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What are the the books, blogs, articles and other links that have helped you in recovery?

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  1. Destyni 11 months ago

    Book by John Alaric MY PRISON BECAME A PALACE

  2. Author
    Mrs D 11 months ago – Fantastic article with great quotes from Doug Sellman

    • Jasmaine 10 months ago

      That was a good article Mrs D ….very encouraging when you hear someone who drank 2-3dozen a day stop….those urrrrrrgessss though ….sigh 🙁

  3. SisterC 11 months ago

    I recently read “Integral Recovery – A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction” by John Dupuy. It takes a holistic approach to addiction and looks at deeper effects of addiction on the brain and the biological, emotional, cognitive and spiritual factors that may need to be addressed. It’s pretty interesting as it’s an evolving practice, and I was able to pick out what I could manage to do. It just gave me another way to understand what’s been happening to me and how my reptilian brain can kick when I least expect it, talking me into old ways!

  4. gingermonkeymind 11 months ago

    This article by Amelia Hill in The Guardian really got me thinking about the drinking culture and motherhood. Like the author, I don’t remember anyone in my mother’s generation bragging about drinking, and I never once heard the other mothers in her circle referring to wine as “mommy juice.” Regardless of the current culture, there is no shame in being sober, but there is so much joy!

  5. Pdxallie 12 months ago

    BLOG: Tired of Thinking about Drinking
    BOOK: This Naked Mind by Annie Grace
    PODCAST: The Bubble Hour

    • Bert 11 months ago

      Pdxallie, thanks. So glad I found Mrs D courtesy of The Bubble Hour. I consumed the first 2 months of her blog yesterday and really relate to Mrs D’s experience and approach. Thanks Mrs D! I’m also on The Alcohol Experiment with Annie Grace. I treasure the support these communities offer.

  6. Carol48 12 months ago

    The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray
    Tired of Thinking About Drinking by Belle Robertson
    Unwasted by sasha Z Scoblic
    28 Day Alcohol free challenge by Andy Ramage and Ruari Fairbairns

  7. SeaWee 1 year ago

    I always find myself back here. Alcohol destroys. I go for very long times ‘normal’ meaning, I can have a few drinks and not overdo it- and then…..BOOM!

    I have to much, and act totally 100% stupid.

    This just happened Friday night. With my wonderful boyfriend of 3 months.

    There has been a lot of stress in my life lately, moving …buying an apartment… dealing with the fact my new BF suffers from ED. Being scared entering a new relationship and etc.

    Simply put, i drank to much and said a bunch of terrible things that sober SeaWee never would- including pushing the relationship and all that stupid stuff.

    We talked it through and he wants to leave the evening in the past, but I am having trouble believing that, and not thinking the worst…. as in…. he’ll dump me over it. He has reassured me everything is ok and he just wants to move on- saying ‘It’s okay, it’s the past’ and etc.

    This is fresh though, and I know if it ends it’s all on me.

    Alcohol sneaks up and hurts you. It just does.

    And I will have to live with the consequences of my actions if this wonderful man leaves me.

    • pinnerp 5 months ago

      How are y U going now?

  8. Trace 1 year ago
  9. Woolfred 1 year ago

    The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure
    (A holistic approach to total recovery)
    By Chris Prentiss

  10. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Personal Reflections: On Quitting Alcohol and Quitting “Alcoholic”
    (a blog post on the Inner Compass Initiative website)

  11. Kirst 1 year ago – How Much Booze Can You Drink Before It Starts Killing You – Not Much! – Sidney Herald article 12/4/2018

  12. DaveH 1 year ago – Fabulous recovery story. Specifically focused on women.

  13. SteveF 1 year ago

    Calm your mind. Not sure where to post this but this music video is incredibly calming for the mind. Since going alcohol free my anxiety is raw.

  14. Elsa1202 1 year ago

    This link was shared by one of our lovely members and I got so much out of reading it I thought it should be here. Thanks so much for sharing it @begoodtomyself !

  15. Redbird 1 year ago

    my favorite drinking a love story by caroline knapp and diary of an alcoholic wife by Brenda wilhelmson

  16. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Also the good house

  17. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Great book and it’s a MUST read !!!
    Two other books I highly recommend are
    A Happier Hour by Rebecca Weller
    Blackout remembering the things I drank to forget by Sarah hepola
    Funny moving and so well written. All three gave me a voice to my feelings . Day 18 !

  18. Kelly 1 year ago

    I have read 3 of those books ; very good; will plan on reading the others–every little bit helps; congratulations on reaching day 24! I hope u have made it to day 25… Best wishes

  19. Anonymous 1 year ago

    I liked his smoking book but I didn’t like his drinking book so much. I read his autobiography he wasn’t a big drinker and he didn’t ever stop drinking, he thought he could apply his smoking method to drinking but didn’t feel up to writing the book himself to tried to get an ex alcoholic to do it but didn’t like the result, so he did it himself but reluctantly. For me Alcohol Explained is a much better application of the Allen Carr approach to drinking than Allen Carr did.

  20. Carrie4 1 year ago

    Hi, I have just read Allen Carrs’ book for women on alcohol and also listened to his easyway stop smoking. I find his take on the addiction quite refreshing. Has anyone else read his books and if so what are your thoughts I would love to know?

    • gottlob 1 year ago

      I read his book on drinking and couldn’t get on with it – it just seemed too simplistic and dogmatic. Having said that obviously it does suit some people – Chriss Hynde of the Pretenders being a well-known example, but she seems an all or nothing kind of person. My feeling is give it a crack. There is no one size fits all solution, and it might work for you. Me, I’m currently reading “Alcohol Explained” as recommended by several people here. So far it seems pretty good.

  21. Kit 1 year ago

    “Alcohol Explained” by William Porter. “This Naked Mind” by Annie Grace

  22. TipsyToeGal 1 year ago

    Not sure if this counts but it is a video I ran across recently that just totally uplifted me regarding Day 1 start overs.

    It is literally called “Day 1”. (of the rest of my life). Lyrics are included. It is upbeat and motivating! Take a listen!

  23. SteveF 1 year ago

    “Waking up he Ghost” is a wonderful blog by Marilyn Spiller. She is brutally honest about her relationship with alcohol. She has been alcohol free for many years now and works as a counselor for those going through rehab. You can learn a lot from her posts. She was interviewed by Mrs D. I highly recommend checking it out.

  24. Kamie 1 year ago

    Day 6: I did it! My cravings hit hard at 3:30. I was so nervous because I had a party to attend at a bar. I went to the party and drank Diet Coke. There is no doubt the first 40 minutes were awful and I had lots of “sober life is a bore” chats going on in my head which I did my best to squish down. But then I found some modest drinkers and sat and joined them. I knew if I hung to much my usual boozy friends I would lapse so I said hello but didn’t linger. I was once asked if my glass was tall because it was a double to which my husband replied “no double we are having baby #4” LOL I think he was actually wondering (I am far to old for more babies LOL) anyway we stayed about 2 hours and I left to drive my son to a event. I am so freaking proud of myself!

    • Nowlearnon 10 months ago

      Brilliant stay strong not drinking seems, to bring out the worst in some drinkers. They have a problem with there, own drinking, so they attack others.

  25. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Alcohol Explained is phenomenal, it explains everything, every chapter is like a light bulb moment. It makes you see alcohol completely differently. You can read the first 5 chapters here:

  26. Kamie 1 year ago

    The alcohol experiment has really encouraged me to stop drinking and to change the way I think about drinking. I also love the science and evidence she provides to back up her information. I also enjoy the podcast the sober sassy life. She got me at the intro with “are you tired of your wine belly, embarrassed about your booze boobs, looking for something different than your evening rondez vous with the Chardonnay?” Everyone one of her podcasts has made me look at things differently.

  27. gottlob 1 year ago

    One of the books I’ve found most helpful recently is actually a novel – “Nina is not OK” by Shappi Khorsandi. The subject matter is grim, not just on the drinking front, but it’s a really accurate portrayal of the drinking mindset, and I found it really uplifting and oddly cheering.

  28. NotLookingBack 1 year ago

    This Naked Mind by Annie Grace (also doing the 30 day Alcohol Experiment)
    Mrs D is Going Without by Lotta Dann
    Tired of Thinking About Drinking by Belle Robertson (also doing the 100 day challenge)
    The Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley
    Blackout by Sarah Hepola
    Alcohol Mastery by Kevin O’Hara (outstanding youtube videos)
    Kick the Drink Easily by Jason Vale

    Whew….my Kindle is smoking these days. 🙂

    24 days sober and not looking back.


  29. Kit 1 year ago

    Day 10 alcohol free at this time. I am finding the resources on this site of tremendous help. Also, “Alcohol Explained” by William Porter. Also I am following the 30 Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace. Also, Dr. Amy Johnson online is tremendous for me. We are all different and our journeys and paths will certainly vary, these are some of the most poignant areas of help for me at this time on my journey. Many thanks! Pease to All!

  30. Anonymous 1 year ago

    There’s an easy to read article here on the same topic.

    • ariesmac84 1 year ago

      loved that article !!! thanks for sharing

  31. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Alcohol and metal health. It seems not even the experts are clear. This is a journal from North America which tries to explore alcoholism and mental health and how doctors should investigate alcoholism, alcohol induced mental health issues and independent mental health conditions that are inflamed by alcohol. Having been through this process it starts to break out the difference, it’s a long read and the diagram at the bottom summarises all the words clearly. I found this insightful.

  32. Frog 1 year ago

    Here’s a quick site on Alcohol Withdrawal:

  33. JR 1 year ago

    The naked mind. (Book) and YouTube videos by Annie grace.

  34. Sompo 1 year ago

    This is worth a look:

    There are a few interesting articles and you can read the first 5 chapters of the book for free.

  35. Tom4500 1 year ago

    I read it and enjoyed it. Some of it is downright funny. The section on “people get weirded out” especially. Good to keep in mind, though, that most drinkers will accept your sobriety. And that whether they do accept it or not is irrelevant.

  36. Nomorecaptain 1 year ago
  37. Nomorecaptain 1 year ago

    People get weirded out section is so true. Just knowing helps. The first time out with people/telling them was the hardest…..then I took their cues how much to share.

  38. Elsa1202 1 year ago
  39. lifewithoutbooze 1 year ago is a site I put up a few years ago to help me get sober. I just found living and love it.

  40. Lizzy 1 year ago – Youtube video with Annie Grace and a doctor talking about how alcohol affects the brain and neurotransmitters.

    • SteveF 1 year ago

      I found this video extremely helpful. Many members of the LS community say that their sleeping patterns and anxiety levels improve when they stop drinking. This has not been the case with me. I am 64 days AF and still have very stressful and anxiety filled dreams. Consequently, I have not yet experienced waking up in the morning feeling rested and refreshed. This video explains why this may be happening to me (and perhaps some of you). Realistically, it will take 6 months to a year for the brain to fully restore itself. Thanks for posting this link!

  41. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Seek support or help in your area. Help is out there, do a google search or phone the Alcohol and Drug Helpline 0800787797, they will be able to talk to you about what is going on for you.

  42. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Super interesting if you would like to know the timeline of recovery. All the ups and downs are there. I found the kindling effect also interesting.

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