Soda, lime & ginger

This is hardly a recipe but it was my Christmas Drink and got a lot of favorable feedback! So I thought I’d better feature it here so we have a record of it.

A thumb-sized piece of ginger
A fresh lime
Soda water

Peel and slice the ginger and drop it into a tall glass (squeeze it a little to release some juice).
Squeeze the lime into the glass, add a slice as well.
Top up the glass with soda.
Add some ice cubes.



  1. Victualler'sDaughter 5 years ago

    I made this drink for New Year’s Eve party I went to ….. and everyone wanted to try it!

    • voffvoff 5 years ago

      Sounds great and so simple, fresh! Will try grating the ginger instead to release all those spicy juices.

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