, their vision blurred, and their muscles rubbery.

See! Special Sobriety X-ray Eyes!

I’ve had similar experiences with my Special Sobriety X-ray Eyes. Sometimes when I look at a drinker I can spot an empty wallet in a jacket pocket, the bruises hidden after another drunken fall, the sadness behind a boozy smile.

But I try not to train my X-ray eyes on others too often… I leave them to their own devices. The best trick to play with this special sobriety gift is in the mirror. When I look in the mirror my X-ray eyes can see behind my face into my brain which is full of pride and contentment at no longer being a boozy hag. They can see through my torso to my liver, heart and brain working normally to process ordinary things.. not the horrid toxic shit I used to pour into it daily.

They allow me to see what’s really there inside me… my authentic thoughts and emotions… my genuine pain and sorrow and concerns…as well as my real joy and delight and pride.

No booze in the way gives us the ability to see clearly, really clearly what’s actually going on. And that is a very good thing.

Love, Mrs D xxx

  1. Rosieoutlook 9 years ago

    Had a family event the other day. Everyone drinking wine and commenting how delicious they were. On the inside, my voice was screaming “It’s just POISON!!!!!!!, you are all stuck in the trap. ”
    But of course I didn’t:) .
    I do feel like a born again, as I too, used to love my wine and would be the first to top everyone up. Go figure.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,I think we can all relate. Xxx

  2. Sheepish 9 years ago

    I went to a gig last night and at one point I saw a woman about my age and height stumble towards the bar. Just from her face she looked drunk, not with it. She looked weak somehow, like she couldn’t quite cope. And I thought that’s how I used to be on a night like tonight coz I’d be nervous or excited and guzzle booze. Isn’t it weird that something we do to make us feel more confident makes us actually present as slightly smaller and weaker – less powerful? Makes me wonder if much has been written about female alcoholism from a feminist perspective?

  3. madandsad 9 years ago

    Excellent! Love that you’ve use some of @chatnoir‘s words, but just a teeny bit disappointed that you didn’t add the part about telling a fellow customer that the fish pate was good on toast 😉

    More seriously, I was at a supermarket last night (Saturday night) and was in the wine section with OH. I spotted a woman side on selecting some bottles. She was super skinny as in pencil thin. I’ve always wanted to be super thin…
    When she turned, her face was lined and harsh, way more than it should have been. She wasn’t old, but she had the face of someone who had had a tough life, and I guessed was still living a tough life. She made me feel sad, and I knew that being super thin did not equal being super happy.

    Off to have some fish pate on toast now xxx

  4. MrsMoo 9 years ago

    Nice one!

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