Virgin Long Island Iced Tea


This drink is really refreshing, is easy to make and has very few ingredients. You could play around with the quantities of each ingredient to find the taste you like.

* 1 cup of strong tea (I used Red Bush but you could use any gumboot tea or English Breakfast etc)
* Ginger beer
* Lemon
* Ice

* Brew the tea and leave to go cold (I used 2 teabags for 1 cup of water)
* Half fill a long glass with ice
* 3/4 fill the glass with tea
* Top up with ginger beer
* Squeeze in half a lemon
* Garnish with a lemon wedge



  1. It is very hot outside, so this cold drink is really in time! I will make it for sure. Thank you for this awesome recipe. Be well!

  2. Carol48 6 years ago

    Sounds good! I’ve never been a fan of iced tea but this one looks worth trying. Any more recipes for mocktails out there??

  3. I’ve tried that once and I was satisfied with its incredible taste. Virgin Long Island Iced Tea is a marvelous drink to have at hand on a hot summer day!

  4. morgan 9 years ago

    Interested as to whether this makes red tea taste ok. It is apparently soooo good for us, but I am not keen, as with green 🙁 I disguise both in my chamomile passionfruit ginger cocktail – don’t like chamomile either, but it is totally saved by ginger & passionfruit. Earl grey mix may be nice.
    Thanks 🙂 – hopefully soon ginger beer with stevia – @littlemsjones found it in Australia

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