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Wow 200 members and counting!!!!! I was hoping for 20 – 30 on the first day .. this is un-freaking-believable. I’ve been crying big blobby tears this morning looking at how lovely everyone is being, and the photos that are coming in to the Faces of Recovery gallery. They are such powerful images.

On that note we lost a bunch yesterday thanks to a bug (now fixed) so please re-upload if yours isn’t visible on there!!

There was also a bug that wasn’t letting people update their profiles to add a ‘Your Story’.. that’s now fixed. And a couple of people were complaining about the font sizes on comment replies.. that has been increased now as well.. (see how responsive we are….!!)

In general terms re using the site I think one of the best ways to be quickly updated when you visit here is to go to your members page and post a quick update (if you like) and then go to the ‘Members Feed’ page in the members section. If you have the ‘Show’ button set just to ‘Updates’ you’ll get a lovely news feed of all the members updates and you can comment directly from here. That’s my kind of go-to page to see what’s going on.

The Sober Toolbox is begin constantly updated with comments & tips and there’s some great interactions going on in there.

And keep an eye on this blog page also.. I’ll be posting regularly and every day at 3-4pm I’ll put up a new post called simply ‘Today’s Witching Hour’ which will create one communal space for people to come to for help through those hell hours when we’d normally start drinking.

Please do add your own tips, observations & comments here, so we can make Living Sober work best for all of us.

Love, Mrs D xxx

  1. 60srfun 10 years ago

    Admitting to myself I have a problem with my alcohol intake was the hardest thing I’d done in a long time. I knew I’d been drinking more often (daily for a while now) and drinking more and more when I did. I’ve had to face the probability that I would lose my job when (not if) I got caught for a DUI on my way back from lunch after drinking two large glasses of wine with my meal. I got to where ‘having lunch’ wasn’t about the food, it became about the place I would select because I could get wine with my meal there. Fighting a weight problem, and realizing that alcohol has calories, should have been a no-brainer, but I liked drinking wine or bourbon and diet pepsi or moonshine or flavored vodkas and diet pepsi. I’d even developed a taste for beer, which I’d always thought was terrible tasting. That’s probably when I began to question if I could possibly have a problem with alcohol. I’d been struggling with the question of whether or not I have a drinking problem for well over a year. My body has been able to tolerate more and more before I ‘feel’ it, and that scares me. I wonder what my limit IS? I’d gotten to the point where I’d left my purse behind at restaurants, I’d forget whether or not I’d picked up my debit card after paying for lunch, I’d freak out a bit if I was delayed getting home and getting ‘started’ on my first mixed drink of the evening. At first, it was only one, then I’d find myself going back and fixing another. I’d always hide my drinking from my husband. I hide the empty bottles in the trash, and only would go to the cabinet when he was either outside or on his phone or watching TV. I know he has no clue as to the amount of alcohol I’ve been going through, and he certainly does not know that I drink every day at lunch! And I mix a pretty stout drink, enough that I could taste the alcohol pretty strong the first few swallows. Ironically, I didn’t even drink at all until I was in my mid-20s. But, I’ve had to realize that my memory is not as sharp as it once was. Is there a connection with the increasing alcohol consumption? I’ve had to admit that there probably is. I decided that today is my first day without alcohol. That alone was a huge step for me. I appreciate the support of everyone here.

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Powerful comment here 60srfun.. so great that you’ve got all this truth out, and so great that you are on here and wanting to stop drinking. Go into the ‘sitewide activity’ section it’s where lots of members are talking and interacting with each other.. and they’re also interacting inside the sober toolbox. it’s all so great because we really do need each other and we are all so much better off without that shitty booze in our lives. You can do it! xxx

  2. MsLSober 10 years ago

    Mrs D, would it be possible for you to consider having another tab for tips for dealing with stress and emotions, as for me, I used wine to dull these things and now facing them stone cold sober is new and difficult and without strategies and tools, Argh! I would also find it very helpful to have slogans such as, it will pass, just for today, as sometimes in the business of life, I forget these simple most powerful truths. What do you and others think?

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      I think this is a bloody good idea! We’re going to add it now.. thanks for the suggestion MsLSober xxxx

    • Milly 10 years ago

      I have started to save favorite photos & or quotes (off facebook usually) that I find online to my own personal files. I also save photos of loved ones ( even my dogs) so when I feel a bit blah & need a lift I just open it up. It really helps – I can always find something to suit the situation and make me smile . Light & laughter x

    • gabbygirl14 10 years ago

      LOVE BOTH of those ideas!

  3. Colourful1 10 years ago

    Loving it

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