Why I Love Being Sober


I love being sober because I never have to waste any emotional energy worrying about how much booze I sank last night, or physical energy healing my body after yet another wine binge.

I love being sober because I can buy fresh flowers all the time now and never feel guilty about it because I no longer spend hundreds of dollars on booze!

I love being sober because when shitty things happen, and I get through them without drinking, I look back and feel a greater sense of calmness and understanding about what was going on (unlike the befuddled confusion I often felt when I boozed my way through everything).

I love being sober because I know that people around me are quietly impressed. Even if they don't fully understand what it takes to heal yourself emotionally after having been addicted, they know it takes a mammoth effort and strength of character.

I love being sober because it means that even if I'm letting myself down in other areas of my life I can always come back to rest on a wonderful foundation of pride in having kicked booze to the curb.

I love being sober because it allows me the space to not only fully explore my own emotions and experiences, but to fully explore the emotions and experiences of all the people around me.

I love being sober because it has opened me up to an entirely new way of living, one which is rich, gritty, raw, vibrant, challenging, rewarding and authentic.

I love being sober because it has unlocked a writing voice for me which has changed my life considerably and led me led me into a warm, wise, wonderful online community where I feel connected to so many other brave and amazing people.

I love being sober because I feel protected from all the brainwashing that comes from the alcohol industry with regards to the positive benefits of booze - I can now see it clearly for the bullshit it is.

I love being sober because for so many years I thought being a drinker was cool and fun and now I can see what a crock of shit that is. Being a drinker just means you are blurring your brain with a drug and using it to loosen your tongue or give you a false sense of connectedness and bravado. Being genuinely cool and fun is about being interested in the world, interested in other people, willing to find light and love and laughter in authentic real things, not in liquids that contain percentage values.

I love being sober because being sober rocks!!! I don't care what anyone else thinks or does I just know that for me I LOVE BEING SOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there…..

Love, Mrs D xxx

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