13 things I have discovered in sobriety

  1. Negative emotions suck and cause discomfort, but sitting with them and feeling them 100% in the raw helps immensley in understanding them and getting over them quicker.
  2. I am a very watery person and used to say that sadness was my least favourite emotion. But nowdays I find sadness intimate and tender and a good excuse to be kind to myself.
  3. Powerful positive emotions like pure elation or overwhelming joy don't come often, but when they do it feels soooo good (way better than drunk happy emotions).
  4. It's really important to recognise when things aren't particularly bad or good but just trucking along nicely. Notice the ordinary.
  5. Life is not a party all of the time nor should it be. Parites and energetic times are great, but we need the quiet times in between as well.
  6. Uplifting music can brighten any day. Remember to play it when you're feeling stuck, bonus points if you do a kitchen boogie!
  7. Speaking of moving your body, it's vital. If I let too many days go when I'm doing nothing but sitting around I feel blah. Pick your movement - gentle, vigorous, slow, fast, indoors, outdoors, whatever you like. It helps.
  8. Yoga is not overrated. It's very, very lovely.
  9. I love dancing! Particularly with props (e.g. glow sticks, ribbons).
  10. Owning a dog changes your life for the better in numerous ways. I'm sure cats to the same thing. Pets are good for humans.
  11. Getting 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep most nights is FREAKING AMAZING!! I regularly wake up after a monster night's sleep and marvel at how good it feels.
  12. Owning your truth is empowering and brave and no-one judges you harshly for admitting your struggles.
  13. It is entirely possible to live a full, fun life without touching alcohol ever. Believe it.
  1. ojala 2 years ago

    I l❤️Ve this list! It would be interesting to create a reader generated list of joyful discoveries/epiphanies we have unearthed during our awakenings!!

  2. Hammer123 2 years ago

    What a beautiful truthful list. Thanks for sharing it, such a good reminder of all the positive elements contained in an alcohol free life.

  3. JM 2 years ago

    The beautiful confident calm in this post is lovely. Makes me want to take up yoga again. : ) Thank-you Mrs. D for being such an inspiring and down-to-earth guide and friend to all here! xo

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