Sober Bus or Booze Bus (Guest Post)

This wonderful poem was written by our very clever long-time member @pearl. With her permission I am reprinting it here.


Sober Bus or Booze Bus.

Which bus is going your way?
The choice is yours each and everyday
Which bus ticket will you get?
A trip to hell you’d rather forget?
Or a trip to freedom and self respect?

The Booze Bus is a sad place to be
It promises fun but delivers misery
You are never in the drivers seat
And journeys end is a place called defeat

Shame and Guilt are along for the ride
While you feel like shit and the bottles you hide.

The Sober Bus is a magic place
On board you’ll find peace and grace
You are always in the drivers seat
But you can relax and put up your feet.

On the Sober Bus you’ll remember the ride
And complete the trip basking in sober pride
Passengers can sit back and observe
Or join in the chat once they find their nerve.
So what is the price of the tickets you ask..

The Booze Bus will make you pay and the currency is pain
Lost self esteem, lost memories and the bloody weight gain.

The Sober Bus is not only free
It has benefits it may take time to see
It will put credit in your bank
It’s a win/win ride and it’s Living Sober we can thank.

Love Pearl xxx

  1. Thomas Roche 4 months ago

    Thanks Pearl.. I just bought a bus that holds about 20. I was thinking about starting a party bus but then I got to wondering since I’m 3 yrs sober maybe I should start a sober bus….ur the inspiration… Let me know what you think. Thanks Tom

  2. hummingbird 8 years ago


  3. Jane Muralez 8 years ago

    I love your poem @pearl! Thank-you!!

  4. Bondi 8 years ago

    Thank you, a lovely way to start my day. Xxx

  5. 20012015 8 years ago

    I also loved your poem. Going to refer to it often x

  6. Ange 8 years ago

    If the oyster is life that surrounds us, you are our @pearl within it. Shining with lustre and confidence. Love your poem! Ange xxx

  7. reena 8 years ago

    Sweet! I like elhall’s analogy of the nice comfy sober bus, move over I am comin aboard~~

  8. elhall 8 years ago

    I’m picturing the Booze Bus as a rusty dark clanking machine with black smoke billowing out. Everyone on board is sad and gray. The Sober Bus is pearly white and sparkly and all on board are chatting and smiling happily.

  9. delgirl68 8 years ago

    I’ll take a ticket on the sober bus thanks @Pearl, thats the place I want to be – where it’s calm, where you feel good about yourself, where you feel in control – yes please! xxxx

  10. BackwoodsGal 8 years ago

    Truth in a poem…thank you @pearl!

  11. enzedgirl 8 years ago

    Awesome @pearl 🙂

  12. danpat73 8 years ago

    That definitely put a smile on my face. Can I buy a lifetime pass on the sober express?

  13. QuietlyDone 8 years ago

    Lovely, Pearl, you are a treasure!

    • pearl 8 years ago

      Thanks @QuietlyDone. This site has helped me find my treasure xxx

  14. janabel 8 years ago

    I loved this. xxx

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