Getting through wine o’clock

Late in the afternoon is often the hardest time. How do you get through the witching hours without drinking?

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  1. Anonymous 11 months ago

    I have three things that keep me on track:
    1. I keep a list of 20 ways my life improved without booze on my phone, at the ready in case I need a quick reminder.
    2. I take a 15 minute walk to get some endorphins moving.
    3. This isn’t for everyone…I keep an assortment of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks on hand (usually high calorie

  2. Eleith 11 months ago

    Hello Mygirls2!
    I too have had intense anxiety! Once I get away from drinking, I feel SOOO much better! Much of the anxiety is caused by alcohol. Have you read This Naked MInd by Annie Grace? That really helped me. The anxiety being caused by alcohol is a physiological fact. Check it out.
    I wanted to quit for many years, but could not. Now that I have, I can’t believe the difference. I’ve had to re-start many times, but each time I do, after a couple of days, my anxiety is almost all gone! It’s worth it!
    I wish you the best!

  3. sober@sixty 11 months ago

    Absolutely! The ‘new’ ‘sober’ ‘you’ (me) is foreign! I’m nearly double your days, but I’ve been where you are sitting – and still struggle, but it’s all worth it!

  4. Anonymous 11 months ago

    I usually walk my dog which gets me out of the house. My LARGER problem is when I go to the store becaue that’s when I’m tempted to buy the wine, which I used to hide in my closet. (sigh)

    • Ladyhawke 11 months ago

      I make a conscious decision to turn my head away from the alcohol aisles so I don’t have to look at them when I’m in the supermarket.

      • Chii 10 months ago

        I’m very lucky, they don’t sell alcohol in supermarkets where I live. So I’m not tempted that way.

  5. Poppy 11 months ago

    Gosh does anyone else struggle with kind of getting to know the new sober you? I’m 97 days in and loving every second of it, but there are times where I’m sitting on my own wondering about things like I can’t explain. Had to check myself tonight around some thoughts about me as a person and how others might see me as a person. Man I have a whole lot of water under the bridge. Always doubting myself anyway let alone being raw and sober. I think it’s a good thing to really look at myself, grow up a bit, still gotta have fun! But to just simply take it easy on myself. I love how much less anxiety I have now. It’s gone from often to extremely rarely. I love that so much!

  6. Anonymous 11 months ago

    My story is no different than the next. Forever falling off the wagon. The demon I let get to me every time.

    • bexter 10 months ago

      Me too. I have nothing for two, three, four days (even though there is plenty in the house) then on Friday night, oooh what a week, I need a treat ! And a bottle of Pinot Gris later…..

  7. Flyboy 12 months ago

    Sometimes I feel it would be good to have someone that is going through the same thing to give a call or txt at that time you can swing either way. I find myself going up the road to get a bottle and on the way I am trying like hell to talk myself out of it but the demon always says tomorrow, have a few tonight and start again tomorrow. Disappointing given I have done it before and lasted 8 months.

    • bexter 10 months ago

      8 months is awesome! I haven’t lasted more then two weeks for the last probably 30 years.

  8. Anonymous 12 months ago

    seven o’clock isn’t wine o’clock and coincidentally the urge comes like clockwork
    My demon is strong and my commitment crumbles when he comes out

  9. Anonymous 12 months ago

    Squirt lime wedge. Can’t live without it!

  10. Thorntonite 12 months ago

    Nature abhors a vacuum, so after eliminating one thing (the drinking/drugging) you need to replace it with something else. Get away from the place you used to drink, whether its home or the bar. Go to the library. Take a walk. Call a sober friend. Watch the comedy channel. Read sobriety blogs! Manicure your nails. Drive to the mall. Experiment with a fancy mocktail. Eat dinner early and go to bed early. Shampoo the dog. Write in your journal. Pull weeds. Color. Put together a puzzle. Play your favorite music and dance. Sing along! Set a timer for 15 minutes and then go clean something. Urges last shorter than you think. Keep trying new ideas until something works!

    • sarah47 9 months ago

      Thanks, these are all good suggestions

  11. JBanne21 1 year ago

    I am only on Day 6, however, I have to say I have enjoyed a can of club soda to sip on. It has a bit of bite to me and not much flavor, so I can sip it slowly. That has been helpful to me.

    • Changedlife 12 months ago

      Well done. I’m 25 days and Soda, lemon and ice has been great for me around 5pm. I’m finding after one slow class I get on with my evening alcohol free

  12. Saloon 1 year ago

    Hi ladyhawke
    I hear you this me every night. Tonight is another day 1 after so many failures. They say u have to really want to give up wine. I do but the willpower gets weaken at wine o’clock.

  13. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Finding your comments about avoiding staying hungry after work helpful. Today i managed to stay drink free. (Once eaten it is not so difficult)
    I have a new job, my best opportunity so far in life and i am really hoping not to mess it up. (Drinking has definetely effected my last 2 jobs which were not as great and stressful)
    I have visited a therapist and taking a small dose of antidipressant each day now.
    Hoping to stay sober and find excitment in other forms….

  14. Lu 1 year ago

    Sometimes deep breathing sometimes a huge chocolate milkshake. There are nights I feel like being healthy and active like hitting a yoga class and other nights just journaling or watching t.v.
    25 days alcohol free and getting better at paying attention to my tendency to stuff emotions with wine and now with food, but am taking it easy and trying to let some time pass!!

  15. Wino 1 year ago

    Same for me, once I have eaten my dinner I am over it. I got into the habit of having dinner ready in the fridge for when I get home. Just microwave it and I am good to go. It’s a bit of work but so worth it.

    • KimberlyD 10 months ago

      I think you have something here. I have always found that eating dinner early helps with the cravings. It kind of interrupts the pattern. My husband is working today so I think I’ll take the time and prepare a few meals to have already cooked. That way when he starts in with the beer at 3:00 I can just eat an early supper and be done with it.

  16. Poppy88 1 year ago

    Yussssss! Only gets better. With a few breathing and letting it pass moments in between, it’s so worth it though. Happy sober day 🙂

  17. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Once you are through the first night it gets alot easier. Im on day four after falling into a trap of a bottle of wine a night became a habit

    • lucylucy 1 year ago

      Day 12 here and feel so good….I can see the whites of my eyes!

  18. Anonymous 1 year ago

    I’m 22 AF. I’ve felt great every morning that I’ve woke up hangover free! Evenings are the worst for me. I’ve been trying to stay busy. Cooking supper, helping kids with homework, reading, watching tv, cleaning. I’m getting bored though.

  19. Mygirls2 1 year ago

    I cave every night due to financial
    Stress and my old heath insurance owing me thousands of dollars and my ongoing court battle with a narcissistic sociopath intimidating ex. I feel like I’ll lose my sanity until I calm
    Down with wine. Anxiety meds mood doctor are strong and don’t touch the panic. My bloodwork was not very good (not terrible) and that hasn’t scared me enough to quit. I drink two bottles of moscato 10% wine over 12 hours. I can’t sleep due to anxiety so I sip wine and work on my o line classes. I never am drunk as I have a police grade breathalyzer (stay about .015). But all that wine still can’t be good. But it’s a crutch.

    • Travelbug 9 months ago

      Alcohol causes insomnia…..

  20. Ladyhawke 1 year ago

    Very hard when driving home – I tell myself I’ve done a good job and I deserve a drink and then it begins…

    • salshak 11 months ago

      The drive home is difficult for me too at day 10. On the way home yesterday, after an especially stressful day, I felt this sudden urge out of nowhere while sitting at a stop light. I thought to myself, “Where did that come from?” It was like a flutter in my stomach, a hunger. Noticing and analyzing this feeling helped me shake it.

  21. Chris 1 year ago

    I go through a similar thing. That drive home…I’ll be telling myself okay…not gonna drink tonight…one night, you can do it…not tonight. Sure enough I swing in and get a box of wine and now, I’m set for the next couple days. If I’m full…I’m way less likely to drink. I always start before I eat…get that quick easy buzz then thrown in the towel as the evening rolls along, glass after glass finally waking up pissed at myself telling myself…okay, this is going to stop…stop today. Then…same thing over and over…it hasn’t stopped. 🙁

  22. Jennifer Dammon 1 year ago

    Omg, i need to do this! Thanks for your post. I am struggling with kicking wine at night. Im tired of waking up PO’d at myself for drinking wine.

  23. Winner 1 year ago

    Reading lotta books and several other books recommended by her in her books. Refer back to sections in these books at tough times.

  24. Amanda-lea Clohesy 1 year ago

    I have found eating something at 4pm, which is just before I knock off work helps.

    I always struggle when driving home from work, it is the time when I am at my weakest and most likely to stop into the bottle shop or have my addicted personality (Serena) try and convince me I deserve a drink. If I am full in my belly I do not have a desire to drink, ever, which is great for me.

    Unsure if this will help anyone else.

  25. Mscat 1 year ago

    After 60 days drinking again. Worst than ever. Like, 4 bottles a day. Can’t stop. Need help.

  26. Anonymous 1 year ago

    At my worst moment I wrote truths about how I am when I drink (now past tense)onto post it notes.
    I stuck them on my dresser so that I saw them when I first woke up. I stuck them in the kitchen right where I cooked dinner (where my trigger spot was) I put them in my car…everywhere I could think…bathroom…toilet. ..etc etc.
    They said
    1 drink is not enough ever for you.
    You always speak trash to yourself in the mornings.
    It’s just not fun anymore.
    You are better than this.
    Its only a thought and I can change that.
    I don’t like you when you drink.
    I want my feelings back as truth.

    You get the idea


  27. sobergirl 1 year ago

    At my worst moment I wrote truths about how I am when I drink (now past tense)onto post it notes.
    I stuck them on my dresser so that I saw them when I first woke up. I stuck them in the kitchen right where I cooked dinner (where my trigger spot was) I put them in my car…everywhere I could think…bathroom…toilet. ..etc etc.
    They said
    1 drink is not enough ever for you.
    You always speak trash to yourself in the mornings.
    It’s just not fun anymore.
    You are better than this.
    Its only a thought and I can change that.
    I don’t like you when you drink.
    I want my feelings back as truth.

    You get the idea


  28. Anonymous 1 year ago

    What is the book called Tiki

  29. Anonymous 1 year ago

    By reading telly helpful mindfulness books and going for a walk

  30. Tom 1 year ago

    How was your experience with the hypnotherapy? Am booking a session myself this week.

  31. sober@sixty 1 year ago

    First off, not having any temptations in the house is key! Changing up the routine also helps. I used to pour my first after work and then start preparing dinner. I try to do prep in stages – the night before, in the morning before work, so I’m not in the kitchen in that same routine being assailed by the witch!

  32. sober@sixty 1 year ago

    I always enjoyed having a glass of wine while preparing dinner too! Pouring that first drink after the work day was the transition from work to personal time for me. It’s been a struggle, I admit, but I’ve soldiered through and do what so many of you also do, have a nice mocktail in a fancy glass. I do find I’m always ‘preparing’ for what I’m going to drink! It takes a lot of preparation to stay on the sober road.

  33. Differentlovely 1 year ago

    It is hard! But like Mrs. D wrote in her book, I just imagine myself going to bed sober and getting a great night sleep.

  34. morgan 1 year ago
  35. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Know what you mean. I’m 64 and have been drinking since teens. So sick of it. Have just done 35 AF days then caved. Very disappointing. Travelling overseas in 3 weeks for 6 weeks and don’t want to mess it all up. It’s such an evil curse. Physical changes when sober are good -sleep better, less bloating so why is it so hard?

  36. Anonymous 1 year ago

    why is it always late afternoon??

  37. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Yeah, I noticed since I turned 61 that drinking makes me age faster. Now I am 66 and it shows under the my eyes and on my lids the most. Hard to sleep as well. I have to stop with my glasses of wine each night. I did that b/c everyone says how red wine is good for you, and then one glass went to two glasses and now more. Now that I noticed a physical change, that is what made me want to give it up completely.

  38. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Looking for ideas to keep me busy

  39. Anonymous 1 year ago

    For me waking bright eyed makes for a long day to stay occupied. Open to all ideas to harness positive thoughts and keep myself out of trouble.

  40. Michelle 1 year ago

    Hiya it is bloody hard i have begun my journey of booze free haven’t been too successful keep falling off but I keep coming back because i want to stop boozing every night. I want to feel the feelings of being sober every day and deal with raw emotions that mrs d writes about in her book. I haven’t had the greatest of sleep I’ve only been sober 2 nights. But hey what the hell 2 nights without a hangover the next morning. Bloody bladder working overtime during the night probably cleaning out toxins. Stay strong lets keep the lines of communication open.

  41. Anonymous 1 year ago

    You can do it!

  42. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Day 1 again oh how many times i have been here. I’m really tired of fighting booze. How come its so hard its only booze and yet i let it control me. I drink i don’t have a good sleep tired all day headache as by 4pm I’m fine again. The cycle begins. Love this site

  43. RenaissanceLady74 1 year ago

    Organic Kumbucha…fizzy, little to no sugar and kind of looks like beer!

  44. Bead 1 year ago

    Whatever it takes! I’m on the sparkling water also, in the past when I’ve quit I tried na Beer and honestly that’s not the answer for me, heck I’d drink 12 of them. I’ve made it 6 months before and let it back in but for me it doesn’t change, only gets worse. I’m going to battle this demon, I will win and I hope you do too

  45. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Looking for a supportive place while I try again to give up my nightly bottle of wine.

  46. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Day one…your stories are inspirational

  47. quail 1 year ago

    Whaaha ! ‘ wine o’clock ‘ perfect terminology. I’ve got something to giggle about when I catch myself doing the wine-dream at 5:30. Y’all are great.

  48. Anonymous 1 year ago

    So I’m not alone… I have a grand baby coming soon and I want to be there for him

    • MOG 1 year ago

      Grand babies are a wonderful joy, and also a stress. Being sober is a good way to be more present for your wee one. Good for you!

  49. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Want to give up my nightly wine

  50. Mary Grenier 1 year ago

    Want to give up my nightly wine

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