Getting through wine o’clock

Late afternoon is often the hardest time to avoid drinking. This Sober Toolbox is a space for sharing tips on how to beat cravings, and for discovering new techniques that have worked for others. If you're looking for more discussion, interactions and feedback, head inside our Members Feed. That's where the real-time conversations take place.

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  1. Froufrou 1 week ago

    I tackled wine o’clock in Dry July by having a luxurious shower to mark the end of the day. So relaxing!

  2. MRD4VE 1 week ago

    Day 1 for me. A little anxious, but lets do this

    • acld88 1 week ago

      Same here, although I’m still not sure I want to give up entirely… But definitely want to stop drinking alone, that’s a good start right?

  3. Seaneym 3 weeks ago

    Day 1 for me. I’m 32 years and struggled with alcohol since I was a kid. Things started getting worse from 16 untill now. My health, money and physical condition is starting to really take a toll. I just want out of this addiction.

  4. sobermama1986 1 month ago

    I have an event coming up this weekend and I’m newly sober- I haven’t told anyone except my husband. He’ll be drinking and I won’t and it’s friends we used to drink with. I’m feeling really anxious about it.

    • rosemaree 1 month ago

      Get a non alcoholic drink as soon as you get there, and if anybody does ask, then tell them you’re on antibiotics. It’s nobody else’s business.

  5. missyb 2 months ago

    Yesterday was my first outing to a bar sober. Being the designated driver was an interesting car ride. I’m almost 230 days clean. The booze and bar surprisingly was not a trigger. I think a club soda should not be 3.00!!

  6. Audi-girl 2 months ago

    I went out the other night with a group of friends, they were all drinking and I have told them I’m doing dry July( great cover ) After a couple of sparking waters I started getting pretty bored with my drink and wanted something else ( mock tail ) everything was fruit juiced based and full of sugar .. I’m after Some suggestions which aren’t full of sugars or cream ..
    I ordered a virgin margarita and everyone laughed and said a glass of salt will probably turn up … lol

  7. Dazza 2 months ago

    Day one fingers crossed

  8. Orient 3 months ago

    Like to manage my alcohol better. Easy to finish work and grab a bottle for a stress release rather than doing something i loved which was exercise.

  9. Atawhai 3 months ago

    Pam’s flavoured sparkling water is good. Four flavours. $1.29 for 1litre bottles. At New World and Pak’n’Save. Zero calories.
    Gives cold, bubbly feelings to palate, and fills the stomach. I use one at home most evenings
    I also buy a single one as soon as I arrive at the supermarket, keep the receipt, and drink it quickly on the way round, so that by the time I reach the wine and beer section, my cravings have lessened.

  10. Suzy 3 months ago

    Would love to become sober. This is day one. I drink 1. 1/2 to 2 bottles every other night. I hate how I feel. So disappointed in my. I wish I could drink a glass or two and stop. But apparently that is impossible for me.

    • Esty 1 month ago

      How’s it going Suzy? I’ve had so many Day 1s and this is another. Your wine drinking habits resonate with me. I used to able to stop but not anymore.

    • Bindy 3 months ago

      Im exactly the same. I was even put on Antabuse and it did stop me for a month. But I missed drinking so I stopped taking it

    • NickCaveFan 3 months ago

      Hi Suzy. You and I have started the same day! My first 24 hours is just about up. We can do this!!!

  11. Maggie73 4 months ago

    Hi Rhita and welcome. The anxiety is terrible isn’t it? I too have been suffering more and more with that. I’ve been a heavy drinker off and on for years. I don’t like to admit that and it’s hard to see it written out, but it’s true. You are on the right track. Be gentle and kind with yourself. I will be thinking of you x

  12. Rhita 4 months ago

    Hiya everyone … I’m new here! Thank you to all the people who have welcomed me. Sorry it’s taken me some time to actually post here because I couldn’t work it out 😂

    So here is my drinking background. I’m currently 28 years old. Started drinking every night (a bottle and a half a of wine) at the age of 18 until I was around 20. Cut that down to ONLY weekends … about the same amount. A year later it was upped again to every night for around a year. (A bottle and a half of wine) Then I cut back down to only weekends for about another year. Fell pregnant with my son .. didn’t drink at all for 9 months. Once he was born I started drinking every night again around 2 bottles of wine for about 5 months. Decided I needed to cut down so for the past 2 and a half years or so it’s been weekends. (Half a bottle of JD honey on a Saturday and 2 glasses of wine – half – a bottle of wine on a Sunday) I also fell pregnant in that 2 and a half years but unfortunately miscarried so I wasn’t drinking for 6-7 weeks. I also went for about a month in lockdown drinking every night. The last few weeks my anxiety has been AWFUL. So I’ve been drinking a bottle – a bottle and half of wine every night which needs to stop. However, I am so worried I won’t sleep then won’t be able to function. But then If I DO drink and DO sleep i then worry about my liver. I’m in such a vicious cycle. I don’t quite know what to do. I’ve got my first CBT appointment today because I wanna break this anxiety once and for all! Thank you for reading.

  13. Atawhai 4 months ago


    Do you know the quote, “Practise the Pause”, by Lori Deschene?

    I tried to attach it, but could not. You may have to Google it.

    I use it when i have a craving. The 5 o’clock craving.

    I have it written on my fridge door. When I come in, read it, and pour myself a large glass of cold skim milk.

    The cold feels great on my palate, and in my throat. I repeat is as often as I need, maybe one litre or even two litres.

    While drinking I Practise the Pause. I use it to interrupt the automatic reflex of pouring a wine, and swilling the first glass quickly.

    It works most times. I sometimes need other supports too, but more of that later.

    Kia Kaha (stay strong!)

  14. Jason P 4 months ago


    I’m a tall fit white male in my late 40’s. Today is day 14 of me without any booze. I’ve been an evening drinker for 20+ years. Vodka and Monster to start off the evening leading into gin and tonics to finish myself off. So far I have lost 5 pounds and feel much better. Sleeping has been rough, but last night I finally slept much better. My dreams have been very vivid and crazy! Too bad I couldn’t enjoy any popcorn along with it. Weekends I have craved drinking, but just let it pass by. During these thoughts I tell myself that living for my wife and daughter are far more important then having any alcohol in my body. I have recently got to the point that in my thoughts I am poisoning myself. Annual doctor visits have told me I am on the cusp of high blood pressure. Blood tests I don’t feel are ever accurate as I always drank the night before them. I am very aware my liver has been under siege and needs repair. I want to change all these results. I do cardio 4-5 times a week and my max heart rate since no booze has dropped by 10 points. I can already feel the freshness in the morning and more energy during my workouts. My goal is to stay dry for the next year. This is my second attempt at doing this. My prior attempt was 8-10 years ago and I made it four months. I feel this time I am really ready to do it on my own. I’ve done it before and am off and rolling.

  15. asparagus 5 months ago

    I’m on day 8 and so far feeling really positive and confident. Had a friend over for dinner last night. She’s a big drinker and we usually get far too drunk together. I warned her in advance that I wasn’t drinking and bought some nice alcohol-free drinks that I poured into a nice glass with ice while she drank wine. I’m lucky that she was really supportive and even bought me a non-alcoholic bottle too! I think telling people in advance really helps as you are then accountable.

    • NickCaveFan 3 months ago

      That’s so great! Love it. Keep up the good work.

    • Liz 4 months ago

      Great you have such an unerstanding friend! Just wondering what AF drinks you choose? Im getting tired of juices.

  16. Steph 6 months ago

    Wine o’clock day 1. Off for a walk

    • Paulene 5 months ago

      Good on you.
      My first day. I’m going for a walk after work.

  17. sadie123 6 months ago

    Day one is drawing to a close and I am so glad I made it.
    I was grumpy at my family today and I could 100% see that’s the alcohol -the hangovers made me irritable and it really makes my thoughts so negative – I know that I’ll feel a bit better tomorrow because I wont wake up hungover tomorrow and then better again the next day and my patience and compassion for others will return the ability to enjoy nice simple things in life won’t be ruined by being hungover or drunk .
    I could see really clearly i the wee hours of this morning that I am at a crossroads where my life can either get worse because my drinking will only get worse or my life can get better if I swap alcohol for sober spiritual living – I just really hope I can get some sober time up this time and not give in.

    I decided at first to tell people I am having a break from alcohol for my eczema to make it go away as I’m scared they wont hang out with me if they think Im never drinking again – but once I feel stronger I can hopefully tell them I have chosen to never drink again.

    • Krystal 5 months ago

      Huh.. interesting comment re. Eczema. Mine flares up when I am indulging on the regular. Another bonus to giving up the grapes! On another note, I too am at a cross roads. Given that your post was a couple of months ago, I hope your journey is going well.

      • Maggie73 4 months ago

        Hi Krystal, I too suffer from terrible eczema when I drink too much. I’m suffering terribly at the moment. It’s even on my eyelids. Only day 1 for me. All the best to you on your journey.

  18. Lancelot 7 months ago

    Hi, I’m also new here and am on Day 19 and my wine o clock treat is a refreshing 50/50 mix of apple juice and sparkling water with lots of ice. I first discovered this in Austria and Germany where it is very popular and is known as Apfelschorle. Hits the spot!

  19. Heather 7 months ago

    Allen Carr’s online programme was a game changer for my husband and I – it moved us from thinking we had to use willpower to not drink to understanding the addictive trap that alcohol lulls us all into.

  20. Mr.Collins 7 months ago

    I am day 2 i have brought some atkins protein bars and when i get to wine oclock my intention is to have a protein bar and a cuppa i dont feel like drinking if i have something inmy stomach and then having dinner earlish i am picking will also help

    • Aroha76 7 months ago

      Well done. Im day 6. I invesyed in a Soda Stream and have a few of those in the afternoons now.

  21. StyleyLady 7 months ago

    I hear you all re wine oclock did it for 30 plus years and the ritual and social mores of so called sophisticated pre dinner drinks that all too often turn ugly as the evening progresses. My partner of 10 years and I may have a hot drink while cooking or with dinner itself, or maybe a soda stream sparkley water with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint. He’s never been a drinker so as a couple we don’t have that 5pm or 11ses ritual in our life. TG!!😙

  22. Mara 8 months ago

    Hi everyone! I’m new here and only 37 days into sobriety so I’m no expert. Still, what helps me around this time is a big fat wine glass with seltzer water and grapefruit juice! It’s a bit bitter so I have to sip and it’s my nightly treat. Anyway, it has been working for me. A virgin Bloody Mary, extra spicy is a treat now and then also!

  23. TinaOct2020 8 months ago

    Happy Hour usually starts at our house at 5pm. My husband drinks (normally) so it is extra hard for me to keep myself in check. I have made it past five days — finally — just this last week even though I joined in October. Anyway, what is helping me is to think that I just have to get through the 5 hours. 5-10 pm. Just five hours to have the willpower to not drink and wake up without a hangover and the dreaded 3am self loathing. Its working so far.

    • Windy 7 months ago

      Wow, I never thought of it like that. I only have 4 hours to make it through 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. workdays and weekends yeah probably more like 6 hours. I like thinking this way. What a short window to ‘get through’ but today is my Day 1…so here it begins. Thank you for sharing.

      • tarasstruggle 7 months ago

        Only my day 2 and it’s so hard from 4 to 8pm for me. I hope I can keep going. Good luck to you. Stay strong. One hour at a time

    • Kat 7 months ago

      Thanks – breaking it down like that – just a 5 hour slot is super helpful

  24. wuzabetty 8 months ago

    I am reluctantly recovering from a long relationship with anorexia. Using wine to make eating with family has become a constant. It’s also making me gain more than I am comfortable with.
    I don get hangovers so sadly 1-2 bottles don’t faze me.
    I’m trying to find balance but unsure how to get there. Any ideas? I have cut back by still once I start it is had to stop.

    • valp anderson 6 months ago

      You have the same problems as me. I am an anorexic as well and spent on month in hospital because my weight was too low. I am also an alcoholic and strangely alcohol makes my hunger go away. Have given up alcoholic for three days now and am determined to keep it up. It is causing too many problems

      • macsma 5 months ago

        bravo! It must be so challenging to be tackling both!

    • kflem21 7 months ago

      I hear you—similar, and different, situation. <3

    • notreallyliving 8 months ago

      Hi! I am brand new here (first day), but I just noticed you posted this two weeks ago and did not receive any replies. I hope maybe you posted to another board with more interaction and were able to get the advice you are looking for — this board says “If you’re looking for more discussion, interactions and feedback, head inside our Members Feed. That’s where the real-time conversations take place.”… Best to you. xx

  25. Fluffypony 9 months ago

    So as far as getting wine o’clock? I found I was in the habit of buying wine daily before 12 noon. Then a glass with lunch, a glass after a walk and soon the bottle was empty. I am going through the process of trying to get past that time slot- and sometimes (not every day) I can boast to myself that I’ve achieved that. I just try and keep busy- I live alone but have a very understanding dog- so the garden, chatting to family on messenger anything to try and take my mind off it. Right now I’d love a wine really. Almost time for The Chase lol

    • T 9 months ago

      Living alone can’t be easy… I share a house with 1 non drinker and I drink… always have… don’t know why I was always healthy and fit.

  26. moovnon 9 months ago

    Hi Anonymous. Pushing the fast forward button is just something I read about somewhere on this site (sorry but I have read so much in the 10 days since I joined that I can’t remember exactly where!!). When I feel the urge to drink I imagine scrolling through what will happen and how it will all end if I take that first drink. I rarely stop at just one so this is a big help to me, hope it helps you too.

    • Tailorkit 5 months ago

      Very good tip! To visualize the whole train wreck in advance before impulsively pouring a drink is a great idea because it always ends the same way! I can never stop at one. It always ends with regret.

  27. lynn2121 9 months ago

    I started using chromometer. It is a nutrition app that counts the nutrients you take in. I figured it was something else to focus on instead of putting toxins in my body. On day 3. My mind feels ok. But my stomach and upper abs are another story. Feel like my body has been through the ringer. This is my second time really quitting. I gave it up for years and then caved under the stress of dealing with son’s mental issues. Take two. I am under no illusion that I will ever just be social drinker. It didn’t take long to go back to being a daily wine drinker. And took a long time to want to stop again.

    • moovnon 9 months ago

      Thanks for writing this Lynn. Your comment about no illusions re ever being a social drinker rings so true for me. The amount of similar comments I have read here makes me realise how common it is. I think I always knew the truth but kept denying it. Got a bit stressed this arvo and normally would have opened the door to the wine wolf but remembered to Push the fast forward button and it really helped. Had milo instead yah Feeling empowered! Good luck

      • Anonymous 9 months ago

        What do you mean by Push the Fast Forward Button?

  28. Milliet 10 months ago

    Go for a walk, phone a friend who knows of your struggle or ask them to phone u to see how you are doing, have an appealing alternative on tap. These all worked for me.

  29. JR 10 months ago

    Sometimes I just splurge on Nextflix for those wine witching hour and don’t feel any regret as it is way better than drinking wine and feeling a whole different level of regret!

  30. KDMJ2020 10 months ago

    First time on here. Just read her book, thats how I found out about this website. Today is hopefully my first day sober. Its not over yet…
    I was sober a few years ago for 3 months. Started drinking again…then got pregnant with our daughter..did not drink during pregnancy but as soon as I could once I had her I started drinking again. She just turned 2. I have not worked since March and being home all day is making it even harder to be sober. I have always worked. Hopefully this helps me to change.

  31. judym23 11 months ago

    Having to start thinking about Xmas Day menu/drinks list and the socialising that comes with that time of year in general. I have decided I will not be providing alcohol this year, just AF wines and beer. I’m confident my guests won’t have a problem with that and some bring their own wine anyway.
    I see from various NZ websites that there are three winemakers providing alcohol removed wines now – Edenvale, Lindaur and Jacobs Creek – over a range of wine types.
    Has anyone tried/can recommend any of these?

    • Feisty52 10 months ago

      Edenvale Rose is good.

  32. SarahD 11 months ago

    Hello everyone. I am new go this site. I am fed up and tired with how alcohol is controlling my life. I know I can manage to not drink for a few days but I worry about the days ahead. The weekend especially. I was the queen of Wine o’clock. I would make the dinner with ‘a glass’ but end up drinking a whole bottle.

  33. relaxdarling 11 months ago

    Now that I lost my job in March I home at 4:00 so the craving begin. Learning to take walks & doing my art work then but it’s still have a hard time.

  34. charlotte 11 months ago

    I have about 8 1/2 months sober, mostly thanks to Mrs. D and this website! I was a nearly-daily wine drinker and definitely struggled with the wine-o-clock. After coming to the HUGE realization that I had been addicted to the buzz for most of my adult life, I had to train myself not to pour a big glass of wine or three at happy hour. I recommend reading blogs like this and listening to podcasts and stories of recovery, like Recovery Elevator and The Bubble Hour. It’s odd, but on difficult days I find myself in the kitchen with headphones on listening to these podcasts to get through wine-o-clock. I also go on walks with my son or husband after dinner, which would have been much less likely when I was drinking. Lately I installed a Sonos speaker in our kitchen and turn on Cherie FM (French radio) and rock out while cooking. This has been my most ‘happy’ addition to happy hour in months!! The mocktails and other AF drinks that were necessary in early days are losing their appeal. Some days I just don’t think about it at all, which is just awesome. Keep going, you can do it!!

    • boomersandie 2 weeks ago

      I’ve just joined and read your entry of 10 months ago. Just wondering how you are getting on and if you are still a non drinker, Im sure you are:)
      love that idea of the FM french radio station. Music seems to help.

  35. Sagebrush 11 months ago

    I feel like a different person shows up around this time of day. Like a dressed up child who has all sorts of ideas of why it’s a great idea to have a pina colada, or a glass of wine, or a beer. I wake up completely convinced that it’s not going to happen because I feel SO SURE that I am DONE. Then boom. . . 4:30 pm or 5pm she shows up with all kinds of ‘suggestions.’ They don’t make any sense because I know I’ll feel horrible. It’s SO WILD! I am trying to be curious about it- not to scold myself or give in. I know that if I say YES to a clear head and no poison today it makes it easier to say YES to a clear head and no poison tomorrow. Reaching out, journaling, and reading sober stories is helping calm the voice but she is still there.

    What are some mental tricks you use to get through this?

    • lynn2121 9 months ago

      I’ve been watching documentaries on addiction at the dinner wine oclock hour and that seems to be helping me see the ugly truth of being drunk. I don’t know when that will get old but for now it is good.

    • SAF2 11 months ago

      I have exactly the same problem. I really need some help, strategies to get past this time of the day too. I know that if i get to bed without havng a drink i feel sooooo much better about myself. But the little demons insod eme cave nearly every day !

  36. springer 11 months ago

    Wine o clock day 2 with 1 af wine. Felt good to be alert all evening. Stayed awake through the entire football game and a Netflix episode !
    A good sleep last night. I have not been connected with anyone before when I have gone af , so hoping this will keep me on course. Reading tons of alcohol quit lit. Seems like I know the plan, just need some reinforcement and accountability?

  37. springer 11 months ago

    Day 1 and done. Had af wine at happy hour tonight. Love having a clear head , although a bit of a headache tonight. So happy our store is stocking my af wine now. Feeling positive.

  38. christina123 12 months ago

    I’ve not had a wine since Sunday. My biggest challenge is my husband arrived home and wants a spa and a beer for a wind down from work so I tend to drink wine with him. I’m replacing it with fruit tea soda which mostly helps but the craving is still there.

  39. Ani123 12 months ago

    Really want to stop drinking I have a number of health issues and probably most are from drinking. Went from wine to gin and I know I drink a lot more than my family think although I’m pretty sure they have a good idea! Yesterday I didn’t have a drink first time in for ever. I’m getting into debt as well so things really need to change hoping being connected to others going through the same will help good luck to us all 😊

  40. Togo 1 year ago

    Very stressful day. Bought alcohol but didn’t drink it. So happy about the decision. I honestly need a change in many areas of my life. Being sober I rid my self of a friend, who is so very nice, but after a few months all he wanted me to be was his phone-a-friend. Always came to my house, but I could never go down to his. Everything became clear very quickly. Now if I was drinking, I would have put up with this behavior. I told him in no uncertain terms how I felt. The end is the same.. but I am glad I am clear to make decisions that would normally linger. Thanks for listening..

  41. liaron 1 year ago

    I’m getting angry about having to give up. My child mind says it’s not fair, and I should be able to keep drinking. My adult mind is remembering what it was like to be sober long ago, and enjoying the new clarity.

  42. Kasbar 1 year ago

    Really wanting to get off the habit wheel of wine every night but struggling to get there. Can manage a couple of days but then fall back into the trap. Hoping the positive stories and tips here are going to help.

  43. liaron 1 year ago

    Hi all, new here, no wine for three days. It’s good to hear how common the struggle at wine o’clock is. It hits me really hard. I love the tips and support.

  44. Ddee 1 year ago

    First time in reading the living sober toolbox. Great knowing I’m not alone. Just want to stop the wine every night. Its destroying me. Hearing others feelings is a great comfort

  45. JuicyLucyisgoingsober 1 year ago

    I have a list of stuff in my sober toolbox. If I’ve got a craving for a glass of wine I will tell myself to do three things from my sober toolbox and then I can have whatever I want.

    The craving soon passes, usually before I’ve moved on to the next item from my toolbox

    A favourite thing from the toolbox is to do a ten minute mindfulness exercise on resetting myself. I can do this with an app or just by sitting somewhere and breathing slowly and deeply. In through the mouth for the count of 5, hold for 2 (should be 3 but I don’t like the holding bit) out through the mouth for 5. Set a timer.

    Alcohol free beer is also a go to, ice cold with an ice cold pre chilled glass.

    Exercise for 20 minutes would also stop a craving. There’s 3. I’ll do another push tomorrow when I’m at my pc as my sober toolbox lust is big.

  46. DoneWining 1 year ago

    I’d love to hear how other mums of very young kids beat late afternoon/evening cravings. I’m sure it’s been well covered. There’s definitely no time for yoga, a walk, meditation, a bubble bath, self care etc etc. It’s non-stop noise and demands until 8.30pm in my house. What do other mums do to stay calm and keep energy levels up during this tricky part of the day?

    • Lauren409 9 months ago

      Yes I’m going to need help with this part too! I’m a mom of a 3 yr old and a 7 month old and evenings are my triggers! I love my babies more than anything but after a long day, momma wants her bottle of wine! I have yet to face this without wine. Today will be my first time. I’m 3 days sober but I’ve been working. Ok, wish me luck! And good luck to you as well. Let me know what helps for you!

    • Akira 11 months ago

      I’m a dad, but I typically do the post school thing: demands and breaking up of fights etc, as my wife works late. I’m always so adamant I’m not going to drink, but even if I’m not off to a night shift at the bar, I’ll get wine. Today is my first day of trying to get sober. I just hope my wife doesn’t bring wine home. If so what I find helps is to eat. If I eat before I’ve had a glass, then I find it easier to leave it.

    • fantail79 1 year ago

      I’ve got 4 kids and my drinking has dramatically increased since I became a parent. I find the 5 – 8pm part really really tough. and its near impossible to do anything but make tea, prepare for next day, clean up dishes, get kids ready bed, homework, baths, stories…its crazy – yoga and brisk walks just aren’t an option for me. I used to sneak out for a little cigarette (the only time of day I smoked) – but 6 months ago I quit this too hooray. I feel if I can quit smoking which was extremely difficult for me – I can ditch drinking too. I reckon if Im more organised for this time of day – I’ll cope better. Such as using slow cooker. Then look forward to zonking out on my bed with a good book, and do it all again the next day!

    • Trying2changemyreaction 1 year ago

      I’m curious what other people do too! I have two under the age of three and a beer always seemed to help me get through the witching hour, or so I thought. But then it made me want to have a beer earlier in the day when they were acting up and I couldn’t stop thinking about it as an option to help myself deal with The constant demands. I am trying to make space and time for myself when things get hectic, they do not like it. I know it is good for them to learn this lesson Of patience too. I’ve also tried changing the day so that we are outside or doing something away from the house at that hour and come home right before bed. I know this will be harder when it gets colder out. Please let me know how you are handling it. This is the first time I have reached out for support in my three week sobriety. The free to write anytime maybe we can help each other out 🙂

  47. Jay 1 year ago

    I made it 16 days without wine but today I felt very lonely. I tried to go out to dinner but all the places I went were full and with the virus I just didn’t want to risk going inside. I drove around for over an hour and then I decided I would just eat the really good food I already had prepared at home…and wine. I needed a friend and tried to find one but there was no one. So here I am, divorced 2 years and all alone with a friendly bottle of wine but I did make it 16 days without and tomorrow I will once again abstain. And try to find more friends 😉

  48. cutlerychoices 1 year ago

    Not a heavy drinker but I could be one day if I continue on this trajectory.
    I recently started thinking about how people become alcoholics. It’s not like it happens over night. It happens over a long period of time and more often choosing the unhealthy pathway. One day you realise that as you travel your path you are carrying a backpack full of wine. I’m choosing to unpack that backpack before it gets too heavy to carry. As wine o’clock arrives each day so does a new fork in my path. I’m choosing to take the longer path, with a lighter load. It’s not easy but maybe the 5pm pathway will not always be uphill, maybe one day it won’t even register as a fork.

    • Esmeralda 10 months ago

      I’ve always had insomnia even since I was a kid. but I was a competitive athlete and the more I exercise the better my sleep was. I found that when I drank wine I slept like the dead and slept through the whole night. It was actually great. But after a couple nights of drinking the nights I don’t drink my insomnia is horrific I’m up all night I stopped drinking a couple days ago and the first night I didn’t drink I didn’t sleep all night. second night I took a half a Advil PM which helped me but I didn’t like the way I felt in the morning. I think the nights you can’t sleep after drinking is just part of the withdrawal. for me it seems like it takes three or four days and then it goes away so I just tough to suffer through it. I think once I get through that part I’ll sleep better once I’ve detox from the alcohol.

    • fifimordy 1 year ago

      Hi there! I so relate to this and reading ‘The Wine O Clock Myth’ has completely changed my feeing that something was wrong with me that I couldn’t moderate. You could not be making a better decision for yourself, and I can’t wait to keep exploring this site and to try new alcohol free drink recipes. (The only one I attempted so far turned out like liquid marmalade!)

      • FabFitFun 1 year ago

        Hi. I’ve literally just joined today and perusing the site. I truly can’t believe how much I identify with what you’re saying. I feel the nights I wake up and can’t sleep are worse or more likely after drinking. Although, I often don’t sleep regardless of alcohol which was part of my rationalization. Ultimately, I figure I’m on a bad path, I’ve had regrets and why continue? Why have to have a personal low, a true rock bottom? This has been on my mind a lot and so I say ‘no more drinks’. It’s liberating but awkward. But, I’m determined it’ll be best for me and for my family to be the best version of me I can possibly be!

  49. Anonymous 1 year ago

    I’m not very good with words, and I don’t like sharing my feelings on social media but here goes,I don’t know what else to do? I am not in an healthy way with my drinking and I don’t know how to deal with it. I’ve had an issue With drinking for a long time, started off binge drinking on a Saturday night From the age of 18, to drinking on a daily basis when I broke up with my fiancé and moved in with an old friend/flatmate who had a breakdown and became an alcoholic. I started drinking nightly because I was unhappy and wanted to block everything bad happening out of my life. Not a healthy move to do. Now I drink a low percentage of bubbly wine about 5-6 days in my room alone, I hide it away from my mum because I am embarrassed. I live with my mum at the moment as I parted ways with the ex. I have just started taking Naltrexone & a diet pill to help with strong food cravings. I just want to get over the cravings for alcohol and stop drinking alcohol. I just drunk a bottle of wine and two glasses of red, I felt like I couldn’t stop.

    • SoberNJ 1 year ago

      I hope the new medication you started is as helpful to you as it is for me (it sounds like the same medication). Once I started taking the full dose I got to the point where I could take or leave alcohol. I wish you well.

  50. Maynard 1 year ago

    Hey there….I stopped drinking 14 days ago because I was on medication for diverticulitis which you can’t drink. I will say, that it is really one day at a time. I had the urge to drink after a tough day at work, but knew I just couldn’t or I would be seriously ill. I broke up with a horrible narcissist after 6 months 3 days ago. I would have killed for a drink…something inside of me, said no. I am counting down the days when I can restart to have “just one” because I deserve it…? I would be just so wonderful if I could by pass that urge to “reward myself” with no drinking with a ….drink? WHAT??? crazy. Its 4 in the morning now, and I fell asleep at about 8 pm last night. I found this site by accident online, and thank GOD I did! I really wanna maintain this sobriety…it is funny…the self respect I have for myself is astounding….I drink and chat on the phone because it was fun to relax and unwind…I am scared for my health now, and REALLY shouldn’t drink…….just one day at a time…I remember when I was a teen and all the other kids drank and I didn’t…I swam and sailed and was outside…I felt free and real….and did not want to drink as my parents drank…I saw the dark side of it….I just hope that I can get back to that beautiful strong little girl who believed in herself….5-7 is the worst. I will try the coke, lime, and ice trick….YAY….

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