Sobriety Chat: Claire

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Claire Robbie is a meditation teacher, sobriety advocate, partner, mother, and she is sober. Click below to watch the video or listen to the audio of our Sobriety Chat. We talk (among other things) about Claire's pathway to sobriety, finding ways to connect in with your emotional needs, and the profound impact a regular meditation practice can have on your life. You can learn more about Claire on her website and the Facebook page for No Beers Who Cares.

Audio recording below

  1. Rosieoutlook 2 years ago

    ‘You watch them disappear from the room’ so so true! I’ve just been at a party last night and I thought of your conversation of when you are out socialising. It was such a great way of putting it. Nearly 8 years on I still find it a big effort to look like I’m truly wanting to be at a party at 12.30 at night. Hence why I don’t go to too many😉Give me a cuppa and a one on one chat any day.🌻

  2. Matt CALMAN 2 years ago

    Yes! The immunity! Great stuff Claire and Lotta

  3. Dennyd 2 years ago

    Another great chat. I love hearing about the benefits of meditation and my aim is to include this in my daily routine. Thanks so much to you both

  4. Hammer123 2 years ago

    I am really loving these sober chats. I have been working on meditation since I quit drinking 4 years ago. I usually meditate in the morning prior to work but I might also add an evening session to see if it helps my sleep. Thanks again to both Lotta and Claire for this inspiring message.

  5. ojala 2 years ago

    Lovely talk Lotta and Claire. Thank you for all your wisdom and thoughtful ideas. Congratulations Claire on your new baby and best of luck to you!

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