Why is the site running slow right now?

Site SupportCategory: Members Feed ErrorsWhy is the site running slow right now?
NathanB Staff asked 4 months ago

It’s really frustrating and quite stressful. When I write a comment and hit post, nothing appears to happen for as much as 30 or more seconds for it to publish. I’m also getting logged out a lot all of a sudden even though I requested it to ‘remember me’. Will this end?

DanTheDev Staff replied 4 months ago

I have updated the way the remember me function works – I am hopeful this will resolve the issue and people will be able to stay perpetually logged in

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NathanB Staff answered 4 months ago

Kia ora everyone, our deepest apologies. As you will have noticed, the site is experiencing an unexpected technical problem following major work last night migrating to a new server. We have urgently escalated this with Flywheel who manage the hosting of the site. Being in a different timezone, they can work overnight to investigate and hopefully resolve the problem quickly. The good news is that when the server migration is successfully completed, most members will experience noticeably improved site speed than before.

Dan will post updates on this issue here as soon as he knows more information. 
I completely understand the frustration that a slow site gives rise to, and I wish I could bring everyone a cup of tea. So a big thank you so much for your patience.
Hugs from us,
The Living Sober Team

DanTheDev Staff replied 4 months ago

Hi everyone. So the flywheel team and I have worked optimised our caches so they are now functioning as fast as possible. Currently if you are logged in most pages will load in about 4 seconds and the members feed in 6. Which is still unacceptable! I am now certain this is a performance issue related to some of the functionality of the site. eg loading the site with up to date notifications means that a request needs to be made to the database to get the latest notifications (even if there are none). A better approach to this would have been to load the notifications through an javascript ajax request after the page has loaded. This would mean the page would load fast and the notifications would still load around 4 seconds later.

Secondly the way the members feed has been built follows the same pattern. the page loads after checking for notifications, but then it does a javascript ajax request for the latest feed data and waits to render that. This is also sub-optimal and improvements can be made such as front end caching.

I have documented all this and raised a ticket with the theme developers here: https://my.seventhqueen.com/ticket/kleo-theme-speed-issues/

Now that I have very clear points to take up with them I will be hounding them for a fix.

I’ll update this ticket as soon as I know more.

DanTheDev Staff answered 4 months ago

How to get the best/speediest experience out of this site.

One members feed to rule them all
The initial site load will be slow! Unfortunately at this point in time there is little we can do about this. We are working on a longer term fix with our hosts flywheel and theme developers. This is also partly because we have opted to load the 50 messages at a time (it used to be 20) so as to reduce the frequency of clicking “load more” that you need to do.

However! Our site uses an AJAX powered members feed which means that you do not have to refresh the page constantly to get updates. Instead you should just leave the page open and new content will be added to the top of the feed every 5 minutes. Interacting with the site this way will reduce the amount of page loading you have to experience.

We also encourage you to use the follow feature to create a short list of posts you can scan through – again reducing the need to scan through pages and pages of the main feed.

Lastly again because our uses ajax under the hood this means the site wont force a refresh when you leave a comment on a post. This makes commenting on posts a nice easy experience as you don’t find yourself forced to the top of the page every time you comment.

We are committed to continue to improve the speed of the site as well as the overall site experience.


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