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Finding yummy drinks that aren't alcoholic is very important - especially when we first quit drinking. What do you like to drink in place of alcohol? This Sober Toolbox is a space for sharing recipes and ideas for delicious alternative liquids. If you're looking for more discussion, interactions and feedback, head inside our Members Feed. That's where the real-time conversations take place.

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  1. tyna 4 weeks ago

    Big fan of Kin Euphorics 🙂 No alch, doesn’t get u drunk, but has a mix of ingredients that make u feel good & balanced… its pretty subtle so don’t expect something crazy. But its definitely more exciting than sparkling water or soda!

  2. Tammy 1 month ago

    It has become a habit of after work while cooking dinner I pour that first glass of wine (sometimes don’t even want it) and then continue the rest of the evening until bedtime. There is something addictive. I would rather have more wine than eat. I would really like to stop drinking so much. I do feel like it takes some of my stress away after work, but would love to find and alternative…and don’t say exercise. I only drink water or unsweet tea so in the evening I want something different. I have also put on weight which sucks.

    • tigger 4 weeks ago

      This resonates hugely. Cold sparkly water in a wine glass has worked for me in the past. We have a soda stream which makes this easy. The last few days I have not cooked just to avoid the “one wine while cooking” that leads to a bottle.

  3. Sparky 2 months ago


  4. Anita Schwarzweller 2 months ago

    1 month sober had to quit cause of heart failure miss my strawberrittas with strawberry rum need a non alcohol drink any body got any suggestion scant have any wine either

    • SusanneMaree 2 months ago

      Maybe google Mojito recipes, non alcoholic cocktails. When I was working on hospitality we occasionally used to have to make enough for 2-3 hundred people so I would find simple but delicious recipes on line…..actually that sounds nice, might do it myself lol

  5. Anonymous 3 months ago

    drink milk its high in calcium and also taste great.

  6. Richard C. 4 months ago

    I love Spindrift sparkling waters which have real fruit juice. 9 calories, taste great and they seem to help.

  7. James Lewis 4 months ago

    Eight Vines or Danesh – a non-alcoholic alternative to wine. Super low calories and very low sugar plus packed with anti oxidants. Great mixer too for popular drinks.

  8. Julie Raine 4 months ago

    I mix apple juice with lightly sparkling water, and drink it from a wine glass. It looks like wine and tastes great. I make a bottle of this and have the option to add one small glass of wine to it. If you really want to sell have that wine experience, use an empty wine bottles, fill will apple juice and sparkling water, one glass of wine…… and use your favourite wine glass. You can drink a full bottle, with the pleasure of knowing you have only consumed one glass of alcohol. Even better if you can manage without adding the glass of wine!!

    • drgnflyz 4 months ago

      Cutting down on alcohol consumption, even wayyyy down, is not “living sober”. The brain can find all sorts of ways to justify feeding an addiction, even if it is just a tiny bit. Gotta keep it real.

  9. Herve 4 months ago

    I’ve relied on red wine in the evenings for years. The amount I drink has increased drastically. I now need 1.5 bottles per night. I know this is bad. I am 53. Tried everything. Including useless Kava! Can anyone help me by asking me not to go to the doctor for help? I am a strong willed person but when it comes to alcohol I’m a weakling.

    • Kat 1 month ago

      Change to cider or beer. Then find something you love which is incompatible with alcohol like weight training and tell yourself if you don’t drop the alcohol you can’t do the thing. It’s what I’m doing. I’ve ditched wine and vodka and am down to around 4 ciders a night. Getting it under that is the hard thing. I could do it quite easily if my environment wasn’t so bloody stressful! Still I’m going to try cut it down to two a day. Then zero.

    • Whos-The-Lush 4 months ago

      Hi, I am 53 too and was drinking about the same, plus finishing any leftovers from bottles or glasses in the morning. I am on day 8 sober and starting to feel a lot better. At night I have been drinking alcohol-free beer and wine which has helped take my mind off wine. For some reason something clicked, I listened to the book The sober diaries which really helped me also.

  10. Tyr 4 months ago

    I’ve always enjoyed Coke with raspberry.

    • thehungryfox 3 weeks ago

      cokes my go to and a cup of tea. I cant do non alcoholic drinks its too close to home to have a alcohol free cider or beer, that does my head in, id rather drink the real thing!

  11. OT Miller 5 months ago

    Camomile and Spiced Apple and Lemon and Ginger.

    • Jakob 4 months ago

      Whoa! This I’m trying tonight for my Oscar’s party. Thank you! Do you make the tea first, then add the rest?

  12. regretfulgardener 5 months ago

    Has anyone tried seedlip? I read some reviews and they said it was the most expensive bottle of flavoured water. So i have been experimenting with gin botanicals trying to make a non alcoholic spirit.

    • JollyHolly 5 months ago

      I got a bottle to get me through my sober 40th! Was expensive yes, but I like it with soda as not sickeningly sweet. Well worth the investment, as this was my first party with friends who I have previously all drunk with. I totally felt the need to “drink” but still got to wake up with only a sugar hangover from eating too much birthday cake. Go on, treat yourself it is Christmas!!!

  13. alilat 6 months ago

    Love Nosecco – which is the alcohol free version of Prosecco and is great for parties

  14. AndyMack 6 months ago

    Been drinking 0% beers for the last ten years .
    It’s a great alternative if it doesn’t trigger you off .
    A while ago someone asked me why bother ?
    My response was a question ..
    Why do you drink coke? His answer ..it tastes nice , so I said well there’s your answer .

  15. brooke 6 months ago

    when I want something fun out with the girls-ginger beer with lime or I ask the bartender to make me a fun mocktail-not too sweet; shirley temple with lime and extra cherries
    when I’m thirsty or just bored at home-regular coffee or tea, sparkling water with lime or a squeeze of fresh grapefruit
    when I want a treat-a fancy coffee drink-I justify the expense and the calories by reminding myself that no matter how much I like the drink I have never wanted to have seven of them in a row the way I used to with my favorite glasses of wine

    • Caroline27 6 months ago

      @brooke I love it, no matter how much you like a drink – you will never have 7 in a row – too true. I used to have a bottle of wine in the spa – now I have a glass of peach iced tea, only one glass, not a whole bottle.

  16. PermacultureKiwi 6 months ago

    black friday sales and i just purchased a nutri bullet
    being that every time i make a big purchase i like to have a wine but this time i made a ice coffee and it was better than the brought ones
    cold coffee drink
    favourite ice cream
    and my secret ingredient condensed milk
    ice if you like
    wizz full power

  17. LizzyMD 6 months ago

    I was really into soda water (DIY) plain but at an arthritis workshop recently heard it depletes bones of calcium and therefore I am avoiding it as much as possibly. Current fav are fruit teas (in particular berry ones (any kind), Having them hot at the moment but also cold on ice when the weather heats up…..maybe with just a little soda water!!

  18. HopeElephante 6 months ago

    Soda water with various cordials. I like mine weaker than most as it’s then not so sweet. Some good cordials are the cucumber/mint and another one is lemon line and bitters. If your not into bubbly, try the peach ice tea cordial. Very thirst quenching.

  19. michelleloveshorsesandoils 7 months ago

    I am enjoying ice water with lemon slices and fresh basil leaves. Also for a mid-morning snack, I make a smoothie with a granny smith apple, a handful of spinach, 1/4 cup greek vanilla yogurt, a dash of cocunut oil and some protein powder. Yum, and it takes my mind off cravings and makes me feel healthy 🙂

  20. manda7080 8 months ago

    Hey all. I have lapsed and now feel guilty at myself. But would really like alternatives to drink at home when I want to reach for the booze, I like cups of tea but anything else would be cool – maybe something more snazzy ?

  21. MichaelrpG 8 months ago

    I like black coffee although I know that too much of that can upset my feelings.
    I like many herbal teas. In particular Fennel, Camomile and Spiced Apple and Lemon and Ginger.
    When I am feeling really adventurous I push the boat right out and drink “Boiling Water”. Can’t beat it.

  22. BluemoonBabe 8 months ago

    I like Pimento, a low sugar ginger beer with chilli, it appeals to my like of spicy things, also dealcoholised white or rose wine, half and half with sparkling water. Always in a nice glass of course! ?

  23. DebO 8 months ago

    Tea, Iced Coffee, Seltzer. Unfortunately I have turned to food and am now trying to undo the food addiction.

  24. connilynn 9 months ago

    I’ve been enjoying a few ounces of margarita mix sweetened with agave, lemon ginger kombucha, and a splash of pure cranberry juice. I like it on the less sweet side with a wedge of fresh lime. I think I’m going to buy myself a martini glass to make my drinks feel more adult!

    • Croninlisa 8 months ago

      That sounds like a nice drink.. I might try it.,

  25. Moonwriter 9 months ago

    Has anyone tried Curious Elixirs? https://curiouselixirs.com/ I’m really tempted to try them!

    • connilynn 9 months ago

      They look good, albeit expensive! Please share your opinion if anyone has tried them.

  26. WakingOwl 10 months ago

    A new favorite for me is cucumber, lime and melon water, roll the limes really well and slice them thin to get the pith and pulp, chop the melon in half inch cubes, slice the cukes, refrigerate overnight, you can add a hint of something sweet if you like or something bright like apple cider vinegar.

    • connilynn 8 months ago

      That sounds good @WakingOwl. I’m struggling with sugar and need something that feels special without being sweet.

  27. Heidi65 10 months ago

    Tressiere [french cordial] with sparkling water and lots of ice. It comes in several different flavours and I have the sugar free options.

  28. scrippen 11 months ago

    I like to drink an alcohol free strawberry daquiri/margarita. It makes me feel like I am getting a treat and not sacrificing.

    • Anonymous 8 months ago

      Do you have a good recipe you can share for this ??

  29. Lorna79 11 months ago

    I’m on naltrexone and its working wonders for the cravings! 22 days sober and feel GREAT. I have however been smashing up to 6 cups of tea or coffee a day! Milo or green tea before bedtime.

    Dinners it is Sparkling Grape Juice (preferably Appletize mmmm) or everyone’s favourite LEMON, LIME & BITTERS.

    • Caniwi 2 months ago

      Hi Lorna79 Well done on 22 days. I’m on day 21 and so darn stoked with myself. I want to scream from my mountain top. I’m am also on naltrexone as well. Lockdown helps with not having the car drive past every store. I’m feeling strong in my sobriety this time around. I’m also hitting the tea and coffee! Taming the thirst is real. Take good care

  30. Angie Sclanders 11 months ago

    Hi guys-FYI Here in South Africa,they have produced a variety of dealcoholised wines.There is a tinge of Red,white and Rose.All low calorie as well.If I feel the need when socializing,It really helps take the spotlight off me-otherwise I drink Alcohol free champagne with half soda and a sprig of mint or a strawberry.YUM!Good luck on all your journeys-It is only going to get better.

    • connilynn 9 months ago

      I can’t find any af wines in the US! Anyone know of any I’m missing?

  31. 4wards 12 months ago

    I love the vblog Pick Up Limes. It’s a vegan cooking show and I watch it sometimes for healthy recipes and new ideas. Sadia, the host, loves to drink sparkling water with slices of cucumbers and limes (sometimes she even adds chia seeds). I was surprised how refreshing the combination is! Drinking it a lot lately.

  32. Bridgett 12 months ago

    I’ve been putting a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in fruit-flavored seltzer (with stevia) and it helps kick my wine-at-five cravings.

  33. JudyB 12 months ago

    Grapetise 🙂 It’s a bit sweet, but sometimes put soda with it to calm it down. Yum.

  34. Marnielee 1 year ago

    Having hot chocolate tonight – according to Clare Pooley of “The Sober Diaries” it has healing powers. I am back to day one again . . . Sigh,

    • drgnflyz 4 months ago

      All the good energy to you, and mercy- be kind to yourself.

      You cannot master the lesson before you are ready. The process is often not in a linear fashion. You can’t do it wrong. Every. Single. Step. Takes. You. Closer.

  35. Tylee 1 year ago

    So far on my recovery journey, I havent touched anything that resembles alcoholic beverages – No mocktails or grape juice in wine glasses. I really want to try one of those Shirley Temple drinks though. I found out pretty early on that I can not mess with caffeine after lunch time if I want a good nights sleep – so grateful for decaffeinated coffee!

  36. Seni 1 year ago

    I looooove a Virgin Colada, it smells like holliday! Coconut milk, cream, pineapple juice (all in the same amount) and crushed ice, a nice decoration if you like! Could drink it all evening, but my hips say, one is enough. They are party poopers…

    • connilynn 11 months ago

      I love that idea! I don’t do well with carbonation, and that’s the first mocktail I’ve seen without seltzer or tonic water.

    • Michelle M Kessinger 12 months ago

      Thanks for that idea!

  37. Marie2 1 year ago

    Healtheries pineapple & coconut teabag infused in diet tonic water in a tall glass over ice ??

  38. AprilsFool 1 year ago

    My go-to drink so far has been grape juice over ice with diet 7Up. Sweet yes. But white zin was my poison of choice, so it’s been a good substitute for me. I also mix it with fruit flavored club soda or sparkling water.

  39. TheBee 1 year ago

    My current favorite is cold club soda with fresh lemon or lime juice squeezed in and some fresh ginger slices – great in summer! I also love – especially if I’m hungry and cooking – organic tomato juice with: ginger, red pepper flakes, turmeric and ground black pepper (stir well and you can add an ice cube if you like but I usually don’t) with lime or lemon juice for a different twist. Enjoy with celery sticks and who needs wine??

  40. Zeeshan 1 year ago

    tell me the alternative of injectible drugs?

  41. sober@sixty 1 year ago

    I have latched on to Seedlip AF distilled liquors. Citrus with Zevia Ginger Beer replicates a Mule. Garden with tonic and lots of lime is my stand in for G&T. When I’m out I always check for AF options on the cocktail list. If not, I just ask for an AF mojito. A local place offers a virgin pomegrante mojito, which not only looks gorgeous, but tastes great too! I haven’t found a good AF wine. Most just taste like grape juice or have very little taste. Anyone found a good one?

  42. tndiva19 1 year ago

    Have to go to a work dinner tonight. Will be drinking there. I am on antabuse but I am still feeling scared and awkward.

  43. sobersista 1 year ago

    Homemade lemon sour drink 🙂
    Disolve 1.5 cups sugar in 1 cup water over heat, let chill. Squeeze 10 lemons and add to sugar mix, easy.
    I like to mix half a cup of the lemon sour with ice and ginger ale, tonic water or just soda water.

    • totemdreamer 1 year ago

      I’m going to t y that, thanks for the info

  44. sonicgirl 2 years ago

    Healtheries Pineapple & Coconut organic tea is truly divine – just like a pina colada only better! I pop 2 teabags in a large teapot, fill wth boiling water and add 3 sweetener tabs (or you could add organic coconut sugar to taste). Delicious hot or cold.

  45. Anonymous 2 years ago

    Do bitters help with seltzer water as well when you are trying to dwindle down?

    • loraj 1 year ago

      I think bitters actually contains alcohol so would not technically be an AF drink.

  46. JSAC 2 years ago

    Indian tonic water with elderflower, slices of fresh lemon and lime with ice.

  47. Anonymous 2 years ago

    I have come across a sparkling water with a hint of citrus. It has no sugar or artificial sweeteners.
    It’s made by Frantelle, I’m from Australia and I’m not sure if it’s sold in other countries.

  48. Blake 2 years ago

    I’m an alcoholic, trying very hard to cut down. San pelligrino and club soda has helped so much! I’m not trying to replace all the calories and unhealthy aspects of booze with something almost equally unhealthy like soda or sugar. A big part of me quitting booze is weight gain, in addition to the addiction and self destruction. Sam Pelligrino and Club Soda gets something in your hand that isn’t just boring old water, but is still healthy and good for you, like water. It has minerals that are positive for your health, and it feels kind of like drinking a beer. It reminds me every once in a while, if cold enough and carbonated enough, of a coors or bud light; just the carbonation and bottle. I prefer the glass bottle; it feels more special.

    That’s my two cents now. I’m doing my best, and fizzy drinks are helping.

    • Anonymous 12 months ago

      My husband is an alcoholic, he drinks about a pint or 2 pint of vodka a day. We went to detox a couple of times, but none of it works, he only stayed sober for a week but then went back of drinking. We even tried medications such as librium, and vivitrol and also try herbal remedies like Kava Kava but none of it work. I am really really worried since we will have our first baby soon and still he can’t quit. Is there anything that you can help me with to try with my husband?

  49. Anonymous 2 years ago

    I’m.in the same boat as you. Its very hard. But the way I understand it is not to go full cold turkey with alcohol. And sort of dwindle down.
    I am on the same path. And for now I’ve found alcohol free beers with a few fully alcoholic ones helps. Like 1 on 1. And also really suagry drinks like mountain dew. Coke. Energy drinks (my go-to). About half hour before you usually crave. Down one. See how long you last. Go to At beer. See how long. Then go to real.
    Before you know it you’ve reduced your actual alcohol intake by 2/3rds.

  50. Anonymous 2 years ago

    Fentimans Ginger Beer and Rose Lemonade – made in the UK so they don’t have the oversaturated sweet taste of all NZ soft drinks (seriously, what other country adds sugar to soda water!)
    Paradoxically these have to be bought from Glengarry Wine shops in the Mixer section as they are not available elsewhere

    • Anonymous 2 months ago

      Fentimans Ginger Beer is fantastic. I like the taste, possibly something about the brewing helps to replace a cold beer for me, and the brown bottle in the hand feels nice too. Also, I bought myself an espresso maker and have really been enjoying that. I’m on day 33 and feeling good.

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