Sobriety Chat: Dai

preview snap of Lotta & Dai

Dai Henwood is an award winning comedian, actor, TV host, husband, father, and he is sober. Click below to watch or listen to my Sobriety Chat with Dai. He talks about being known as the 'pissed comedian guy', the ten years it took for him to quit drinking, embracing spirituality, managing performance adrenaline without booze, and how being sober has changed his life.

Audio recording below

  1. boomersandie 4 weeks ago

    What a great conversation, inspiring as I’ve just reset myself again – this time round very determined. Also love the way you give space for the people you interview, time to talk without being talked over, so to speak. @mrs-d

  2. Bohochick 4 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed this interview. Thank you so much.

  3. Butterflyjojo 4 weeks ago

    Amazing interview! Thank you Dai for sharing your truth, such an honest & relatable story. You’re both inspirational & this has given me strength to keep on my path & own my brave, own my journey, keep feeling my feelings in the raw & make the best universe for me and my family ❀

  4. Shelley 4 weeks ago

    What a great interview! I had no idea Dai was sober, I like him even more now!!

  5. SuperCath 4 weeks ago

    This rocked. Loved finding other New Zealanders in here.

  6. Starlight 4 weeks ago

    @mrs-d I loved your hands in the air “hell yeah” at the end πŸ™‚

  7. Starlight 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for doing this Dai. Such a relatable conversation. I often wonder about online support for men. It does seem as though we have mostly women here on LS. I really value the perspective that the men on here bring.

  8. Nina 4 weeks ago

    Made my day which was already going well.
    Who would,ve known that Dai who is
    so witty on raunchy 7 Days could also be bravely open here about sobriety.
    Even though I,m not practicing regularly, that deep place of peace that sitting in stillness can bring is available to everyone, for free.

    Thanks for this on point discussion. I know the duality that habitual, too much drinking creates and wish for better, for my main men, too.
    Go well Dai and Lotta.

  9. pinchie 4 weeks ago

    I loved this interview! There was such a great energy between the 2 of you. Thanks so much @mrs-d and Dai, you rock. You are both fab sobriety champions.

    Love how you own it. I too am proud not to drink! πŸ’ͺ🏼β™₯️

  10. Hammer123 4 weeks ago

    What a great chat, I really can relate to the not having fun when I was controlling my drinking. I also would check the time because I would only allow myself a drink every hour. The only time drinking was really fun was when I didn’t try to control the amount I was drinking. That is until the next morning when the shame and disappointment would come crashing in.
    Thanks for these chats I am really enjoying them.

  11. Maggie73 4 weeks ago

    Fantastic! Thanks 😊

  12. Anonymous 4 weeks ago

    Fantastic! Thank you!

  13. justjo 4 weeks ago

    Thank you for this!! Great chat!

  14. Florence96 4 weeks ago

    Thank you Mrs D and Dai. Really authentic interview. Love that normal boring life all day long 😍😍

  15. Slick 4 weeks ago

    Thanks Dai for telling your story – great intervention Mrs D.

    • Slick 4 weeks ago

      I meant great interview!!!

  16. Hellsbells 4 weeks ago

    Really interesting interview, especially about wanting to drink on his road trip because it was a holiday

  17. Redheadrocks 4 weeks ago

    Great interview! Loved his quotes about “its your universe, do you want to suffer in it?”

  18. Chris53 4 weeks ago

    Thank you so much. Perfect timing for me coming up to a year and wondering if maybe once my goal of a year is reached l may loose my way. I love hearing that it is so worth it too keep on going even when the going gets tough.

  19. Lucy6 4 weeks ago

    Awesome interview, thanks @mrs-d and Dai, so many good takeaways from this😍😍

  20. kevin29 4 weeks ago

    Great interview.

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