13 things I have discovered in sobriety

  1. Negative emotions suck but feeling them raw helps immensley (in understanding them and getting over them quicker).
  2. Sadness is my least favourite emotion.
  3. Powerful positive emotions like pure elation or overwhelming joy don't come by often but when they do it feels soooo good (way better than drunk happy emotions).
  4. It's really important to recognise when things aren't particularly bad or good but just trucking along nicely.
  5. Life is not a party all of the time nor should it be.
  6. Uplifting music can brighten my day and I'm wise to remember to play it when I'm feeling stuck.
  7. I'm still not naturally into physical exercise but I know my life is better when I input it into my weeks.
  1. Yoga is not overrated like I used to think it was.
  2. I love dancing, particularly with props (e.g. glow sticks, ribbons).
  3. Owning a dog changes your life for the better in numerous ways.
  4. Getting 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep most nights is FREAKING AMAZING!!
  5. Owning your truth is empowering and brave and no-one judges you harshly for admitting your struggles.
  6. It is possible to live a full, fun life without touching alcohol ever.
  1. kitten 3 years ago

    Yes, 1 to 13. Thanks for the post.

  2. JM 3 years ago

    I like that phrase – owning my truth is brave and empowering. Yeah, my truth is that I had a very rocky and painful experience with alcohol for a very long time. It took me decades to finally get it out of my life. I’m happier now. Thanks for your post! And I found the counter! x

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