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What are the the books, blogs, articles and other links that have helped you in recovery?

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  1. CB77 2 years ago

    A book that has helped me enourmously over the past year has been Maps of Meaning by Jordan Peterson. It’s not about alcohol, but rather an exploration of belief systems and structures of meaning, which are tightly coupled with reasons for drinking, in my experience anyway. He is a professor of psychology and clinical psychologist and he talks through psychology, philosophy, mythology, semiotics, theology etc and it is absolutely riveting. He posts his university lectures on YouTube too – one of the courses is also called Maps of Meaning. If anyone struggles with exisistential issues, anxiety, depression, absence of meaning, etc, and uses alcohol to cope, then I can’t recommend this content enough. It has definitely helped me.

    • Cranberry 2 years ago

      @CB77 I searched online for a copy. They’re exorbitantly expensive, presumably because it’s out of print. However, I discovered Dr Peterson offers a PDF version of Maps of Meaning on his website for free. I printed the first 50 pages and will start reading as soon as I finish my current book. Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds really interesting.

  2. Clear 2 years ago

    Features an interview with Mrs D along with tons of advice and articles on bringing up kids knowing that sooner or later they’re going to be exposed to drugs (including our fave one, alcohol). For those of us who’ve been there, done that! but have not much of an idea how to talk to our kids about it, and about our own experiences.

  3. Sid_Scotia 2 years ago

    I was wondering… What kind of withdrawls did people experience? I know alcohol is out your system quite quickly but how long until you all felt fresh’ish? I didn’t have major WD’s as was a heavy drinker of wine and beer and the odd gin, so wasn’t really dependent. I’m Day 7 now and I’ve had the odd symptom but I still feel so tired! I could sleep for another week! And I have been getting a good 9-10 hours a night!

    • Clear 2 years ago

      hey @sid_scotia your comment has ended up in the recommended reading thread not the community news feed, please repost there and you’ll get a response! Keep going, day 10 for you today woohoo double digits!

  4. Clear 2 years ago
    Particularly for those creative types…hang on a minute, that means….all of us!
    Sobriety is creative. We are creating the life we deserve.

  5. KellyReid 2 years ago

    A couple of weeks ago I had a wake up call. My drinking has slowly been getting the better of me for the last couple of years, and a couple of Saturday nights ago, it hit a do or die point. When I drink, I drink fast. It might be two nights a week, or several and of late only (see that validation?) only the two. I can outstrip anyone. Not that they are racing mind you, and not that I am either, but it’s too fast and my tolerance point is lower than it used to be too. I’m not handling life so well. You all welcomed me. Well I guess I am going thru the romance stage of ‘letting me say no, just one or two’ and ended up sharing a bottle on Friday night just gone, and then two glasses on Saturday. I have enabled counsel, which happened yesterday, and have purchased a gratitude journal. I am doing all the right things now. But last night I talked with the better half about what things have been like, and the answer was not pretty. It was hard to hear. And I have had it rolling in my head all. Fecking. Day. To the point where I have had now two wines. Holy shit. Why? Yep to numb that shit down. No more tonight, but fuck me, why even now? I’m feeling like an absolute failure. An idiot. And really not valued. Loved? Everyone says they do, but is it really? Guess I have the fact we are all still here. I have hurt my family, this really is a selfish thing…

    • Clear 2 years ago

      hi @kellyreid your comment has ended up in the recommended reading area, not the community area so please do repost it there or get in touch with us all again to give us an update on how you are going. We are here for you ready to talk! Hugs to you I hope you come back to the site. We’ve all been where you are and some of us still are there. so you are NOT alone.

  6. Author
    Mrs D 2 years ago – My new book on next stage recovery.. what to do when the hard work of getting sober is done but there’s still some work to be done…

  7. Petunia 2 years ago – Documentary “Making of an Alcoholic” by and about Elizabeth Vargas, high achieving, NBC live Reporter.

  8. Author
    Mrs D 2 years ago – Hi more listening material than reading material.. there is a great interview on this site with Leighia Dowdall who is sober

  9. hummingbird 2 years ago
  10. Author
    Mrs D 2 years ago – Lots of good blogs in here (if I do say so myself ha ha)

  11. livingwithnoalcohol 2 years ago
  12. morgan 2 years ago
  13. Bernie 2 years ago

    My counselor suggested writing as one of the tools for managing feelings, thoughts and time during the recovery process, so I’ve started a blog. Feel free to read it and give me feedback.
    Living Sober is a wonderful website, which I have not come across earlier. Great sharing everyone! I feel happy about stumbling across all the wisdom and good common sense I have come across on this site today. One thing I have learnt the hard way recently is how much Alcohol had become my best friend – leaving very little space for any other friends, any real friends. Alcohol is a jealous, controlling kind of friend….

  14. Bernie 2 years ago

    Love it – so true! Thanks for sharing:)

  15. Jellybaby 2 years ago
  16. hummingbird 2 years ago
  17. Author
    Mrs D 3 years ago – It’s not really reading material but here is a link to a good TV piece on young women’s drinking habits ..

  18. hummingbird 3 years ago – With The Little Book of Big Change, you’ll discover what’s behind your habit or addiction. Drawing on a combination of neuroscience and spirituality, you’ll learn that thought is at the root of all habits, so understanding the way you think can help rewire your brain and put an end to unhealthy behavior patterns.

  19. Jane Muralez 3 years ago

    Anthony Kiedis – Scar Tissue
    Eric Clapton: The Autobiography
    A Piece of Cake – Cupcake Brown (I cannot recommend this one more highly)
    Anything by Meredith Bell – favourite is A Sober Year

  20. Lizzy 3 years ago – Interview with someone who has written a book about yoga and sobriety.

  21. Meryl 3 years ago

    Have found this book and I’m only half way through with no desire to drink POISON. “this Naked Mind” by Annie Grace

    • kayjay29 2 years ago

      On day 30, I am also reading this book @Meryl. I’m taking it slow, reading a chapter a day and am finding it really helpful. In the past, I have gone AF for 100 days, and other shorter stints only to convince myself that I could moderate (which I cannot.) Her approach has provided a way for me to fight back against that voice that is lying to me.

  22. Author
    Mrs D 3 years ago – Lots of good recovery profiles to read on this page

  23. Lynnebin 3 years ago Loved this book about women and their relationship to alcohol, how we are drinking more than ever, how it is the new normal, how we are specifically marketed to, college alcohol use and so much more.

  24. Prudence 3 years ago – This is my blog, which started back in July 2014 before this website was launched. The early blogs are all about how I felt when giving up alcohol after 40 years, how I coped, and how good it was. The more current ones are still about my feelings, but also about what I’m doing and where this sober goat track is taking me… building a home by the sea…..and my son building it….and other stuff. Prudence

  25. Author
    Mrs D 3 years ago – Fantastic article which gave me much inspiration to live with a positive attitude every day! (not always possible but good to aspire to!!) x

  26. Jeff 3 years ago

    I’ve found sober living is making the best use of my time. Meditation had always been a part of life for me. Now sober I’m connecting so much more. I feel you need a higher power, source to help with addiction. I’ve never been one for organized religion, however spirituality has always resonated with me and helps with my sobriety immensely. I’ve a couple great reads I’d like to share. Cool, Hip, and Sober by Bill Manville. Exceptional on recovery. Joyful recovery by Kevin Griffiths , a more Buddhist way through finding sobriety. Peace and love…

  27. Hmc81 3 years ago

    Wow thank you for that. I “felt” it. I actually had tears in my eyes because you nailed it. I’m only 3 days in to my second attempt to sobriety….. you nailed it. I felt something & it wasn’t guilt. It was hope to know what I am going through, someone else has made it out. Thank you so much for this!

  28. hummingbird 3 years ago
  29. Jeff 3 years ago

    Loved that. Starting my sober journey.

  30. olive31 3 years ago

    Has anyone tried anything like they talk about in this article. It talks about an online exercise that focuses the body on pushing away alcoholic beverages in favour of non-alcoholic beverages to I guess retrain the brain to prefer the latter
    if you have used this or another tool it would be great to hear if you believed it worked at all 🙂

  31. Tryingagain2505 3 years ago

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