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It's very important that we throw everything at getting sober in the early days, and that includes soaking up as much material as you can related to recovery. This Sober Toolbox is a space for telling others about the great books, blogs, podcasts, articles and other resources that have helped you on your way. If you're looking for more discussion, interactions and feedback, head inside our Members Feed. That's where the real-time conversations take place.

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  1. Lizzy 3 years ago – Youtube video with Annie Grace and a doctor talking about how alcohol affects the brain and neurotransmitters.

    • SteveF 2 years ago

      I found this video extremely helpful. Many members of the LS community say that their sleeping patterns and anxiety levels improve when they stop drinking. This has not been the case with me. I am 64 days AF and still have very stressful and anxiety filled dreams. Consequently, I have not yet experienced waking up in the morning feeling rested and refreshed. This video explains why this may be happening to me (and perhaps some of you). Realistically, it will take 6 months to a year for the brain to fully restore itself. Thanks for posting this link!

  2. Anonymous 3 years ago

    Seek support or help in your area. Help is out there, do a google search or phone the Alcohol and Drug Helpline 0800787797, they will be able to talk to you about what is going on for you.

  3. Anonymous 3 years ago

    Super interesting if you would like to know the timeline of recovery. All the ups and downs are there. I found the kindling effect also interesting.

  4. Anonymous 3 years ago
    A bit of meditation when you do not have more than 12 minutes to gain control.

  5. BlueSojourn 3 years ago

    L-Glutamine has helped me punch a hole in a craving (for both alcohol and sugar) if I put a heaping teaspoon in powder form (I use NOW brand) under my tongue and let it dissolve. There’s lots of reading to be found about it, and the above is just one article that helped me to understand the mechanisms behind it.

  6. delgirl68 3 years ago

    I have been reading Russell Brand’s book called Recovery. Well to be more honest, I’ve been listening to it on Audible. I love it – I love his honesty and humour and I think he is super smart and I’ve had lots of laugh out loud moments in the car. It’s basically about the 12 steps and his re-iteration of them. he looks at them quite in depth and talks about his journey with lots of stories and examples from his life along the way. He’s a very clever man and I’m really enjoying it. It does make me think about going to AA, which I’ve not been brave enough to give a proper go. I can see that the 12 steps is useful to actually everyone, addict or not.

    • Lucy 2 years ago

      It’s a great book.. i’m half way through it.. he’s so funny and has made me understand the steps more… very interesting..

    • trishj 2 years ago

      Omg I nearly bought that book today……going back to get it. Thank you

  7. Ridge 3 years ago

    I am still drinking and really wish I could stop. But, it’s so very hard. Why can’t I just give it up?

  8. k1W1 3 years ago – Print outs and questions to help work the 12 Steps of AA

  9. Janet 3 years ago – Info about the evils of sugar.

  10. Author
    Mrs D 3 years ago – Great list of online sites here – including ours!

  11. freedom1025 3 years ago – Mummy Was A Secret Drinker blog post on why moderation does NOT work.

    • Isthatso 2 years ago

      Thatโ€™s s good read! Exactly me!

  12. Mojosal 3 years ago

    Thank you all for your recommendations. I’m day 4 today and doing well, except for sore eyes, headache and minor anxiety. I have just purchased Blackout, The Naked Mind and Mrs D is going without.

  13. Jazz 3 years ago – Practical tips on staying sober

  14. Lookingforhappiness 3 years ago
  15. theneweve 3 years ago


  16. NoMore 3 years ago

    I’ve just discovered the website of Micheal Hilton (note the unusual spelling). Lots of helpful video teaching about how to stay off alcohol, but also what you are doing instead. There’s plenty of his videos on Youtube too

  17. Freya 3 years ago
    Such a true article. Numbers 12, 13, 14 standing out for me at the minute!

  18. tnt8030 3 years ago – TED talk about cravings and addictions.

  19. hummingbird 3 years ago – I was just listening to a podcast called Terrified. The guest is Paul Gilmartin whose podcast The Mental Illness Happy Hour which is my fav. I can relate so much to everything he says and there is a lot of chat about what drove his alcoholism. He is now sober.
    Joining Dave in the studio this week is revered comedian and podcast host Paul Gilmartin of the Mental Illness Happy Hour! They discuss alcoholism, and what pushes you there, and recovery, and what comes after, and more. Dave gets nervous that his podcast is similar to Paulโ€™s. (Dave gets nervous numerous times.

  20. Lizzy 3 years ago – How to reframe relapse and learn from it so you can move forward.

  21. Author
    Mrs D 3 years ago – Brilliant and sad essay by David Sedaris on his alcoholic mother.

  22. IslandOne 3 years ago – This article describes research on the impact of drinking on brain health.

  23. Anonymous 3 years ago

    I found this article quite helpful:

    On Rejecting the False Promise of Addiction
    by Therese BorchardMarch 17, 2017

  24. Megsi 3 years ago

    Thank you, this is perfectly written. I think I will be re-reading this a few times over my journey.

  25. bingerwhinger 3 years ago – This is a new blog I have started just rambling about advice for people looking to get sober hope it helps love you all xxx

  26. newme 3 years ago

    The Imbibing Idiot Bias: Consuming Alcohol Can Be Hazardous to Your (Perceived) Intelligence
    Journal of Consumer Psychology


  27. JayJay 3 years ago

    I found this podcast amazing! its by Holly whitaker and Laura Mckowen called HOME. its available free on the App soundcloud. It has guest speakers like Annie Gracie, Ann Dowsett Johnston, Dawn Nnickel, Augusten Burroughs and Sarah Hepola
    It is focused for women but has Male guest speakers for Guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Anonymous 3 years ago

    Just finished reading Mrs D goes within. What an amazing read. Mrs D you could have been my biographer it was so close to my truth.
    So glad you got this far in your forties it took me until I’m 65 but I’ve been there now for 213 days.

  29. delgirl68 3 years ago

    I just finished reading “Mrs D is Going Within”, which I really enjoyed. I didn’t want to put it down. I loved seeing how the toolbox changed over time! I loved just hearing abut the journey because it comes from a perspective that other mindfulness books don’t! Seeing how a normal (and amazing of course) woman incorporates these tools into her life, the difference that awareness of the present moment can make, the flow on affect to those around her. Great job @mrs-d! It’s a great read, thank you so much for sharing such personal insights with us!
    With lots of love and gratitude xxxx

  30. CB77 3 years ago

    A book that has helped me enourmously over the past year has been Maps of Meaning by Jordan Peterson. It’s not about alcohol, but rather an exploration of belief systems and structures of meaning, which are tightly coupled with reasons for drinking, in my experience anyway. He is a professor of psychology and clinical psychologist and he talks through psychology, philosophy, mythology, semiotics, theology etc and it is absolutely riveting. He posts his university lectures on YouTube too – one of the courses is also called Maps of Meaning. If anyone struggles with exisistential issues, anxiety, depression, absence of meaning, etc, and uses alcohol to cope, then I can’t recommend this content enough. It has definitely helped me.

    • Cranberry 3 years ago

      @CB77 I searched online for a copy. They’re exorbitantly expensive, presumably because it’s out of print. However, I discovered Dr Peterson offers a PDF version of Maps of Meaning on his website for free. I printed the first 50 pages and will start reading as soon as I finish my current book. Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds really interesting.

  31. Clear 3 years ago

    Features an interview with Mrs D along with tons of advice and articles on bringing up kids knowing that sooner or later they’re going to be exposed to drugs (including our fave one, alcohol). For those of us who’ve been there, done that! but have not much of an idea how to talk to our kids about it, and about our own experiences.

  32. Sid_Scotia 3 years ago

    I was wondering… What kind of withdrawls did people experience? I know alcohol is out your system quite quickly but how long until you all felt fresh’ish? I didn’t have major WD’s as was a heavy drinker of wine and beer and the odd gin, so wasn’t really dependent. I’m Day 7 now and I’ve had the odd symptom but I still feel so tired! I could sleep for another week! And I have been getting a good 9-10 hours a night!

    • Clear 3 years ago

      hey @sid_scotia your comment has ended up in the recommended reading thread not the community news feed, please repost there and you’ll get a response! Keep going, day 10 for you today woohoo double digits!

  33. Clear 3 years ago
    Particularly for those creative types…hang on a minute, that means….all of us!
    Sobriety is creative. We are creating the life we deserve.

  34. KellyReid 3 years ago

    A couple of weeks ago I had a wake up call. My drinking has slowly been getting the better of me for the last couple of years, and a couple of Saturday nights ago, it hit a do or die point. When I drink, I drink fast. It might be two nights a week, or several and of late only (see that validation?) only the two. I can outstrip anyone. Not that they are racing mind you, and not that I am either, but it’s too fast and my tolerance point is lower than it used to be too. I’m not handling life so well. You all welcomed me. Well I guess I am going thru the romance stage of ‘letting me say no, just one or two’ and ended up sharing a bottle on Friday night just gone, and then two glasses on Saturday. I have enabled counsel, which happened yesterday, and have purchased a gratitude journal. I am doing all the right things now. But last night I talked with the better half about what things have been like, and the answer was not pretty. It was hard to hear. And I have had it rolling in my head all. Fecking. Day. To the point where I have had now two wines. Holy shit. Why? Yep to numb that shit down. No more tonight, but fuck me, why even now? I’m feeling like an absolute failure. An idiot. And really not valued. Loved? Everyone says they do, but is it really? Guess I have the fact we are all still here. I have hurt my family, this really is a selfish thing…

    • Clear 3 years ago

      hi @kellyreid your comment has ended up in the recommended reading area, not the community area so please do repost it there or get in touch with us all again to give us an update on how you are going. We are here for you ready to talk! Hugs to you I hope you come back to the site. We’ve all been where you are and some of us still are there. so you are NOT alone.

  35. Author
    Mrs D 3 years ago – My new book on next stage recovery.. what to do when the hard work of getting sober is done but there’s still some work to be done…

  36. Petunia 3 years ago – Documentary “Making of an Alcoholic” by and about Elizabeth Vargas, high achieving, NBC live Reporter.

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