Tonight’s witching hour…

  1. mrsproulx 10 years ago

    I survive with a wine glass filled with ice, 2 orange slice, and seltzer. When I want a bit more I add fancy flavored lemonade that comes in a glass bottle. If you can find blood orange lemonade you will think it is the perfect mock-tail. Going to gentle yoga also helps to get through the 5:00 temptation. Love the new site

  2. Daisy 10 years ago

    This is my day 1 – a different time zone here I will be travelling around 5pm-plan to NOT DRINK TODAY!

  3. inthegarage66 10 years ago

    You probably know this already Mrs D. Smiley faces are the colon : followed by right hand bracket. ) So you get this 🙂

  4. inthegarage66 10 years ago

    Very successfully told the 5.00 pull, the 5.00 fight, the 5.00 wine hour to get stuffed, piss off, and generally get out of my life. Day 17 and feeling great!

  5. RunningMum 10 years ago

    Walked the dog at 5pm – it was a great distraction!

  6. Rosieoutlook 10 years ago

    Five O’Clock for me is pour a schweppes soda with a twist in a wine glass and then I feel it’s still a special treat when cooking dinner. Not to fizzy either.

  7. Prudence 10 years ago

    Hey this is great, I love it. One thing I really like about not drinking alcohol is how long a four pack of sparkling bundabergs lasts. Like 4 days!!! haha You can only drink so much, after all, when it is not full of poison!!! Man I was so stupid for such a long time. Glad I woke up.

    • inthegarage66 10 years ago

      We were all stupid Prudence. Thanks to Mrs D, we have made a tough, and a hugely important decision – not to drink. And with the support of each other, I know we can make it. 🙂

  8. Leonie 10 years ago

    Same as Firebird – cooking and glass of wine went hand-in-hand – now it’s one part apple/pear juice to three parts fizzy water.

  9. Lillee 10 years ago

    Just spent the day with a couple of recovery friends. I have never felt so comfortable with any other women. We have nothing to hide from each other and we are all the same. We laughed and laughed at our drinking behaviour in the past and how everything in our heads made sense at the particular time we wanted our poison. I came home on a happy high only for my partner to knock me off it. Wasn’t pleased that I had had such a good time without him. Momentarily I was thinking f**k you! I will go and get a bottle but that passed and I will go to a meeting instead.

    • Nugget 10 years ago

      Fantastic news on the majority of your day. It made me smile too. Hold on to that memory and block out the negative stuff as much as you can

  10. Nancy 10 years ago

    Nice cold glass of diet ginger for moi then later a big deep bubble bath reading Jason Vale – poor Jason I dropped him in the bath the other night and he has just about dried out – no pun intended – hopefully I can keep his head above water tonight! Along with mine, this time of day is always difficult – being on here helps a lot!

    • Nancy 10 years ago

      Yep – 23 days not giving up now Jason! Ill keep dry! No promises for Jason though!

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Ha ha that made me laugh.. poor Jason xx

    • Nugget 10 years ago

      Well raising my cup of tea to ya both staying dry and keeping ha head above water tonight Nancy

  11. Rowena 10 years ago

    It’s late here (US West Coast) and made it through my witching hour (5-7pm when winding the kids down for the day) by getting a sitter and going for a long run. day 2 done. yay. thanks for this site!!

    • Twinkle 10 years ago

      Well done! Glad to see someone in my time zone. 🙂

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Hellooooo US West Coast!!!!!! How cool is that!!!!!! Great to see you here Rowena. I love that you got a sitter to go for a run, now THAT’S smart thinking xxx

  12. Kassie 10 years ago

    Hi Mrs D,
    Congratulations on this new site! 🙂 I’m sure it will support many, many people. Your blog is amazing….thank you for your honesty and your enthusiasm (and your courage to go public). You’ve created a safe forum and an opportunity for people to share and seek support. I know I will visit this site many times. I need to…

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Hey Kassie, great to hear from you! And look forward to seeing you around xxx. How are people doing smiley faces… ):

  13. roulette72 10 years ago

    Wow Mrs D looks like youve reached far and wide good on you 🙂

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Thanks Roulette72 …. it’s so freaking amazing having all these wonderful people around being honest about booze.. I love it.. we don’t need that shit in our lives and we can all help each other so much xxx

  14. SueK 10 years ago

    Wine o’clock was always my “switch off” mode. But these days I’m actually enjoying being switched on! If I am ever tempted with the thought of wine (and there’s wine in this house) I just think of how gutted I’d be to have to start at day one again… AND in spite of the odd temptation, I am absolutely not ever going back to the booze. I am far happier sober and switched on than I was sloppy and switched off.

    • Lucy 10 years ago

      hi sue, I feel the same. if I let myself think at 5pm it’s time to chill with a glass of wine, I then make myself think that it wouldn’t be one glass it would lead to 2 bottles then large voddies and an awful nights sleep and an raging hangover. So I really try to stay strong every day is a battle but one I intend to win.

    • Spinnerz 10 years ago

      Yes I had my first thought of restarting at day 1 again yesterday. I did not want to drink but the thought of restarting was awful, I think that may be one of my go to tools!

    • Nugget 10 years ago

      Well said Sue… that is a good thing to remember. I get home from work now wanting to engage… thanks for reminding me of that tonight

    • Kassie 10 years ago

      Good on you Sue, enjoy being ‘switched on’ 🙂

  15. Nugget 10 years ago

    Have sat down with a nice warm cuppa watching the wonderful Wellington sun set over the hills.

    • SueK 10 years ago

      That sounds fantastic. I’m going to do the same thing.

  16. cherie 10 years ago

    Witching hour for me is anytime but normally I would want to have a glass of wine (or 7) around now. That was when I was a civilised drinker. So I have already planned dinner and because I am getting antsy I decided I would come and check out this cool site and I am going to pop myself in the bath and read my book .

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Having a bath is definitely one of my go-to sober treats…. sometimes I get in a bath at 2pm, it sends me a message that I’m looking after me…

    • Nugget 10 years ago

      My god Cherie that sounds fantastic. Can’t think when the last time I had a nice relaxing bath…. of course I do shower regularly…..

  17. Nugget 10 years ago

    I find that anytime after 12pm can be the witching hour for me. And the industry I am in there is often booze around and always offered. After 50 odd days of being strong I am finding the days I am feeling weak increasing. Hopefully it is just a phase I can push through

    • Nugget 10 years ago

      Thanks Mrs D… sitting in my happy place relaxing…. well keeping busy actually which helps take my mind off it with a good strong cup of tea. Good simple gunboat variety… was offered a very nice bottle of wine today from a supplier as a thank you for going out of my way for him. Think that has been on my mind too. Perhaps K am not at your stage yet of being happy to not ever drink again.. but I know I need to be.

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Oh Nugget sorry to hear that.. yes push through.. it’s all you can do (unless you go back to boozing and NO NO NO don’t do that!!!)… try just sit quietly with your feelings and figure out what’s going on.. and of course keep in touch with the rest of us. Also – what sober treats are you indulging in? You need some feel-good things around you…xx

  18. Firebird 10 years ago

    One little bonus I found from being alcohol free, is that I didn’t have to wait until 5 Oclock to have my favourite drink! Cooking and a glass of wine went hand in hand and if I was having to get dinner ready ahead of time, around 4, I would always curse I couldn’t have a glass of wine….but NOW I can pour away with ‘gay abandon’. A glass of elderflower cordial over lots of ice with sparkling water…mmmm

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Yeah I think I”m going to get myself some more elderflower cordial … I’ve just made myself a green juice! Spinach, cucumber, lemon, ginger, apple & celery.. yummy goodness ..

  19. Kristy 10 years ago

    A few thoughts around 5-6pm (it’s now 9pm), but I just kept thinking about how great I am going to feel tomorrow when I wake up !! I am in bed with teeth brushed and ready for lights out … day 2 down.

    • Nugget 10 years ago

      Well done on day 2 Kristy and thanks for that timely reminder of how good it feel in the morning… I also love the feel of going to bed sober too.. stupidly I used to worry about getting to sleep when I gave up the wine…

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Yay for day 2! Where are you Kristy? You will feel great when you wake up tomorrow xxx

  20. marc 10 years ago

    Hi Mrs d
    Congrats on the site (loved your blog) looking forward to your continued inspiration. There’s no 5 o’clock pull where I am (its 5am) 🙂

    • marc 10 years ago


    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Ha that’d be a bit early to start wouldn’t it Marc…! Where are you?

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